Personal Equipment Checklist for the Offshore Crew

(A big list - don't try to bring everything!)
harness (practice putting it on in the dark)                             
harness tether with shackles at both ends (quick-release at your end)
personal strobe light (get a good one)
whistle attached to strobe light (remember to hold it upside-down 
			    if you have to use it while you're 
			    in the water)
life jacket
small red flashlight 
small white flashlight (should use same battery type)
another flashlight (there's never enough)
disposable flashlight on seabag zipper pull
knife with shackle key
very warm sleeping bag (not a down bag!)
thin flannel sleeping sheet (very important for hot weather 
		         and/or poorly ventilated boats - 
		         and all boats are poorly ventilated) 
oversize stuff sack (why fight with the tiny one 
		 that came with the bag?)
foulies that don't leak
polypro long johns ("expedition weight")                  
sea boots
sailing gloves
knee pads
ski gloves (or other cold-weather gloves)
nylon shell hat with fuzzy liner, ear flaps, and chin strap
wool watch cap
polypro or wool socks
lightweight waterproof "whitewater" style shell    
surf shoes
polyester pile or polypro jump suit
flotation jacket (install inflation cylinder if required)     
sweater or flannel shirt
sun visor
lucky racing hat
at least one for each day of race: 
heavy plastic bag for laundry
wristwatch (self-illuminating)
small travel alarm clock
spare batteries for flashlights and shaver 
ear plugs (or airport-style ear protectors)
music tapes
personal tape player and headphones
can of electrical contact cleaner/degreaser (to "fix" failed 
     electronic equipment) 
shaving/medicine kit 
	toothbrush (self-stowing camping style)
	sun block
	condoms/diaphram (no, silly! this is for post-race party)  
	medications/drugs (as required)
	acupressure bands (if they work for you)
	motion sickness drugs (or ginger capsules)
	supplements to boat's first aid kit (aspirin, box of 
sunglasses (two pair)                          
camera (one that can get trashed)
	lens cleaner and lens tissues
mask & snorkel (compact type)
address book
airline tickets
traveler's checks
foreign language dictionary
reading material (small and light - you probably won't have a   
	        chance to look at it anyway) 
writing material (you definitely won't have time or energy for this)
harmonica or other compact musical instrument