The  Z H T A  Challenge
          Proposed Technical Specifications and Rules 
                        for the First 
                Zero-Handed Transatlantic Race 
                    Draft no. 1, Jan 5,1988
1) Maximum weight: The total weight of the model and all on-board 
   equipment and supplies, including water ballast if used,  shall 
   never exceed 500 kilograms. 
2) Telemetry and Communications:  All telemetry and communications
   with the model shall be within specified radio frequency bands, 
   except that the model may receive navigational radio transmissions  
   that are available to all competitors. 
3) Real-Time Control:  Real-time remote control of the model shall 
   only be permitted when the model is within a specified distance of 
   the start or finish line.  This real-time control shall be limited 
   to steering only.
4) Means of Propulsion:  The model shall be propelled only by the 
   natural action of the wind on the sails or other passive 
   aerodynamic device, and by the natural action of the water on the 
   hull or other passive hydrodynamic device. 
5) Electrical Power Generation:  Electrical power shall be generated 
   only by on-board devices that do not consume fossil fuel.
6) Collision Damage Control:  The forwardmost cubic meter of hull 
   volume shall be constructed entirely of polyeurethane or 
   polystyrene foam having a density not to exceed 10 kg/cubic meter.  
   A non-structural hard surface finish of specified thickness and 
   material may be used over the foam.  Each hull of a multihull model 
   shall meet this requirement.