Participants as of Nov. 11 1987
                Jim Cornman            
                Sue Cornman                                                    
                Jeff Fine              
                Sam Goldstein    
                Paul Kamen           
                Angus McDonald       
                John Thomas          
                Nikki Townley         
                (P.R. in England)   
                           ZERO-HANDED TRANSATLANTIC
                                Meeting Agenda
                                 Nov. 11 1987
        A) Introductions, resume summaries.
        B) Organizational, administrative, and programaticissues:
                1) Schedule - '88 or '89?
                2) Sponsorship - yes, no, or maybe?
                3) Formation of organization, consitutive document.
                     a) Desired size of syndicate.
                     b) Fininacial organization.
                     c) Administrative structure - do we need officers?
                4) Publicity stategy.
                5) Initial allocation of tasks.
        C) Technical Issues:
                1) Choice of vessel.
                     a) Electrical load analysis and charging requirements.
                     b) Instrumentation requirements.
                3) Steering control.
                4) Sail handling and reefing.
                5) Communications.
                6) Navigation and navigation interface.
                7) On-board computer hardware