Environmental, planning, and advocacy organizations

Aquatic Park Egret
Environmental Greening, Restoration and Education Team (EGRET), a community-based volunteer organization working to improve Aquatic Park's wildlife habitat.

Bay Access
Advocating the San Francisco Bay Water Trail

The Bay Area Transportation and Land Use Coalition
Regional transportation and land use issues considered together, as they always should have been.

The Bay Trail Project
400 miles of multi-use pathways to circle San Francisco and San Pablo Bays.

Berkeley Partners for Parks
Citizen involvement in support of parks and open space.

Bluewater Network
A project of Earth Island Institute, opposing 2-stroke pollution and other critical issues where state agenices are lagging behind.

California Association of Harbor Masters & Port Captains
Good links and relevant legislative summaries, from the marina management point of view.

CPAC: Coalition for Park Access and Conservation
A new coalition advocating diverse uses and activities in the Eastshore State Park.

Earth Island's Jet Skis Position Paper
"Never have such a small proportion of boats had such a negative impact on a large number of users."

Friends of Five Creeks
Working to protect and restore the watersheds and aquatic and riparian habitat of the creeks of North Berkeley, Albany, Kensington, and southern El Cerrito and Richmond.

Friends of the Berkeley Ferry
Advocating the return of ferry service to Berkeley.

Let it Be
Leave the Albany Bulb for artists, dogs and people.

Marina Recreation Association
A private version of RBOC with a similar legislative agenda, advocating for the business interests of private marinas.

Oakland Bridge International Open Forum
Opposition to the Bay Bridge rebuild project as currently planned.

Personal Watercraft Conflict Resolution
By the U.S. Power Squadron, an organization that labors under the delusion that PWC and non-motorized users can co-exist in high-density use areas.

Recreational Boaters of California
Legislative advocacy for recreational boating, especially if it involves powerboats, jetskis, 2-stroke engines, and ramp launching with large tow vehicles.

San Francisco Bay Crossings
Advocating ferries on SF Bay. Includes all ferry schedules, and a newsletter tracking legislative developments,

San Francisco Bay Oceanic Crew Group
a non-profit organization servicing environmental groups through boating activities.

San Francisco Boardsailing Association
Detailed discussion of waterfront planning issues at several critical locations around the Bay.

San Francisco Estuary Institute
Environmental monitoring and scientific, historical, and policy research.

San Francisco Estuary Project
Information on the Bay-Delta ecosystem, financed by the federal Clean Water Act.

Save the Bay
Seeking to preserve, restore and protect the San Francisco Bay and Delta.

Sierra Club, San Francisco Bay Chapter
Includes lists of Sierra Club resolutions, organized by geographic area affected.

Urban Parks Institute
Ideas, information, and models for urban parks.

U.S. Geological Survey
Multi-disciplinary research studies in the San Francisco Bay estuary and watershed.