The full-size fennel hut that recently appeared in the interior of the Albany Bulb.

If the Eastshore State Park plan treats the Albany waterfront in accordance with the 1995 Albany Waterfront Plan, then the experience of encountering an unauthorized work of conceptual art such as this will become a thing of the past. The Albany Bulb, Neck and Beach will be lost for off-leash dog running, and there will be no chance of vehicular access to the east side of the bulb to support windsurfer water access.

The Albany Waterfront plan was completed years before most of the homeless residents were evicted from the Bulb in August of 1999. In the last three years, use of the Bulb by the public has steadily increased, resulting in dramatically altered use patterns on the Albany waterfront.

A strong case can be made that the 1995 Albany Waterfront Plan no longer represents the public consensus for this section of the Eastshore State Park.

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