Regular Meeting of the Waterfront Commission

May 12,1999

Hs Lordship’s Restaurant

Berkeley Marina




Chair Wolgast called the meeting to order at 7:10 p.m.


1.         ROLL CALL


COMMISSIONERS PRESENT:            Kamen, Smith, Wozniak

Windham, Thomas, Wolgast,


COMMISSIONERS ABSENT:            Cobb, Kawczynska (and one vacancy)




Chairman Wolgast spoke about the City Council’s May 11 decision directing staff not to include large-scale commercial developments or additional hotels in the Master Plan.


3.            PUBLIC COMMENT


Ms. Robin Testa and Ms. Jean Parker spoke in opposition to the proposed slip fee increases.  Ms. Parker said that the berthers had not received adequate notice of the proposal.  Ms. Testa asked for an explanation of the Marina budget.  Staff agreed to send her the requested information.


Mr. Willie Phillips of the West Berkeley Neighborhood Development Corporation requested that his organization’s presentation of a Saturday market at the Marina’s former ferry dock be removed from the agenda and postponed until the June Commission meeting.


Mr. Robert Buechler requested that the Commission relocate a charter-fishing vessel docked next to his vessel on K dock.  He complained that the noise and crowds that gathered in the morning disturbed him.  Commissioner Smith explained that the Commission meetings did not deal with operational issues.  Harbor Master Brad Gross agreed to meet with Mr. Buechler and discuss options with him at the Marina offices.


Ed Murphy, Marina Property Manager, read a letter from David Tallichet, Jr., President of Specialty Restaurants Corporation, in which Mr. Tallichet details “phase one” of Hs Lordships remodeling and expansion.  The cost was estimated at $390,000.  Mr. Tallichet’s letter stated his hope that the Commission would negotiate a lease extension amendment to his lease conditioned upon completion of the remaining phases two through four.


4.            Proposal to lease 80 Bolivar Drive Property


Molly Magnolo, coach of the Berkeley High School’s women’s crew team, spoke in support of a compromise arrangement with the Tinker’s Workshop whereby the two groups would share the building in Aquatic Park at 80 Bolivar Drive.  She also explained that it was possible the crew team could use an electric chase boat for coaching so as not to disturb nesting birds.  Mr. Nick Bertoni of the Tinkers Workshop also spoke in support of sharing the building.  He described the programs he offered currently and those he planned to offer if he leases space at 80 Bolivar.


5.            Proposed Berth Fee Increases


Commissioners Kamen and Wolgast recused themselves because they rent berths at the Marina.  Due to two absences the Commission failed to maintain a quorum.  The meeting was adjourned briefly and the remaining commissioners and staff answered the public’s questions informally.


6.            Water-ski Club water use License Application


Ed Murphy presented the Water-ski Club’s Application for a license to use the lagoon at Aquatic Park.  Brad Smith moved to recommend that the City Council approve the application.  Paul Kamen seconded the motion, which passed 6-0-0-2 with one vacancy. 


7.            Revision to the Fee for a Special Event Permit


Ed Murphy presented a revision to the fee schedule for special event permits for Aquatic Park Lake.  He explained that the schedule approved by the Commission at it April 14th meeting would in principle allow a group to reserve the lake for the minimum of $25.00 a day if the group did not gross more than $1,000.  He recommended that the special event permit should apply only to tenants who lease property in Aquatic Park because their lease payments otherwise provide equitable compensation to the City.  All other groups would be required to obtain a day use permit to reserve the lake and pay an hourly rate.  Commissioner Smith moved to accept the recommendation.  Commissioner Wozniak seconded the nomination, which passed 6-0-0-2 with one vacancy.


8.            Update on Aquatic Park (clean –up issues)


The Commission deferred discussion of this issue until the next meeting in order to allow Commissioner Kawczynska to participate since she had asked that the topic be placed on the agenda.


9.               Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p.m.