Regular Meeting of the Waterfront Commission

April 11, 2001

Hs Lordships Restaurant

199 Seawall Drive 


1.                     CALL TO ORDER


Chair KAMEN called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM.  Secretary Marchetti called the roll:








VACANCIES:                                     TWO (DISTRICTS 3 AND 7).


STAFF PRESENT:                             Cliff Marchetti & Ed Murphy


2.                     PUBLIC COMMENT




3.                     CONSENT CALENDAR


            a. Approval of the Agenda


Motion (Smith/Cobb) to delete Item 5.e from the agenda and to approve it without further changes.  The motion passed unanimously.


            b. Approval of Minutes of the March 14, 2001 Regular Meeting


Motion (Collignon/Cobb) to approve the minutes with the following changes: 1) add to Item 6.d at the end of the last sentence the words “and/or that sufficient guarantees for specified site improvements be incorporated into the lease”; and 2) add to Item 7.a. the word “continues” at the end of the sentence.   The motion passed unanimously. 


      4.               COMMENTS FROM THE CHAIR


Chair KAMEN distributed and read comments concerning the Marina Ordinance Revision; Marina Berth Fees; Marina Berthing Policies; Waterfront Commission Minutes and Agendas Posted on the Web; Updating the City’s Web Page; Eastshore State Park; the office building at 125 University Avenue; a proposed lease with the Audubon Society for property in Aquatic Park; the list of Marina staff positions and respective funding allocations; the Marina Occupancy Report; and the Dragon Boat Video.  The full text of Chair Kamen’s comments are available on his web site at www.well.com/user/pk/waterfront .


5.         ACTION ITEMS


a.         Marina Ordinance Status


Waterfront Manager Cliff Marchetti stated that the City Attorney is reviewing the revised ordinance.  Final revisions will be completed in June.  Chair KAMEN distributed a one-page document that included three proposed changes: 1) extending the limit on boats overhanging the berths; 2) extending the prohibition of jet skis and personal watercraft to within 1,500 feet of the shoreline; and 3) stating an appeal of the Harbor Master’s definition can include a vessel survey of seaworthiness certified by a professional marine surveyor.


Commissioner SMITH requested that the title of the position “Marina Supervisor” should be changed to “Harbor Master”.  He also requested that the title “Marina Manager” should be changed to “Waterfront Manager”.  Mr. Marchetti said he agreed and would contact the Human Resources Dept. to make sure that it agreed with these name changes.  Mr. Marchetti stated that he would bring the final text to the Chair for his review prior to presenting the revisions to the City Council. 


Motion (Smith/Cobb) to recommend approval of the proposed revisions, including those above, subject to final review by the Chair.    The motion passed unanimously.


c.                Proposal for Fee Rate Increase for Berthers


Mr. Marchetti stated that the proposal was mailed on Monday to the berthers and was posted at the Marina.  Commissioners expressed surprise that only one berther was at the meeting.  Commissioners KAMEN and COBB recused themselves from the discussion because they have berths at the Marina.  Therefore, no quorum was possible and the item was tabled.   Mr. Marchetti recommended a special Commission meeting in early May to discuss this issue and he stated that he would make sure the notices were sent out at least a week in advance. 


d.               Marina Berthing Policies


Chair KAMEN created a Marina Berthing Policy Sub-Committee to prepare a pamphlet that explains and describes the various policies and procedures that apply to berthing at the Marina.  Chair Kamen and Commissioner Cobb agreed to serve on this Sub-Committee.


e.      Commission Agendas and Minutes


Chair Kamen asked for the agenda packets to be mailed at least seven days in advance of the meeting.  He stated that the Brown Act requires this procedure.  Mr. Marchetti said he would check this point with the City Clerk’s office.  The Chair asked that the agendas and the minutes be sent out electronically as soon as possible.  There was some discussion about the procedure for the minutes being sent out prior to adoption by the Commission.  Cliff Marchetti said he would also check this issue with the City Clerk.   



f.       Web Page Update


This item was removed from the agenda.


f.          Eastshore State Park


Staff distributed a memorandum from Lisa Caronna, Director of Parks and Waterfront, that notified the Commission of a regional workshop meeting to be held by the East Bay Regional Parks District at 7 PM on April 26th at Hs Lordships Restaurant.   The Commission agreed to have a special joint meeting with the Parks and Recreation Commission on May 21st to review the issues discussed at the workshop. 

The Chair will discuss with Ms. Caronna whether it is necessary for him and the Chair of the Parks and Recreation Commission to meet with her after the April 26th workshop and prior to the May 21st joint meeting. 


The Commission also discussed the letter written to the Council concerning its opinion about the plan for Eastshore State Park.  The Commission expressed its support that Councilmember Olds did not ask that the Council discuss this letter.  The Commission also questioned why members of the Citizens for Eastshore State Park (CESP) do not attend meetings of the Waterfront Commission.




            a.         Audubon Society Lease Update


Staff member Ed Murphy stated that negotiations are proceeding with the lease terms and that he plans to present a status report to the Finance Committee and to the Aquatic Park Sub-Committee in a closed session on May 2nd.


            b.         Marina Plan Update


Cliff Marchetti stated that the Final Plan and the environmental document would be ready for review in mid-June, 2001.  He said he would make sure the Plan reflected the input received at the Commission’s November 29th meeting with the Planning Commission.


c.      Funding for Staff Positions in the Marina Budget


Staff provided written information and the Commission asked why time for certain positions at the Marina are allocated for work outside the Marina.  Mr. Marchetti said it is fair because other staff persons not included in the budget work on Marina related projects. 




            a.         Berth Occupancy Report


The Chair noted that most vacancies occur in the smaller berths. 

            b.         Tape of November 29, 2000 Commission Meeting


Mr. Marchetti reported he had found the tape. The Commission asked that it be transcribed as soon as possible using outside resources so it could be available without delay.  Mr. Marchetti agreed and said he would arrange to get the tape transcribed.


8.         ADJOURNMENT


The meeting adjourned at 8:45  PM.