Possible topics for upcoming Waterfront Commission meetings

Please feel free to contact the commissioners or staff if there are additional items or issues you would like to see discussed by the Waterfront Commission.

Eastshore State Park: Due to possible Brown Act violation, action taken by Waterfront Commission at May 21 joint meeting appears to be invalid. The Waterfront Commission may consider a similar action addressing the content of the plan for the Eastshore State Park.

Marina Ordinance: Status, discussion, possible Commission action to approve or modify final text if available.

K-dock live-aboard issues, and relations with commercial berthers.

Electricity costs to Marina. Now that the ABAG contract has ended six months early, costs to the Marina will probably increase significantly. Discussion and possible policy recommendation by the Commission.

Skates Restaurant parking lot policy. Skates has been blocking off a section of the parking lot, and using signs that might be misleading. Possible parking policy recommendation. See photos at: http://www.well.com/user/pk/waterfront/agenda/0106- photos.html

Assembly Bill AB45x, including a presentation by Paul Fenn regarding alternative power generating options that could be incorporated at the Marina.

Staff report regarding the Coastal Commission's approval for $250,000 grant to design bay trails through the Marina

The Marina's monthly vacancy report

Results of the staff's boat length measurements

Aquatic Park lease status

Marina Plan and Waterfront Overview status

Houseboat stability codes, status of Sausalito code, applicability to Berkeley.

Feasibility of restricting the use of 2-stroke outboards in the Marina

Squirrel population control program