Planing Hull Resistance and Propulsion with Surface Propellers


This is the program I developed at Arneson Marine, and it was used to estimate performance of new and existing planing hull designs with Arneson Surface Drives.

The program is a little obsolete and a little clunky - you can tell that not much attention was paid to a slick user interface, because it was originally written only for in-house use. The program was written in QuickBasic.

The Savitsky "short form" method is used for predicting resistance and trim, but new algorithms are added for correcting for hull aeration at high speed, and for estimating the effects of trim tabs of varying aspect ratio.

At the time this program was developed (1988-89) I was not aware of any other program that predicted the speed of very high speed planing craft as accurately. Don't know if that's still true today.