Regular Meeting of the Waterfront Commission

December 9, 1998

Hs Lordship's Restaurant

Berkeley Marina


1.         CALL TO ORDER


Chair WASSON called the meeting to order at 7:08 PM and called the roll:


COMMISSIONERS PRESENT:            FELIX, KAWCZYNSKA, SMITH, THOMAS, Chair                                                   WASSON, WINDHAM, Vice-Chair WOLGAST, &                                                             WOZNIAK.




STAFF PRESENT:                                    Brad Gross, Cliff Marchetti & Ed Murphy with the Parks and Waterfront Dept.; Heather McMillan & Rochelle Wheeler with the Planning Dept.


2.            PUBLIC COMMENT


Mark Liolios distributed brochures describing the Partners for Parks organization. 


3.            CONSENT CALENDAR


a.            Approval of Agenda


Commissioner KAWCZYNSKA asked to move Information Item 6.e to an Action Item.  Commissioner FELIX moved to accept the agenda with this change.  Commissioner WOZNIAK seconded the motion and it was approved by a vote of 8-0-0, with one vacancy.


b.            Approval of Minutes of November 18, 1998 meeting


Commissioner WOZNIAK noted a typo error on page 3, item 5.c and asked that the word "of" after the word "review" in the 1st sentence of the 2nd paragraph be deleted.  With this correction, Commissioner WINDHAM moved approval of the minutes.  Commissioner FELIX seconded the motion, which was approved with a vote of 8-0-0, with one vacancy.




Chair Wasson announced her resignation because she moved her residence outside of Berkeley.  In addition, the Chair asked for the following items to be placed on the agenda for the next Commission meeting:          


a) Dog Park in Cesar Chavez Park

b) Aquatic Park Leases                        

c) Report from Public Works on Cesar Chavez Park


d) Hornblower Restaurant


e) Restricting Hours of Access to Berkeley Pier and Seawall Drive


5.            ACTION REPORTS


a.            Proposed Bicycle Plan


Rochelle Wheeler presented a written report on a proposed bicycle plan for the City.  Commissioners discussed the plan as it affects the Marina.  After discussion, Commissioner SMITH made a motion recommending that Council adopt the conceptual recommendations included in the proposed Bicycle Plan dated 11/11/98 as it applies to the Marina and Aquatic Park, provided that the type and final alignments of bikeways within the Marina and Aquatic Park will be determined through the planning process for each area.  Commissioner FELIX seconded the motion and it was adopted with the following vote: 8-0-0, with one vacancy.    


b.            Living Wall Plan for East Side of I-80 Freeway


Heather McMillan with the Planning Dept. presented information on the proposed Living Wall which is designed to buffer noise from the adjacent I-80 Freeway.  She said the three proposed view opportunities planned for the Wall had to be dropped because of the restricted space.  Ms. McMillan also said that CALTRANS has advised that the cost may increase from the $2.9 million (which has been funded) to perhaps $4.5 million, subject to further review.  The Wall will extend approximately from the north end of the main lagoon to its southern end.  The design of the Wall further to the south depends on the design of the Ashby Street interchange.  After discussion, Commissioner KAWCZYNSKA made a motion to recommend approval of deleting the proposed view gaps and berm areas.  Commissioner THOMAS seconded the motion and it was adopted with the following vote: 7-0-1, with one vacancy.  Commissioner SMITH abstained because he stated that, in his opinion, it would be a terrible mistake to build the Wall. 




a.             Marina Attendants Report


Harbor Master Brad Gross presented a verbal and written report which explained in detail the roles and duties of the Marina attendants.  The Commission thanked Mr. Gross for the thorough report and also extended its thanks to the attendants.  


b.            Waterfront Master Plan & Project Status Report


The Commissioners who attended the public workshop on November 21st summarized the concepts discussed and said it was a very good session.  Cliff Marchetti said another workshop is planned in February, 1999.


c.            Aquatic Park Plan and Report on Bay Trail        


Heather McMillan and Cliff Marchetti discussed the progress of the design of the proposed Bay Trail to be built on the west side of the I-80 Freeway from University Avenue to the Berkeley/Emeryville line.  They stated that maintenance of this trail is a major issue that remains to be resolved.  Ownership of the Trail is contingent on a maintenance agreement.


d.            Relocation of Hornblower’s Kitchen


Staff distributed a letter from Hornblower dated 12/4/98 and introduced Craig McCabe with the Hornblower Corp. who stated that the company was very anxious and willing to move its facility from the boat yard.  After discussion, Commissioner SMITH moved that staff provide a report at the Commission's next meeting on January 13, 1999 on the feasibility of Hornblower using the City's building at 225 University Avenue, compared to Hornblower using two trailers located next to the Radisson Hotel.  Commissioner WOLGAST seconded the motion, which was adopted with the following vote: 8-0-0, with one vacancy.   Chair WASSON asked Commissioner WOLGAST to participate with staff in the effort.


e.            Personal Water Craft Use Along the Berkeley Waterfront

(Commissioner Report)


Commissioner KAWCZYNSKA presented a written report on harm to water quality from personal water craft (jet skis).  After discussion, Commissioner SMITH moved that this issue be referred to staff for a report back to the Commission within 90 days.  Commissioner KAWCZYNSKA seconded the motion, which was adopted with the following vote: 8-0-0, with one vacancy.  The Chair appointed Commissioner KAWCZYNSKA to participate with staff in preparing this report.


f.            Report on Marina Budget


Cliff Marchetti distributed a report on the proposed process for adopting the City's Bi-Annual Budget for FY 1999-2000 & FY 2000-2001.  After discussion, the Commission accepted the report and stated it would like to be involved in the process of incorporating the Marina budget with the City's overall budget.


g.            Report from the Public Works Dept. on Cesar Chavez Park


No staff were available from the Public Works Dept.  Continued to a future meeting.


h.            Accessible Restrooms


Cliff Marchetti stated that he has been informed by the State Dept. of Boating and Waterways and was told that grant funds are available for new restrooms.  He said that he would make an application for such funds, which could be available in FY 2000.


i.            Status of Lessee Audits


Staff noted that the City has recently an audit of Hs Lordships and would ask the Finance Dept. to schedule audits for the remaining major lessees.


j.            Report on Off-Leash Dog Area at Cesar Chavez Park


Cliff Marchetti stated that he has been monitoring the area with representatives from CESP and Friends of Cesar Chavez Park.  He estimated that the dog park could be open in February.


k.            Report on I-80 Overcrossing


Cliff Marchetti stated that the Council approved a preliminary design and design work is now underway. 


l.            Aquatic Park Leases


Ed Murphy stated that leases with the Waterski Club and the Rowing Club will be presented at the next Commission meeting.  In addition, an Request for Proposals will soon be distributed for occupancy of the property at 80 Bolivar Drive (old Seabird Sailing).


7.            OTHER REPORTS


a.            Report on Past Commission Actions - no discussion.                 


b.            Occupancy Report on Berths - no discussion.


8.            ADJOURNMENT


Commissioner FELIX made a motion to adjourn. It was seconded by Commissioner KAWCZYNSKA and approved by a vote of 8-0-0, with one vacancy.  The meeting adjourned at 10:00 PM.