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Coalition for Park Access and Conservation

Press Release, September 17 2001

CPAC is an informal coalition of user groups and individuals advocating access for diverse uses and activities in the Eastshore State Park. CPAC supports a reasonable balance of active uses, passive recreation, and conservation of habitat and open space.

CPAC was formed with the support of individuals active in Point Isabel Dog Owners (PIDO), Bay Area Sea Kayakers (BASK), California Dog Owners Group (CalDOG), Cal Sailing Club, Berkeley Yacht Club, Berkeley Paddling and Rowing Club, Association of Sports Field Users, and the Albany Berkeley Soccer Club.

We invite and anticipate the participation of a wide range of advocacy groups.

A set of drawn-to-scale templates for use at the September 24 public workshop (7 pm, Hs. Lordships Restaurant, Berkeley Marina) is available for download.

CPAC makes the following recommendations for specific land and water uses, and the facilities to support them:

Hoffman Marsh and Richmond shoreline

Preservation of the shoreline north of Battery Point and Hoffman Marsh (as per Sierra Club/CESP recommendation).

Point Isabel and Battery Point

Retain all currently used off-leash dog areas at Point Isabel and Battery Point.

Improve windsurfer launch and support facilities at Point Isabel.

Albany Bulb Plateau and Albany Beach

Playing fields and other diverse recreational uses on the Plateau. Off-leash areas around the playing fields, but dogs to be restricted from the playing fields themselves.

Visitor amenities at Albany beach, continue to allow off-leash dogs on the beach.

North Basin Strip

Entry-level rowboat rental facilities, and kayak launch, storage, and parking support.

Diverse on-shore recreational uses, possibly including playing fields, BMX biking, and sufficient parking.

Construction of an earth berm along the east edge of the North Basin Strip to reduce the negative impact of the freeway on recreational activities.

The Meadow

Designate several acres at the northwest corner of the Meadow to support kayak launching and storage, and future development of organized paddling, rowing, or sailing facilities.

Trails and picnic areas.

The Brickyard

Northern part of the Brickyard as the main park entry point and ranger station, commercial food service (Seabreeze), and parking.

Facilities for kayak launching and storage from the north half of the Brickyard.

Bird habitat preservation on the Brickyard peninsula, with limited human access and dogs prohibited.

Re-route the outflow of Strawberry Creek to the small cove/mudflat to the east of the Brickyard peninsula, and daylight a portion of the creek through the south half of the Brickyard (also proposed by Sierra Club). A recreational beach similar to Albany Beach could replace the current creek outflow area.

Emeryville Crescent

Preservation of the Emeryville Crescent (as per Sierra Club/CESP recommendation).