Rules proposed by Paul Kamen and modified after discussion at the October Waterfront Commission meeting

Proposed Rules for Kite Buggies at Cesar Chavez Park

Continuing use of this park for kite buggy operation depends on voluntary compliance with these rules.

Rules 1 and 4 may be suspended as applicable for sanctioned special events involving kite buggy competition.

Definition of Kite Buggy: Any wind-propelled person or vehicle. This includes people on roller skates, roller blades, and skateboards using kites or sails for propulsion, as well as land yachts and sailing bicycles.

1) No operation on weekends and holidays.

2) Slow to five MPH whenever passing or approaching a pedestrian on any path or on the grassy area next to the entrance circle.

3) Always yield right-of-way to pedestrians and other vehicles.

4) No more than five kite buggies in operation at any one time.

Rules proposed by the Berkeley Buggy Association, received on November 6 2000

Proposed Buggy Rules for the Berkeley Buggy Association

1. No more than three buggies in operation on weekends and holidays, except during special events.

2. Five MPH speed limit on all paved paths while people are within 50 feet.

3. Always yield right-of-way to pedestrians and other vehicles.

4. No more than five kite buggies in operation at any one time (weekdays)

5. All kite buggies using paved paths must be equipped with an accurate speed-measuring device.

6. Buggiers will warn people when approaching from behind. Bell, voice or other warning system. The objective is to avoid startling people.

7. Buggiers shall have insurance through a kite organization which provides $100,000 in secondary liability insurance coverage anytime you fly in the USA. Buggiers will carry proof of insurance with them while buggying.

8. Donald Flory will act as a contact person for any issues regarding kite buggies. (Having a contact person will enhance problem resolution for the waterfront commission. Of course the assigned person could be rotated etc.)

Comments: The rules proposed by the BBA look good, the main question is whether the Waterfront Commission and the Council will go for continued weekend operation. The limit of three buggies sailing at any one time seems reasonable to me, especially with these rules in place.