The Jetski Ban - how it could affect state funding

Recent communications from Harbormaster Brad Gross suggest that the California Department of Boating and Waterways, by way of their governing commission, is preparing to withhold or even recall previous funding to cities that ban PWC operation from their waterfronts.

The implication is that this will apply even if PWC can still use the state-funded facilities to access the Bay (as is in the current Waterfront Commission recommendation).

I called Carl Moore of Boating and Waterways to discuss this directly.

When I described Berkeley's contemplated "ban" on PWC, which continues to allow use of the ramp and provides adequate access to the Bay, he assured me that there was nothing in Berkeley's proposed ordinance that would endanger state funding.

It was out of character for Brad to suddenly lobby the Watefront Commission on what turned out to be a complete non-issue. Although I have heard him say "I like Jetskis," it's hard to tell if he's serious.

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