Sofie - a Pionus Parrot

Sofie (47k JPEG)

Sofie was hatched December 28, 1989 in Southern California, but she's a Bay Area bird for life now! Her species is native to the rain forests of Ecuador.

Though she is usually shy around visitors, she can be quite talkative. Her vocabulary includes, so far:

  • Good Morning!
  • How ya doin' (Sofie/Little Bird/Little fee-bird Sofie)?
  • Thank you!
  • Hiiiiiiiii!
  • Bye-bye!
  • Good Night, Sofie.
  • I love you, Birdie!

Sofie particularly loves nuts of any kind, white athletic shoes, the sound of screamin' guitars, and David, of course.

You can learn more about Sofie's species and other types of Pionus Parrots at The Pionus Breeders' Association web site.

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Created 12 November 1996 by Marjorie
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