Marina Ordinance Progress Report 6

We're getting closer, but that dog still has a taste for City documents...

After repeated requests for copies of the final version of the Marina Ordinance proposal, staff finally produced the "corrected" document on June 4 2001. Two months ago it had been re-scheduled to go to the Council on June 12, but that's been put off again to June 26. So it's taken 13 months for the Waterfront Commission's recommendations to actually get to the City Council.

Two of the errors identified at the April 2001 Waterfront Commission meeting - those involving what were essentially one-word corrections - had been incorporated into this version. But largest omission, the error involving the definition of "length" for berthing fee purposes, had been altered via hand-written markup in a way that bore no relation to the wording approved by the Commission in May 2000. This is the change with the most important revenue implications, and the wording left no clear link between "length" as billed and "extreme length" as carefully defined. As far as can be determined there is no desagreement between staff and the Watefront Commission over the substance of these policies.

Apparantly the Marina office had lost the correct wording AGAIN.

It's fixed now, after another round of phone calls and emails, as the markup dated June 8 2001 shows.

However, one relatively unimportant discrepancy still remains in the current version: In section 6.20.330, on charter boat fees, Staff and the Commission had agreed to drop the second sentence of paragrpah D. Somehow it seems to have crept back into the document.

Other more substantive changes will need to be made in the Marina Ordinance in the near future, but with a lead time of over a year, it makes more sense to get the current revision passed before looking at further modifications.

The most recent markup from the City can be found at