Hospital Hill Greenhouse

847 Litchfield Street (Hospital Hill)

Torrington,CT 06790 USA


Open for sales at 847 Litchfield Street,Torrington CT 06790 phone 860-482-6606

Available Now! June 2014


        Single plants or multiples, $1.00. to $3.00

  • Tomatoes: Heirloom Pink BRANDYWINE, Yellow Brandywine, Small red cherry, San Marzano Plum,
  •                    Marglobe (almost gone), Beefsteak, Thassaloniki, Cuor de bleu, Pineapple, Purple Russian
  • Cucumber: Straight 8, Marketmore 76 , Boston pickler
  • Squash: Waltham Butternut, Yellow straightneck(Almost gone), Crookneck (reseeded- delay,Bush Acorn(almost out)
  • Basil: sold out
  • Snap Beans: Golden wax, Long tendergreen, Golden Wax, Green Bush, Blue Lake Bush
  • Lettuce: Little gem, Blackseed Simpson(sold out), Romaine
  • Swisschard: Fordhook Giant, Rainbow
  • Broccoli:Calabrese
  • Cauliflower:Purple Italian, Self Blanching
  • Melons:Sugarbaby, BlackTail, Hailes Best
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