Phillips, Michael. Gods of Commerce: How Business Really Works. Clear Glass. Oct 1997. c.128p. bibliog. index. LC 96-96518. ISBN 0-931425-03-4. $45.

Library Journal, Oct. 15, 1997

In this short, readable volume, Phillips (coauthor of Marketing Without Advertising, Nolo, 1997. 2d ed) divides commerce (that is, business) into three categories --- trade, industry, and "clientry" --- then states that "in most cases the significance of these distinctions has not been appreciated." Phillips's top-level book eloquently describes how individuals become part of an organization (social sorting), how each new management fad is doomed because of the inherent inflexibility of people and the cost to a society of confliction systems. A highlight is Phillips's description of the social and cultural differences of people and organizations around the world. His one stumble is relying on a statement by Gen. Alexander Haig to dismiss the dismiss the political and military success of the 1986 U.S. raid on Libya. Recommended for senior managers and specialized business collections. ---

Norman B. Hutcherson, Beale Memorial Lib., Bakersfield Cal.

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