Berkeley Waterfront Commission
Agenda for 01-04-11


a) Call to Order
b) Public Comment
c) Approval of Agenda
d) Approval of previous minutes
e) Comments from the Chair

1) Status of Waterfront Commission

Report by staff. (Will we make the April 24 consent calendar?) Action item: form subcommittee to expedite necessary procedures if necessary.

2) Status of Marina Ordinance

Action Item: Recommend that staff introduce Marina Ordinance as currently written, corrected, and amended for council enactment at next available council meeting. (Provide copies of latest version in packet.)

3) Marina Web Page

Action Item: Rates shown are seriously out of date and have been for years, despite continual requests for updates. Recommend to City Manager that Marina Staff be directed to submit updates to City Webmaster.

4) Marina Berthing Policies

Action Item - Written berthing policies: A number of policies critical to smooth marina operation and good public relations are not covered by the ordinance, but depend administrative policy. Request Marina Supervisor to generate and updated written public document covering policies for administration of the waiting list, berth transfers, overhangs, live-aboards, and related issues. Form subcommittee if necessary.

5) Eastshore State Park

Report - Item 25 (pulled) from Council Agenda: Report from Commission and Staff on background and implications of this item. Action Item: Waterfront recommendations to Council and to Joint Commission, and communication to various planning entities.

6) Audubon lease of structures in Aquatic Park

Status Report: by Ed Murphy or other staff. Action Item: Recommendation to proceed on terms as proposed by Audubon or on terms modified by Commission.

7) Berth Rates

Action Item - berth rates: Commission approval of new berth rate proposal and recommendation that new rates be approved by Council.

8) Status of Waterfront Commission Minutes and Agenda

Action item: Request staff to make electronic versions of all agenda available at the time the packet is published, and all minutes available within one week after approval of the minutes by the Commission.

9) Marina Vacancies Monthly vacancy report by Staff.