Local waterfront organizations, activities, and businesses

Adventure Playground
Building, climbing, cargo nets, old boats, real tools, and a zip line.

Aquatic Park Egret
Environmental Greening, Restoration and Education Team (EGRET), a community-based volunteer organization working to improve Aquatic Park's wildlife habitat.

The Bark
"The New Yorker of Dog Magazines," edited by former Berkeley Waterfront Commissioner Claudia Kawczynska.

Bay Crossings
The monthly newsletter for Bay Area ferry passengers.

Berkeley Bay Festival
It's back! This year in combination with the Green Home Expo. Exhibits, arts and crafts vendors, food, hands-on activities and live entertainment. Free rides in sailboats and dragon boats by Cal Sailing Club and the Berkeley Racing Canoe Center. A tradition since 1937.

Berkeley Boat Owners Association
"The organization of Berkeley Marina berthers. To see prior postings to the BBOA list, visit the BBOA-members Archives.

The Berkeley Dragons and the Dragonmax dragon boat team
Race training, recreational paddling and youth opportunities. Check out the practice schedule, drops-ins are usually welcome.

The Berkeley Hang Gliding Club
A non-commercial cooperative, they used to fly up to six weekends a year (spring and fall) from the hill in Chavez Park (but are not currently active).

The Berkeley Kite Festival & West Coast Kite Championships
Last weekend of July at Cesar Chavez Park. Co-sponsored by HighLine Kites pf Berkeley.

The Berkeley Marina magazine
2005 edition.

Berkeley Marine Center
The boatyard for the Berkeley Marina.

Berkeley Marina Sport Center
"The bait shop." Fishing reports from the boats and the pier, and reservations on five of the seven boats that hail from Berkeley.

Berkeley Path Wanderers Association
Dedicated to the presevation and restoration of public paths, steps, and walkways in Berkeley.

Berkeley Water Ski Club
Skiing in Aquatic Park from April through September.

Berkeley Yacht Club
Berkeley's yacht club since 1939. Lots of opportunities to find crew spots on racing sailboats.

Cal Adventures and the U.C. Aquatic Center
Sailing classes from the community recreation arm of U.C., neighbor and friendly competitor to the Cal Sailing Club.

California Dragon Boat Association
Dragon boat racing - 20 paddles, one hull. "The second most popular sport in the world." Currently practicing in Foster City and Lake Merced.

Cal Sailing Club
Open to the public, the best example of great waterfront access with almost no public subsidy.

CDU: Coalition for Diverse Uses
A coalition advocating diverse uses and activities in the Eastshore State Park (not currently active).

Friday Night Races at Berkeley Yacht Club
Surprisingly accessible sailing opportunities for the non-boatowner.

Hornblower Cruises and Events
Dinner cruises and other charter services, operating from the Doubletree hotel guest dock.

Northern California Outrigger Association
Outrigger canoe clubs operating from nearby marinas.

Olympic Circle Sailing Club
A good commercial sailing school in the Berkeley Marina.

The Pegasus Project
Big-boat sailing opportunities for youth, in conjunction with Shorebird Nature Center.

San Francisco Boardsailing Association
For everything related to windsurfing on SF Bay.

San Francisco Yacht Racing Association
Coordinating sailboat racing on SF Bay.

Shorebird Nature Center
Hands-on educational programs and tidal zone wildlife exhibits.

Shorebird Nature Center Educational Programs
Marine biology classes, boat trips, and teacher workshops.

Shoreline and Coastal Clean-up Days
The annual one-day efforts to clean up the waterfront, involving 50,000 volunteers state-wide.

Skating at the Berkeley Marina
Tips for Berkeley waterfront skaters, from Richard Katz's Skating Unrinked book. Includes commentary on public art and the skater-friendliness of restaurants.

Daily fishing reports, news and info, also available in La versión española.

Radio Control gliders at Cesar Chavez park (no active link)
The gliders are still flying, but no website.

Waterfront Rocket Club (no active link)
They used to fly twice a month (2nd and 4th Sat, 8:30-11:00) at Chavez park, spectators welcome. Current status not known.

The Doubletree Hotel
Info, rates and reservations for the 375-room Berkeley Marina DoubleTree Hotel.