Berkeley Racing Canoe Center
Team Practice and Special Event Schedule

Guests, passengers and team prospects are invited to try out dragon boat paddling at almost any scheduled practice session. No experience is necessary, and BRCC supplies lifejackets and paddles. Dogs and small children are usually welcome, but it's best to ask first. See the membership page for more details.

Practice schedule for 2015:

DragonMax team practice:
Saturday morning 9:00-10:30
(10:30-12:00 practice might be added during summer months)

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings 6:00-7:00

It's best to arrive 10 minutes early if you are paddling with BRCC for the first time. (If you miss the boat at M-Dock, you can often flag us down from the Berkeley Yacht Club guest dock a few minutes later.)

East Bay high school team (hosted by El Cerrito, guests from other schools are welcome)

Wednesday 4:30-5:30 and Saturday mornings 11:30-1:00

New for 2015! DragonKids, ages 8-12

First and Third Mondays, 4:00-5:00, beginning May 4

Special Events:

Berkeley Bay Festival, a Saturday in early April (date set by City)
Celebrate Berkeley's waterfront. BRCC hosts introductory dragon boat paddling for the public.

July 4
Festival activities, ending in fireworks. BRCC hosts introductory dragon boat paddling for the public.

Treasure Island Dragon Boat Festival and Races, September 19-20
This is the largest dragon boat race event in the U.S. BRCC and DragonMax field several teams. (No practice on Saturday 9/19)

Thanksgiving Midnight Moonlight, 11:00-Midnight
Paddle under the moon and stars at midnight. The usual 6-7 pm Thursday evening practice is cancelled.

Ashby Shoal Bonfire and Clam Bake, date deterimined by tides.
Party with the Cal Sailing Club and Bay Area Sea Kayakers on a secret sand bar 1/2 mile from shore that only becomes an island at extremely low tides.

Carol by Paddle, 6-7 pm, usually the last practice night before 12/24.
Serenade the live-aboard yachts and houseboats in the Berkeley Marina, until they make us stop by inviting us aboard for warm drinks. Wear a Santa Claus hat and dress warm.

Christmas Midnight Moonlight, December 25, 11:00-Midnight
Paddle under the moon and stars at midnight. The usual 6-7 pm practice sessions on 12/24 and 12/25 are probably cancelled.

Saturday Morning Dim Sum, date to be determined, usually a Saturday in January or February.
Paddle to Emeryville for Dim Sum at Hong Kong East Ocean.

Ashby Shoal Breakfast, date determined by tide, 7:00-9:00 am
Another trip to Ashby shoal at extreme low tide for a pot-luck breakfast with Cal Sailing Club and Bay Area Sea Kayakers.

Early Sunday morning recreational excursions can be arranged for educational and environmental advocacy groups.

Most summer practices are inside the Berkeley Marina, where there is 600 meters of clear water along the long east-west axis and 500 meters along the north-south axis. (Most local dragon boat races are 500 meters long, so this is adequate for a full race course practice.)

In the winter, conditions are often mild enough for extended practice runs and recreational paddling outside the marina.

Practice is cancelled in the event of heavy rain or high wind. Check this website for latest information if conditions are marginal.

Are you on the wrong side of the Bay? The Bay Area Dragons are in Foster City, and invite team prospects to their free practice on Saturday mornings.

The Bay Area Dragons also offer rides at major events in Foster City, such as the Art and Wine Festival in June.

DragonMax team website

The DragonMax technique video on YouTube
(This is "last year's stroke," but still a very good introduction.)

Safety Guide for Guests

Summer Practice Site
The view from just inside the detached rock breakwater, looking into the harbor along the 610 meter east-west axis of the Marina. Traffic is light and the water is smooth on a typical weekday afternoon. The structure on the right is the Berkeley Yacht Club, usually available for team meetings and social functions.