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Regular Meeting of the Waterfront Commission

February 14, 2001

Hs Lordships Restaurant

199 Seawall Drive 




Chair KAWCZYNSKA called the meeting to order at 7:10 PM.  Secretary Marchetti called the roll:








VACANCIES:                                     TWO (DISTRICTS 3 AND 7).


STAFF PRESENT:                              Cliff Marchetti & Ed Murphy



Mark Liolios, a Berkeley resident, spoke in favor of the City Purchasing the KBLX

property and stated that funds may be available from Proposition 13.  He also

requested that the City send a formal letter asking if the property is for sale.




            a. Approval of the Agenda


Motion (Cobb/Staneko) to approve the agenda without changes.  The motion passed unanimously.


Commissioner MINASIAN arrived at 7:15 PM.


            b. Approval of Minutes of the January 10, 2001 Regular Meeting


Motion (Cobb/Staneko) to approve the minutes with the following changes:  1) on page 2, item 5.a. in the 1st paragraph, put quotes around the words “cultural compost”;2) on page 2, item 5.a. in the 2nd paragraph, change name from Mr. Madden to Mr. Matting; and 3) on page 3, item 6. d. delete the phrase “without using the Marina budget reserve account” and add the words “Marina budget” in front of “reserves”.  


The motion passed unanimously. 


            4.         COMMENTS FROM THE CHAIR


Chair KAWCZYNSKA noted that the minutes from the November 29th joint meeting with the Planning Commission re: the Berkeley Marina Plan have not been submitted to the Commission.  The Chair also requested a copy of the report from the Planning Dept. that was discussed at the meeting.


5.         ACTION ITEMS


            a.         Election of Officers


Motion (Smith/Collignon) to nominate Commissioner Paul Kamen as Chair.  No other nominations and the motion passed unanimously.


Motion (Minasian/Cobb) to nominate Commissioner Brad Smith as Vice-Chair.  No other nominations and the motion passed unanimously.


b.                  Recommendations for FY 2002 Marina Budget


Cliff Marchetti distributed a Five year Marina Fund Budget analysis prepared by staff.  This analysis illustrated that the Marina budget had budget deficits in each of the past three fiscal years and also projects deficits in the next four fiscal years.  The analysis also provided several recommendations on trying to balance the annual budgets or reduce the project deficits.  Commissioner Kamen distributed a two page document that illustrates the amount (about $125,000 per year) of funds attributed to a reasonable increase in berth rates.  The Commission also discussed various cost of living increases and non-personnel costs.  The Commission also requested that staff provide information on the position of grant writer and why such position was not included in the proposed budget. 


Motion (Smith/Minasian) to consider raising berth rates in FY 2002 to meet the projected deficits of FY 2002 and FY 2003 and to consider adopting the budget balancing measures listed in the staff report to help balance the Marina budget in subsequent fiscal years.  These measures are: eliminating the Marina Assistant during the graveyard shift; using General Funds to pay for the Police Officer dedicated to the Marina beat; using General Funds to pay for the 4th of July special event; and using General Funds to pay for the operations of the Nature Center.   The motion passed unanimously.


Commissioner Smith then discussed the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report prepared by then City’s Finance Department and stated that the information concerning the Marina was not understandable because the fund amounts and line item budget descriptions included in this Report had no relation at all with the annual budget reviewed by the Commission and approved by Council. 




            a.         Bay Access


Commissioner Collignon described a proposed plan to create a water trail for human powered water craft .  The Commissioners took no action and were generally in favor of such a plan.


b.                  Aquatic Park Sub-Committee


Cliff Marchetti announced that he would arrange a joint meeting of the Aquatic Park Sub-Committee with its counter-part Sub-Committee from the Parks and Recreation Commission.  The proposed date will be march 7th and the purpose of the meeting will be to review proposals to lease property in Aquatic Park.


            c.         East Shore State Park


Commissioners discussed the lack of public notice for the introductory meetings sponsored by the East Bay Regional Parks District.  Staff announced a second “stakeholders meeting would be held on February 20th at the Nature Center.  Staff also announced that the City Council may adopt a resolution designating both the Waterfront Commission and the Parks and Recreation Commission as the joint lead Commissions to work with the East Bay Regional Parks District to ensure public input into the planning process.


            d.         Marina Plan Update


Cliff Marchetti stated that Karen Haney-Owens in the Planning Dept. will write the environmental document required as part of the Marina Plan.  The Plan is 95% complete and will be finished by April, 2001.




            a.         Berth Occupancy Report


The Commission received the report without comment.


b.                  Marina Newsletter dated January, 2001


The Commission accepted the newsletter without comment.


c.                   Article on Cesar Chavez Park and Methane Gas

The Commission accepted the newsletter and asked that discussion of the gas recovery system described in the article be placed on the next agenda. 


8.         ADJOURNMENT


On behalf of the Commission, Chair Kamen thanked Commissioner Kawczynska for her fine service and leadership as Chair for the past year.  The meeting adjourned at 9:25 PM. 

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