Regular Meeting of the Waterfront Commission

May 13, 1998

Hs Lordships Restaurant

199 Seawall Drive 



1.         CALL TO ORDER


Chair WASSON called the meeting to order at 7:10 PM.  Secretary Marchetti called the roll:


COMMISSIONERS PRESENT:         FELIX, KAWCZYNSKA, SMITH, Chair WASSON,                                                             Vice-Chair WOLGAST, & WOZNIAK.




STAFF PRESENT:                             Lisa Caronna, Patricia Jeffery, Cliff Marchetti, and

                                                            Ed Murphy. 




Twenty-one persons spoke against the staff proposal to increase the rent for the property used by the Cal Sailing Club.  The speakers were: Dick Kelby; Graham Hale; Robert Ofsevit; Rebecca Haussmann; Ellie Burne; Reese Jones; Jerry Huff; Ethan Simmonds; Isabella La Rocca Justin Oberbauer; Virginia nido; Bohun Kinloch; Martin Scanlan; Paul Kamen; David Fraser; William Prinzmetal; Stephan Brown; Rob harrison; Alex Francois; Mark Richards; and Maria Daane.


Mark Liolios spoke about safety in Aquatic Park.




            a. Approval of the Agenda


Commissioner FELIX made a motion to approve the agenda.  Commissioner KAWCZYNSKA seconded the motion, subject to the following changes:


            1) move item 5. h. re: criminal activity in Aquatic Park to an action item;


            2) move item 5. b. re: Cal Sailing Club to an action item; and           


            3) move item 5. e. re: the Marina Master Plan to the top of the Information Reports.


The motion was then approved by a vote of: 6-0-0-3, with Commissioners JONES, THOMAS, and WINDHAM absent.



            b. Approval of Minutes of Meetings on March 11, 1998 and April 8, 1998


Commissioner Smith made a motion to approve the minutes of both meetings, subject to the following correction being made to Item 5. e. to note that Commissioner Thomas was absent for the vote approving the I-80 Overpass Study and the correct vote should be 5-0-0-4 instead of 6-0-0-3.  Commissioner FELIX seconded the motion and it was adopted by a vote of

6-0-0-3, with Commissioners JONES, THOMAS, and WINDHAM absent. 




            a.         Bench Donation from Cindy Rawlinson


After a brief discussion on the location for the bench, Commissioner FELIX moved that the City Council accept the bench donation and direct staff to find a suitable location as soon as possible in keeping with the desires of Rawlinson family.  Commissioner SMITH seconded the motion and it was approved by a vote of: 6-0-0-3, with Commissioners JONES, THOMAS, and WINDHAM absent.  Members asked for a plan that would show preferred locations for future benches.  Staff agreed to prepare such a plan.




            a.         Highline Kites License Agreement


The Chair continued this item to the next regular Commission meeting. 


            b.         Cal Sailing Club


After discussion involving staff, Club members, and the Commissioners concerning the proposed new terms for use of the property, Commissioner SMITH moved that the Club should receive four free berths for one year and that staff and the Club should continue to meet on the issue of the rent for the property.  Commissioner KAWCZYNSKA seconded the motion and it was adopted by a vote of 6-0-0-3, with Commissioners JONES, THOMAS, and WINDHAM absent.


            c.         Report on Criminal Activity in Aquatic Park


The Commission discussed letters received from the Columbus School Neighborhood Association and from Chair Wasson.  Staff presented a report.  After discussion, Commissioner SMITH moved to refer the letters to staff for a report.  Commissioner FELIX seconded the motion and it was approved by a vote of: 5-0-1-3, with Commissioner WASSON abstaining and Commissioners JONES, THOMAS, and WINDHAM absent.


Commissioner KAWCZYNSKA left the meeting at 9:15 PM to attend Planning Commission meeting.  Staff members Lisa Caronna and Ed Murphy left for the same reason.




            c.         Marina Budget and Project Status Report


Staff discussed the budget report included in the packet. Commissioner SMITH asked for a breakdown of the specific projects in the Sinking Fund and in the CIP line items of the Budget.  No action was taken.


            d.         Hornblower's Temporary Kitchen


Staff gave a brief presentation on this issue and said that Hornblower was considering the ground floor of the City's building at 225 University.  Until this is decided, no action would be taken on moving to the Radisson Hotel site.


Chair Wasson asked staff for a copy of the Commission's recommendation to the Council. 


            e.         Marina Master Plan


Patricia Jeffrey presented a report on the planning project.  After much discussion, the members asked that staff should refer to the Plan as the Waterfront Plan instead of the Marina Plan.  No action was taken.


            f.          Dry Storage in the A_E Dock Parking Lot


Cliff Marchetti reported on the need to relocate this storage area in order to pave the parking lot.  He recommended that it shift to the east to the adjacent parking lot near Spinnaker Way.  He discussed whether this move should be permanent or temporary.  After discussion, the Commission asked that this item be considered again at a future meeting. No action was taken.


            g.         Status Report on 225 University Avenue


Staff reported that the City had hired Norheim and Yost to find a tenant for the property.  The Chair accepted the staff report. No action was taken.





Commissioner SMITH left the meeting at 10:30 PM and the meeting automatically adjourned for lack of a quorum.