Correction to the February 6 letter to the Mayor and City Council
February 10 2003

One correction and one addition to the previous communication regarding the Marina Plan:

1) Correction: The Draft Marina Plan dated November 2001 was not the first time that Wolf Mason's draft included two new water access points in the North Sailing Basin, as may have been implied.

In fact, this feature was shown on the planning maps beginning in October 1999. This not only predates the conclusion of the Eastshore State Park planning process, but predates the initiation of that process as well. The charge that support for these water access locations constitutes "an attempt to circumvent an unfavorable outcome of the Eastshore State Park planning process" or "an end run around that process and the State Park" should be evaluated with that in mind.

2) Addition: The Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC) has affirmed the regional policy of promoting access for non-motorized watercraft in shoreline parks, and this should be added to the list of local, regional, and state plans and policies with which the Berkeley Marina Plan is compatible.

Furthermore, the BCDC policy document makes recommendations specifically for the Eastshore State Park, and identifies Hoffman Marsh, the Albany tidal flats, and the Emeryville Crescent as environmentally sensitive areas with no mention of the North Sailing Basin. While it is true that the "such as" language leaves the possibilty open that the North Sailing Basin might be found to be equally sensitive after scientific review, it is significant that this area was not included in the BCDC list. BCDC's preliminary evaluation is evidently the same as that of the ESP planning team: Of all the waters in the Eastshore State Park, the North Sailing Basin is ideal for water-borne recreation and the least valuable for habitat.

Paul Kamen 510-540-7968