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Hanging with the Prez: after 2009 victory





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 YouConn YouTube

A place for links to YouTube selections of interest to UConn fans.

New National Anthem, Players imitate Geno and Geno on PTI

Fan's Favorite Fotos

Favorite photos, as selected by Boneyarders.

Efficiency Charts Updated 27 Mar 09

Common Opponents Updated 18 Jan 09

How do you measure your team against top teams not on your schedule? One way is to look at the results against common opponents. At this link I explore how UConn stacks up compared to the very few Top 16 teams not on our schedule.

Huskies giving back to the community

UConn players and coaches have given us so much in terms of athletic excellence, but also find time to give back to the community.

Whether it is Colleen Healy, running and biking for charity, Geno Auriemma raising money to combat cancer, Maria Conlon volunteering, or any of the many other examples, the athletes have found time in a very busy schedule to help others. There are too many specific examples of players and coaches contributing to list here, but I will highlight four special examples. In each case, the person has formed or adopted a foundation whose mission is to help. Each of these foundations is also listed on the sidebar to the right.

  • Swin Cash formed Cash for Kids, which focuses on culture, literacy, athletics, and youth development activities.
  • Diana Taurasi formed the Diana Taurasi Foundation which partners with Kaboom!. Projects include playgrounds for kids in Connecticut.
  • Kara Wolters formed Kara Kares Foundation. That foundation’s mission was to fund brain tumor research. That specific foundation is no longer active, but Kara continues to actively support the Michael Carter Lisnow Respite Center that provides support for families with children with disabilities.
  • Ketia Swanier has the newest foundation, Ketia4Kids, which promotes excellence in academics and sports related programs for children of active duty military personnel.

DannyUConn Pictures

Danny gave me a cd with some pictures he has taken at several of the games, Supershow and other places. I'm posting them here for others to view - if this works, I'll check with him about providing some commentary for the pictures.


 Northeastern Pics

Cancun Pictures

Pictures of Elena Delle Donne

Huskies of Honor

I thought about putting together a page with pictures of all the members of the very first inaugurees into the Huskies of Honor, but I see that the school has already put together a decent page, so I'll simply link to it here. Mel Greenberg's coverage here

Roster and Recruits

(Updated 14 October 2007)

A quick, visual depiction of the current roster, and expected future rosters, including oral commitments. If you've been away for the summer, and want to read about the recruits who have provided oral commitments, check out Nan's Excellent recruiting page.

Where Are They Now

Just starting a feature to keep track of former players. Thoughts on format and content gratefully accepted.

Old Pics and Captions

Creative Side

The creative side of Boneyarders.

Latest - Ode to the Supershow by radylady



Updated through 1 Feb 2009
See how the UConn team is doing measured by the assists to field goal ratio, freethrow shooting, and turnovers.

Year 2006-2007 is now updated through year-end.

Margin of Victory

In the 2001-2002 season, UConn won its games by an average margin of 35.4 points, the largest margin in the history of NCAA basketball. On this page, a graph of the margin of victory for each game during the season is shown, as well as the expected margin of victory as estimated by a computer ranking system.

 Tribute to Ed Michel


A Proposal Related to Tournament Seeding

The seeding committee does not simply use the "S-curve" to assign teams to regional locations. They also consider geography, but they haven't explained how they do it. I propose a way to combine location considerations with the "S-curve" considerations


Record Watch Updated 15 Jan 2009

Records are made to be broken. This page keeps track of UConn team and player records in danger of being rewritten.

Uniform Numbers Updated 15 August 2009

In theory, uniform numbers are close to meaningless--they are simply ways to let the refs identify who gets a foul. But they also serve as a useful way to identify players on the floor, particularly when you are in the nose-bleed seats. Some players begin to be identified by their numbers--who is there that doesn't know Sue Bird wore #10?
I've put together a couple tables identifying the players by uniform number, from 1980 to the present team. There's also a downloadable Excel file with macros, so you can easily see who the teammates were in every season.

Boneyard HTML Help

Hints on writing html for the Boneyard.

Fun Stuff


Boneyarders like to eat as well as talk basketball. Get their favorite recipes here.

Notable Posts

Boneyarders saying something worth rereading.

New Pinotbear post about recruiting through the eys of a parent

Favorite Quotes

 We love what they can do on the court, but we also remember what they had to say.

Poecile's Pics

A blast from the past, courtesy of Poecile

Excel File with 2007 RPI info

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