Generic Spiritual Teaching

Everything there is in the universe is right here with us, now, in the immediate present. We are the universe in every moment of our being, with every breath we take. We were born with complete wisdom and understanding - we are perfect beings.

When we remove our blinders, we know fully and deeply that the universe around us, the universe that we are part of, is radiant, alive, immortal, and ecstatic. Pure joy and paradise are our birthright. We already inhabit the world of perfection, but many of us can not accept it.

We are blinded by ideas, conceptions, prejudices, hopes, fears, attachments, and most of all by value judgments of every sort. The mind is like an endless television program, bringing us trivia and wildly inflamed emotions. We judge things as good and bad, right and wrong, pleasing and horrid. These judgments create a daily world that shuts out the true universe, the natural order of which we are an exhilarating part. We are a part of nature and we are the whole of nature.

It is within our power to be whole, healthy, wise, peaceful, and joyous; to have complete meaning in our life; and to be fulfilled in every way. That destiny is right now, and it is our innate possession when we can surrender to it, when we can accept it deeply, and when we are quiet enough to hear the voice of silent wisdom that speaks with perfect clarity, when we are still enough to feel eternity in our bodies.

Michael Phillips, 1997


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