Eastshore State Park Photo Gallery - Albany Beach

Albany Beach, between the Race Track and the Bulb, is one of the best kept secrets of the East Bay shoreline. In this view the tide is +3.4 ft above MLLW, which is 0.1 ft above the average tide level.

White sand, sculpted into dunes by the seabreeze, completes the impression that this is a "real beach."

Albany Beach is one of the few places where you can touch the water with your toes - without scrambling over rocks or building debris.

A major engineering project nears completion.

Dune Surfing behind the beach. Sand Dunes are usually considered to be fragile formations, but these seem to have achieved some sort of equilibrium with continuing human impact.

Albany Beach even has sunbathers on warm days.

Dogs appear to be completely unregulated.

The rock jetty extending from the west end of the Bulb. Remediation agreements might require removal or reconfiguration, which may provide an opportunity to create new shoreline features with no net Bay fill.