WEDNESDAY, November 8, 2000 AT 7:00 PM

                                                  Hs LORDSHIPS RESTAURANT




Mayor     - Paul Kamen, Vice Chair                           District 1 -Brad Smith

District 2 -Claudia Kawczynska, Chair                       District 3 – Vacancy

District 4 – Michael Minasian                                    District 5 –Janet Cobb

District 6 - Vacancy                                                    District 7 -  Vacancy

District 8 - Joan Collignon












The main entrance provides access for both non-disabled and disabled persons.  To request a meeting agenda in large print, Braille, or on cassette; or to request a sign-language interpreter for the meeting, call 644-6480 (voice), or 644-6915 (TDD) at least five (5) days in advance of the meeting date.


Attendees at public meetings are reminded that other persons may be sensitive to various odors, whether natural or manufactured, in products and materials.  Please help us respect these needs.


                                                                   A G E N D A


1.         CALL TO ORDER   Chair will call the meeting to order and Secretary will call the roll.


2.         PUBLIC COMMENT  Requests to speak must be submitted by 7:00 PM or prior to the end of Public Comment.




·       Approval of Agenda.

·       Approval of Minutes from the October 2000 meeting.




6.                     DISCUSSION ITEMS


6a        Solar Calendar

Mr. Santiago Casals and Mr. John Roberts, Landscape Architect will present their proposal for a Cesar Chavez Memorial Calendar Project in Cesar Chavez Park. They have provided the Commission with an overview of the proposed project and a draft conceptual plan. 


6b.       The Kite Festival

            Mr. Tom McAlister of High Line Kites will make a presentation on July’s Berkeley Kite Festival and plans for next year’s festival.


6c.       Kite Buggies in Cesar Chavez Park

At its last meeting the Commission discussed safety measures regarding the use of Kite Buggies in Cesar Chavez Park.  At that meeting Commissioner Kamen suggested rules for kite buggy use including a speed limit.  Commissioner Kamen has revised his proposed rules and the Commission will continue its discuss of the topic.  Users of Kite Buggies may also present their own suggestions for rules.


6d.       The Marina Budget.  The Commission’s Marina Budget Subcommittee will brief the Commission on their meeting with representatives from the City Manager’s Office on the issue of the Marina’s budget including obtaining grants for the Marina.


6e.       Forum on the Oakland Waterfront

Commissioner Kamen will discuss his findings and participation at the Port of Oakland’s Forum on the Oakland Waterfront.


            6f.        Aquatic Park

The Commission will discuss operational issues effecting Aquatic Park.  Bayer Corporation has offered to repair the dilapidated pump station and has provided a drawing, which the Commission will discuss.  The Commission may discuss other issues including security concerns at the Park.


7.         ACTION ITEMS


            7a.       Grant Applications

                        Staff has applied to the State of California Recreational Trails Program and the Coastal Conservancy for grants to rebuild the pedestrian pathway along the north side of University Avenue and to study and design a pathway for the Southern side of University Avenue respectively.  The Commission will discuss the applications and may take action to endorse them.


            7b.       Additional Meeting to Consider the Draft Marina Plan and Waterfront Overview

                        The Commission will discuss and take action on scheduling an additional meeting in November to discuss the draft Marina Plan and Waterfront Overview.


8.               INFORMATION ITEM


8a.       Proposed RFP Guidelines for Use of Rod and Gun Club Building and the Bird Rescue Property


9.         ADJOURNMENT


*Indicates that a written report is available.

Note:  Any Information Report may be moved to an Action Report at the Chair's discretion.