My Jasmine-O-Belle!

Jasmine (43k GIF)

Jasmine was born May 12/13, 1991 at our neighbors' house down the street. I brought her home at the end of that July. I hadn't intended to get another cat. I admit I did go to the Tips' house often that summer to visit the litter of five VERY cute kittens. Who could resist?

One day late in July as the entire litter frolicked out front, I walked over to see them. Four of the kittens stampeded across the yard as I approached. But one fluffy kitty scampered over to me and rolled over luxuriously at my feet. "I'm cute! Take me?" she seemed to say. I looked down at her and pondered for a moment, and made my decision. "OK..."

Anyway, she's the best cat in the world.

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Created 7 November 1996 by Marjorie
Revised 11 March 1997