Next public workshop: Monday, September 24, 7:00 PM at Hs. Lordships restaurant, upstairs banquet room

This is probably the most critical single date in determining the range of activities that the park will support. Attendees will divide into small work groups and use large-scale maps for a three-part planning exercise designed to determine:

1) the "carrying capacity" of each part of the ESP.
2) acceptable land [and water?] uses for each area.
3) facilities to support these uses.

If you have an interest in the final design of the Eastshore State Park, and only attend one meeting, it should be this one.

(This is the timeline from East Bay Regional Parks, distributed to the Waterfront Commission in early January, 2001)

Eastshore State Park

Project Schedule

The following are key milestones proposed for the Eastshore State Park planning process:

December '00 Project Initiation
January '01 Stakeholders Group Meetings
March '01 Draft Resource Inventory
March '01 Public Workshop #1: "Issues and Opportunities"
April '01 Local Briefings on Workshop #1
June '01 Unit Classification Issue Paper
July '01 State Parks and Recreation Commission Unit Classification Hearing
August '01 Alternative Park Concepts
August '01 Public Workshop #2: "Exploring Alternatives"
September '01 Local Briefings on Workshop #2
January '01 Public Workshop #3: Preferred Park Concept"
February '02 Local Briefings on Workshop #3
February '02 Public Scoping Meeting for EIR
May '02 Public Workshop #4: Presentation of Draft General Plan and EIR
June-July '02 Public Review Period for Draft General Plan and EIR
September '02 Final Draft General Plan and Final EIR
October '02 State Parks and Recreation Commission Hearing to certify EIR and adopt General Plan

Original timeline presented by State Parks and the East Bay Regional Parks District at the August 9, 2000 meeting of the Waterfront Commission