Do you have gold in your backyard? Our assay only requires a small amount of soil. From less than half an ounce of soil from your property, we can obtain an assay for the amount of flour gold commonly found in the Northeastern US and Canada. This gold is difficult to pan and almost impossible to see due to staining and "patina" from weathering and soil chemicals. If you find that you have gold on your property, we also know of methods that can be used to extract it without digging! These same methods are useful for decontamination of soils that have been polluted with heavy metals such as lead and arsenic. (Arsenic was used many years ago as an orchard spray.)
Plot maps are available from your data. By making a grid pattern on your property and taking samples at regular intervals, or even simply every 100 feet along a trail, we will make you a map showing concentrations with computer assisted interpolations. These plots are vital to planning gold and toxic metal extraction procedures.

Gold concentrations in Connecticut soils have been averaging 0.02 ounces troy per ton with higher concentrations in certain areas reaching 0.4 oz/ton

Many ores and tailings 
contain mercury,
 lead, and arsenic as well.

Thin Layer Chromatography is used to examine 
samples for toxic metals content. it is not
unusual to find large amounts of iron and copper.


plot of gold content vs grain size Assay cost is $25 per sample.
Turn around time is generally 5-7 days with results returned via email.

Send soil or gound ore (200 mesh)
samples to:

Research Support Group
847 Litchfield Street
Torrington CT 06790


Email for more information!
We can provide testing services for phyto-extraction of gold and toxic metals from your ore or soil. There are many biological systems available that are being reviewed for suitability. Every soil and ore presents a different challenge

There are also a number of bacterial and fungal agents
under study that show great promise for use in bioremediation and gold

Chemical purification  of scrap gold is available . Please contact us for details