Response to Letter from Norman La Force

February 24 2003

Norman La Force has written another letter regarding the Marina Plan in which he characterizes the planning process as "preemptive" and "a--backwards."

My point-by-point detailed response to this letter and others is on my website at www/ under the heading "The Marina Master Plan."

Meanwhile, I will respond briefly in this email to the charges that the City's process is "preemptive" and "a--backwards:"

We have:

1) The North Waterfront (Cesar Chavez Park) Plan from '79 that makes no mention of boating facilities one way or the other, followed by

2) the '86 Waterfront Specific Plan (still in effect) which specifically calls for facilities for sailing, rowing, paddling and small craft rentals at the site in question, followed by

3) the '98 -'99 public hearings for the Marina Plan which call for facilities for non-motorized boating at the site in question, followed by

4) the recently adopted '02 Eastshore State Park General Plan which calls for non-motorized boating on the body of water in question, and

5) the '02 BCDC policy which calls for prioritizing new facilities for non-motorized boating where feasible.

So now, as step 6), the Sierra Club wants to remove any possibility of facilities for kayaks, canoes and small sailboats at this site, serving this body of water, from the Marina Plan. They want to do this before we have a shred of scientific analysis suggesting that these activities at this location would be disruptive to habitat in any significant way.

Who is advocating "planning a--backwards" and who is attempting a "preemptive strike?"

Paul Kamen 510-540-7968