Research Support Group

847 Litchfield Street

Torrington, CT 06790 USA 860-482-6606

We can test your soil, meat or water samples for E. coli and Salmonella. The cost per sample is only $20 for the quick test, and $45 per sample for the IMVIC test. If you believe that your soil or water is contaminated with sewer or want to check on your butcher, this method is a simple and cost effective method of detection. Do you have beach patrol duty? We are starting to supply E. coli quick test kits that you can use daily. Confidentiality guaranteed.

If you are doing cave research, we will test soil samples for bacteria and fungi, using as many biochemical and morphometric tests as available. Donations are gratefully accepted. Results are posted on this web site.

We also do fungus testing and identification for those desiring a "quick look" for troublesome organisms, like Stachybotrys.

Please call at: 860-482-6606 for more details.