"She's only doing her job."

A park ranger from the East Bay Regional Park District prepares to plant another sign along the road out to the Albany Bulb in an attempt to begin leash law enforcement for this section of the Eastshore State Park.

Although managed by East Bay Regional, which has fairly liberal dog policies, pressure from CESP and the Sierra Club has resulted in early implementation of the more restrictive State Park rules.

Life expectancy of these signs has proven to be extremely short. State Parks. EBRPD and CESP all appear to be headed for a large-scale public relations faux pas as they continue to allocate vary scarce park operating resources to this unpopular and ineffective policy.

Signs and spotty enforcement will serve no-one: Beach users who want to be isolated from dogs will not be accommodated, wildlife will not be protected in the locations where protection is necessary, and dog owners will not be free from the threat of capricious and unpredictable citations. A lot of time, money and energy will be wasted.

Albany Let it Be is the grass-roots advocacy group attempting to get this policy reversed in the not-yet-developed Eastshore State Park detailed site plan for the Albany Bulb and Beach, and preserve the last small stretch of legal dog-friendly beach on the entire East Bay shoreline.

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