Winter Sunshine Rotelle

(mtz - 28 January 1996)

Pasta with a topping made with pine nuts and yams, and I bet you could substitute a sweet winter squash for a great variation! Measurements are guestimates here, as I just threw this together for dinner tonight.

Have ready
1 c cooked yam or sweet squash*
5 qt boiling salted water to cook pasta
12 oz uncooked rotelle pasta**
grated Romano cheese
Warm in 8" frypan
1/4 c olive oil
(1-3 cloves fresh garlic, pressed)
(1 tsp dried basil leaves)
1/2 c pine nuts
and roast over LOW heat until just the slightest bit tan. Take care not to over-roast them - they will continue to brown a bit after you cut the heat. Begin cooking the pasta.

Add the yam or squash to the frypan and mix well with the oil-nut mixture. Heat over lowest heat until warm and until pasta is cooked. Add more olive oil if needed to make topping smooth.

Drain pasta and keep warm in casserole. Serve pasta and top with the vegetable-nut-oil mixture. Mix together. Top with grated Romano.

*Try delicata, butternut, or kabocha.
**I used a garlic-basil pasta, and didn't add the garlic and basil to the mixture, but would if I were to use plain pasta.

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Created 28 January 1996 by Marjorie
Revised 11 March 1997