Regular Meeting of the Waterfront Commission

May 12, 2000

Hs Lordship’s Restaurant

Berkeley, Marina


1.         Call to Order


Chair Kawczynska called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.


2.         Roll Call


Commissioners Present:            Cobb, Kawczynska, Kamen, Smith, Collignon


Commissioners Absent:           Minasian Wolgast,


Staff Present:                           Marchetti, Smith, Murphy, Donald, Kelekian


3.            Approval of the Agenda


The agenda was approved unanimously.


4.     Public Comment


Mr. Steve Bales presented a letter from the boat owners requesting that the City not amend the boat owners current arrangement.


5.            Marina Ordinance


Commissioner Kamen proposed the following changes and additions to the Marina Ordinance


6.20.160 (J)


“Length of the vessel for the purpose of determining berth fees means the extreme length of the vessels including all equipment and extensions.” …


6.20.010: Definitions


“Extreme length”: The length from the forward most part of the vessel and equipment to the aft-most part of the vessel and equipment, measured horizontally and parallel to the vessel’s longitudinal axis.  This measurement includes but is not limited to bow and stern rails, bowsprits, anchor chocks, anchors, furling drums, outboard motors, stern drives, propellers, rudders, and outboard brackets, antennas, barbecues, dinghies, booms and mizzen booms as stowed for berthing.  Outboard motors and stern drives are measured in the tipped-up position, if this is how they are normally stowed for berthing.  The measurement does not include dock lines, fenders, or electrical cables.


“Personal Watercraft” shall mean any vessel less than 16 feet long, propelled by a water-jet pump or other machinery as its primary source of motor propulsion, designed to be operated by a person sitting standing, or kneeling on, rather than sitting or standing inside, the vessel.


“Professional marine surveyor”: Person who derives a substantial portion of their income from surveying the type of vessel in question, and who advertises these services in local media.


“Seaworthy for navigation on San Francisco Bay”: Capable of independently navigating the central portion of San Francisco Bay in typical summer afternoon weather conditions, in safety and with no significant probability of requiring assistance.


“Private Dock”: A dock or berthing space under exclusive control of a berther, space under exclusive control of one berther, licensee, or organization. 


“Public Dock”: A dock or berthing area not under exclusive control of a berther, licensee, or organization.


6.20.080 (D) Care in berthing vessels

No part of any vessel’s hull or equipment, including but not limited to bowsprits, bow rails, booms, and anchors, and hoisted dinghies, shall overhang the dock by more than six inches.


Cliff Marchetti suggested that the section should instead read “…shall not overhang the dock”.  Commissioner Kamen concurred.


6.20.160 (I) Marina Restrictions

No structure may be built for the purpose of berthing, anchoring or mooring vessels within the marina, without advance permission from the marina supervisor.  Floating lift docks are generally acceptable provided special agreement is signed to insure that the owner is responsible for removing failed or damaged lift dock equipment.


Motion: (Kamen/Smith: To recommend to the City Council that it adopt these changes to the Marina Ordinance.   Ayes: Cobb, Collignon, Kamen, Kawczynska, Smith; Noes: none; Absences: Wolgast; Vacancies: two)


6.     Shore Bird Nature Center


Patty Donald gave an overview of programs offered at the Shorebird Nature Center.  She thanked the Commission for its support of the Nature Center’s programs and noted that she would need more staff when the Straw Bale Building opens.  She said that she is currently $17,000 overspent on part time personnel.


Commissioner Cobb suggested that in the future an increase in Nature Center personnel and budget would be necessary.  She said that the state budget overages and the general economic prosperity made it a good time to increase the Nature Center’s budget.


Commissioner Collignon said that the state budget surplus was not true for the City’s budget, which she said, is relatively flat.  Commissioner Smith said that if the Marina Fund is properly budgeted an increase in funding for the Nature Center might be possible.  He said that it was important for the Marina to prepare for the next budget cycle and that it was crucial that the Commission regularly monitor and understand the Marina’s budget.


Commissioner Cobb asked if there were funds in the Marina Fund to hire a consultant to pursue grants.  Cliff Marchetti said that there was no money budgeted for consultants. 


Commissioner Kamen asked if a volunteer could do grant writing.  Commissioner Cobb said that it was possible.  A discussion ensued on the process involved in having volunteers or commissioners themselves solicit grant funding for the Marina, including the necessity of obtaining City Council approval for any grant submissions.


Donald described her efforts to develop a new identity and image for the Nature Center programs and sought input from the Commission.  She said the new identity would include a new logo and name.  Commissioner Cobb suggested polling or focus groups. 


7.     Christmas in April


Ed Murphy described Christmas in April’s rehabilitation of two buildings at Aquatic Park.  He said that the volunteers rehabilitated the storage building to the south of the Seabird Center and the center’s building itself.  He said the volunteers put a new roof on the storage building and put new electrical wiring in the other building.  The buildings were painted and cleaned. 


8.     Off-Leash Area


Chair Kawczynska reported that the City Council approved an indefinite continuation of the off-leash area at Cesar Chavez Park with the proviso that if the Solar Calendar is funded there may be a renegotiation of the off-leash area’s boundary.


9.     Habitat Restoration at Aquatic Park


Cliff Marchetti reported on the removal of non-native vegetation near the south end of the lake at Aquatic Park.  He said that the plant removal was 50% complete and that the irrigation system had been installed. 


10.  Proposed Parks Events Ordinance


Jay Kelekian presented a proposed park events ordinance to regulate large events in city parks.  He said that the only events that now require permits are those where a specific table is reserved, or where alcohol or food is sold.  He said that each year there were several incidents in which a large group of people gathered in a park for an even and did damage to the park.


Commissioner Kawczynska asked how the ordinance would be implemented.  Commissioner Kamen asked if every large gathering would be classified as an event for the purpose of the proposed ordinance.  Commissioner Cobb suggested that if the ordinance is adopted, implementation should be preceded by an aggressive public information campaign to inform the public of the new requirements.  Commissioner Kamen said that Cal Sailing and Cal Adventures needed to be exempted.  Ed Murphy said that lessees already need a permit for special events.


Motion (Kamen/Cobb) To endorse the basic concept of the Parks Events Ordinance provided implementation was preceded by an aggressive public information campaign.


Adjournment:            The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 p.m.