Even the BCDC (Bay Conservation and Development Commission) promotes access for non-motorized watercraft. Note that the North Sailing Basin is not identified as one of the areas where wildlife protection should be the highest priority. Also note that small areas of fill, presumably for creating more natural shoreline edges (e.g. north edge of Meadow) is not ruled out.

NOTES from BCDC Bay Plan Policies - Amended October 2002

Policy 4
"Public launching facilities for a variety of boats and other water-oriented recreational craft, such as kayaks, canoes and sailboards, should be provided in waterfront parks where feasible."

"Develop public and commercial recreation areas. Some fill may be needed to create usable shoreline areas, protected water areas and park space." (Plan Map 4, Figure 3.)

Eastshore State Park
"Park being planned from Bay Bridge to Marina Bay in Richmond for multiple uses including recreation, wildlife and aquatic life protection. Protect wildlife and aquatic life values at sites such as Emeryville Crescent, Hoffman Marsh and Albany Mudflats." (Plan Map 4, Figure 3.)