WEDNESDAY, August 9, 2000 AT 7:00 PM

                                                  Hs LORDSHIPS RESTAURANT




Mayor     - Paul Kamen, Vice Chair                           District 1 -Brad Smith

District 2 -Claudia Kawczynska, Chair                       District 3 – Vacancy

District 4 – Michael Minasian                        District 5 –Janet Cobb

District 6 - Richard Wolgast,                                      District 7 -  Vacancy

District 8 - Joan Collignon












The main entrance provides access for both non-disabled and disabled persons.  To request a meeting agenda in large print, Braille, or on cassette; or to request a sign-language interpreter for the meeting, call 644-6480 (voice), or 644-6915 (TDD) at least five (5) days in advance of the meeting date.


Attendees at public meetings are reminded that other persons may be sensitive to various odors, whether natural or manufactured, in products and materials.  Please help us respect these needs.


                                                                   A G E N D A


1.         CALL TO ORDER   Chair will call the meeting to order and Secretary will call the roll.


2.         PUBLIC COMMENT  Requests to speak must be submitted by 7:00 PM or prior to the end of Public Comment.




·       Approval of Agenda.

·       Approval of Minutes from the June 2000.




5.               ACTION ITEMS.


5a.       Timeline for the Planning and Design Phase of the East Shore State Park.

The East Bay Regional Park District has distributed a timeline for the planning and design phase of East Shore State Park.  Representatives from the East Bay Regional Park District and East Shore State Park will make a brief presentation on the planning process.  The Commission may recommend changes to the timeline.


5b.       Marina Ordinance Revision (Cruising vessels used as residence – 6.20.190)

            Marina staff is proposing a revision to the Marina Ordinance section 6.20.190 which would limit the time a berther who is not in the live aboard program could stay on their vessel to a maximum of nine days (consecutively or not) during any 30-day period except where the Marina Supervisor grants permission for vacationers, visitors or extenuating circumstances.  The Commission may vote on whether to recommend this change to the City Council.


5c.       Parks Tax Ballot Measure

            The City Council recently voted to place an increase in the Parks Maintenance Tax on the November Ballot.  The tax would assist in maintaining several projects planned for the Waterfront area.  The Commission will discuss and may take action on this item.


6.                           DISCUSSION ITEMS


6a.       New Sewer Line and Pathway Rehabilitation*

            The Marina is replacing a sewer line along the south side of the Marina basin.  In conjunction with this project, the pathway along the south side of the basin will be replaced.  Staff will answer questions concerning the project.


6b.       Dock and Restroom Replacement Loan*

            Staff will brief the Commission on the application recently submitted to the California Department of Boating and Waterways for a loan to replace docks and restrooms at the Marina.


6c        Marina Budget

Staff will update the Commission on Capital Improvement Project (CIP) plans for the new fiscal year.  The Commission will also discuss the Marina budget in the context of future borrowing for major rehabilitation projects.


            6d.       Dock of the Bay Building and Lease of the Building at 125 University Ave.

Staff will provide updates on continuing efforts to lease the Dock of the Bay Building and on the new tenant at 125 University Ave, The Nautilus Institute.


6e.       Aquatic Park Update.  The Commission will discuss maintenance and landscaping issues at Aquatic Park.



            7a.       Parks and Recreation Commission Roster

            7b.       Parks Events Ordinance

            7c.       Stipend and Reimbursement regulations for Commissions and Committees.


8.         ADJOURNMENT


*Indicates that a written report is available.

Note:  Any Information Report may be moved to an Action Report at the Chair's discretion.