1. bachar.do heterotrophs - published data. Can be used to identify cultures.
  2. bass.do wellwater sample from polluted watershed
  3. bass.grd bass.do processed by latest version of GRID.BAS using TESTS.NDP
  4. bats.do colected bat bacterial cultures representing several caves. See also bats.grd
  5. bdz.do human samples
  6. htc04.do Horsethief cave WY (HTC-BH Project
  7. bl.do Bashful lady cave, Salisbury CT
  8. campvl.do Campville CT spring water
  9. choice.bas basic program uses output of COMPAR.BAS to select best 3 matches from comparison of two databases.
  10. comp.bas Compares two .GRD files and gives numeric value of comparison
  11. compare.bas Compares two .GRD files and gives numeric value of comparison - automated version
  12. diana.do Diana Northup's data from Lechuguilla
  13. dirdat.lst Directory of datafiles to be processed by GRID.BAS
  14. dolo.do Dolo cave, Pittsfield MA. dolo.grd available
  15. examine.bas examines data files for "?" questionmarks, indicating more work needs to be done on this file
  16. fallbk.do Fallbrook (Mystery Cave) surface river and cave samples. fallbk.grd
  17. foval.do Cultures of the Foval formations in Zinzulusa Cave, Italy. foval.grd
  18. fred.do Fred Luiszer cave spring water samples from Colorado, Cave of the Winds area
  19. fred.grd
  20. GILESCOVA.do
  21. grahm.do Grahm Mountain Cave, NY..grahm.grd
  22. grid.bas The most important program. Converts .DO files indicated by DIRDAT.LST into uniform field format. Requires TESTS.NDP. Creates .GRD files that can be compared using COMPARE.BAS
  23. howe92.do Howe caverns data howe92.grd and howe93.grd
  24. howe93.do Howe caverns data
  25. htc04.do Horsethief cave WY (HTC-BH Project
  26. imvic.do The IMVIC test for E. coli, useful to test software
  27. indole.do Samples with indole-producing bacteria
  28. jugspr.do Jug End Spring, MA jugspr.grd
  29. lwr.do Lake of White Roses, lechuguilla. Peter Bolt dive trip. lwr.grd
  30. key for lab codes
  31. m12.do Movile cave heterotrophs m12.grd
  32. m08019.do Movile cave. m08019.grd
  33. microb.do Published data. Can be used to compare cultures.
  34. microb.grd
  35. mys.do Mystery cave(Fallbrook cave) NY. mys.grd
  36. pseudomo.do Pseudomonas database. Can be used for identification
  37. report.bas Future version will generate a verbose report
  38. sages.do Sages River, Northwest Connecticut
  39. scho.do Schoharie Caverns, NY. scho.grd
  40. sp.do Human samples
  41. tank.do fishtank containing blind cave fish
  42. tests.ndp required file for GRID.BAS...contains all permitted headers and column numbers.
  43. weyant.do Weyant hunting club spring near Rhode's cave NY. weyant.grd
  44. vibrio.doVibrio organisms from Bergey....data entry in progress vibrio.grd
  45. bacillus.doBacillus organisms from Bergey....data cleanup in progress bacillus.grid
  46. genera.grdGenera table for quick estimations of population makeup