Regulatory and funding agencies

San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission
BCDC, a state commission under the California Resources Agency, regulating bay fill and all development within 100 feet of the high water mark.

Regional Water Quality Control Board
An agency within the California Environmental Protection Agency, responsible for regulating pollutants and protecting the water resources of the Bay Area

California Department of Boating and Waterways
State regulation, and a major source of funding for marina and waterfront projects.

California Coastal Commission
Another state commission under the California Resources Agency, regulating coastal projects outside the Bay.

Coastal Conservancy
Funding for waterfront access and conservation projects.

California State Lands Commission
State regulation of the public lands under the Bay

East Bay Regional Park District
The agency responsible for planning the new Eastshore Park.

The East Bay Regional Park District's Website for the Eastshore State Park
Including small-scale maps and a project overview.

The Eastshore State Park Planning Website
Consultant's website supporting the public planning process.

California State Parks
The new owners of most of the waterfront east of the marina. The link is to the Planning, Acquisition, & Environmental Design department.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Federal tideland regulation, and good links to technical libraries.

U.S. Geological Survey
Multi-disciplinary research studies in the San Francisco Bay estuary and watershed.

Water Transit Authority
Established in 1999 "to relieve the Bay Area's traffic congestion by creating a viable plan that will enhance the region's public transit system by delivering a cost effective, convenient and environmentally responsive ferry transit system."