Berkeley Marina
misc. charges and fees

Other boat storage options, per month

         Dry boat storage, 24'x8':               65.00
         Dry boat storage, 28'x8':               75.00
         Kayak storage:                          25.00
         Dinghy storage:                         25.00
         Skiff berthing*, inside tie:            65.00
         *Skiff berthing is available only to open powerboats 
         or rowboats less than 19'-11" long (including outboard 
         and all extensions)
         Floating home (houseboat) berth*, 48' (H-dock):  350.78 
         Floating home (houseboat) berth*, 52' (I-dock):  376.30 

         *No charge for number of live-aboard occupants. The 
         number of floating home berths is limited by BCDC 
         regulation to 12. Availability is extremely limited. 

Wide vessel (end tie for multihull)   
          berth rate (excluding power surcharge) plus 20%

Live-aboard fee, per month     

          125.00 + 50.00 per additional resident
          (125.00 for one person, 175.00 for two people
          living aboard)

Temporary monthly berth 

          Permanent berth fee plus 10%

Launch ramp and parking       

          Hoist fee: 36.00/year

Misc. fees

          Visitor berthing:               0.35/ft/day
          Storage locker:                12.50/month
          Vessel chaining:               35.00
          Labor fee:                     35.00/hour
          Wait list fee:                 40.00
          Key deposit:                   25.00
          Electronic key card deposit:   15.00
          Tide book:                      1.00