The San Francisco Ferry Schmooze

Tuesday October 21 2003, 10:30-4:00
Port of San Francisco Bayside Conference Room
Pier One on the Embarcadero

Agenda and Confirmed Participants
(as of October 14)

Presenters (20 minutes each, plus questions)

Chris Barry, naval architect:
Global Issues, Speed Costs: "How Fast do you REALLY want to go?"

Drew Eisele and Manish Gupta, CDI Marine:
"Acquisition and Requirements Assessment Process with Design Synthesis Modeling" (A brief synopsis of their longer SNAME paper) and Alternative Propulsion & Fuels.

Andy Bennett, Art Anderson Associates (tentative):
The Kitsap Ferry Transit Plans.

Jim Sweeney, Water Transit Authority:
The WTA Fuel Cell Ferry Technology Demonstrator. (It is one of these with the battery pack replaced by a fuel cell.)

Teri Shore and/or maybe Russel Long, Bluewater Network:
highlights from their most recent analysis of air quality impacts of existing and proposed high speed ferries.

Marty Robbins:
Lessons from the Vallejo ferries, present and under construction.

Dan Bagnell and Band-Lavis:
Design Synthesis and optimization.

Paul Kamen, Berkeley Waterfront Commission:
Concept design and local political constraints.

Round table discussion

Event organizers:
Chris Barry,
Ryan Young
Paul Kamen