On the way to Angel Island across a glass-smooth San Francisco Bay.

Break for water and a photo.

Entering Raccoon Strait.

Harbor seals in Raccoon Strait.

Anchored bow-out at West Garrison Beach, with the stern tied to the island.

Ranger Chuy rolls out the big gun, a "12 lb. mountain howitzer," for a demo.

Video of the cannon fire

The sleeping platforms inside the Quartermasters Building. A tired paddler can sleep any time, any place.

The Victorian officers quarters.

Looking back at the Quartermasters Building and West Garrisson Beach. Everything looks okay for walking around to the south side of the island to watch the air show.

Low tide, and the beach has become much larger than expected.

Kayaks from the Bay Access Sojourn. Some of them were on day 4 of a 6-day tour of the Bay.

Paul and Rocky

Roger, Max and Ruby

Sunday morning, preparing for the return to Berkeley as the tide comes in.