February 19, 2002

To: Members of the City Council

From: Mayor Shirley Dean

Subject: Dragon Boating at the Berkeley Marina


That the Council refer to the City Manager the use of the Berkeley Marina and the possible provision of funds for a Berkeley Dragon Boat program; and, as this is a time-sensitive matter, encourage the Dragon Boat team leaders, members of the Parks and Recreation and Waterfront Commissions, potential organizational partners, and related staffs to complete the review process as quickly as possible since the dragon boat racing season is fast approaching.


Our enthusiastic and successful Berkeley Dragon Boat team, now comprised mainly of City staff, wants to expand its numbers and sharpen its skills so as to compete more effectively. in the annual dragon boat races coming up this August and, possibly, in other competitions being scheduled in this fast- growing international sport. For our team to thrive, it requires more participants and dedicated practice space and equipment. Dragon boating provides a wonderful new sporting activity for the entire community, and the team could recruit from all Berkeley residents and, possibly, form a special youth team with Berkeley High School crew members and other youth. Dragon boat racing is a sport open to a wide variety of participants since gender and size are not important, but what counts is the teamwork and stamina that comes with practice.

Fortunately, at our Marina, we seem to have a large part of what is needed water, unused berthing space, available meeting space, and several possible sheltered inlets for free practice. Preliminary investigation is already underway and there are several promising options at the waterfront.

As one of our Waterfront Commissioners points out, unlike playing fields, the water is free.


To be determined.


Mayor Shirley Dean, 781-9800
Barbara Gilbert, Assistant to Mayor Dean, 981-7100

This item was modified slightly, and this is how it appeared on the printed Consent Calendar for the February 19 meeting:

Dragon Boating at the Berkeley Marina (To Be Delivered)

From: Mayor Dean

Recommendation: Refer to the City Manager for evaluation the use of the Berkeley Marina for an expanded Berkeley Dragon Boat program, and encourage the Dragon Boat leaders, members of the Parks and Recreation and Waterfront Commissions, and related staffs to move forward to quickly complete the review process since the dragon boat racing season is almost upon us.

Contact: Shirley Dean, Mayor, 981-7100

At the February 19 Council meeting, the item was pulled from the consent calendar by Councilmember Kriss Worthington (meaning that it could not pass that evening, but would be discussed at the next regular Council meeting on February 26).