Photo of the Week Index



Sailing and Small Craft


01-11-19       CSC winter sailing

02-03-18       CSC, busy dock

02-04-15       Krusty at CSC

02-06-17       CSC women's clinic

03-02-10       Lugger in Marina entrance

03-03-10       Cal Sailing Club keelboat

03-04-21       Ashby Shoal breakfast

03-05-19       Sakonnet 23 evening sail

03-07-14       Fast dinghy sailing in the South Sailing Basin

03-08-25       Allan Maris sailing in Berkeley Marina

04-02-16       Dinghies for disabled sailors

04-03-29       Docking practice at Cal Sailing Club

04-05-10       Ashby Shoal breakfast

04-10-04       Pelican class sailboat in Marina channel

05-04-04       Rigging a Lido 14 at the Cal Sailing Club

05-05-30       Ashby Shoal breakfast

05-09-12       Open House at Cal Sailing Club

05-11-21       JY-15 race at Cal Sailing Club

06-05-01       Ashby Shoal breakfast

06-08-14       Open House at Cal Sailing Club

06-12-11       Sailing dingy stranded by low tide in South Sailing Basin

07-01-08       Light air sailing lesson at Cal Sailing Club


Planning and Politics


01-09-24       ESP planning workshop

02-11-25       Tom Bates in CSC Ensign

02-12-09       State Parks Commission meeting

03-02-03       Magna workshop facilitator's sketch

04-03-01       1910 waterfront proposal

05-01-31       Mayor Beverly Johnson of Alameda in kayak

05-02-21       State Parks plan for the Brickyard

05-06-20       The 1953 "Fried Egg Plan"

05-10-03       Angel Island airport plan

05-10-24       Caruso plan for Golden Gate Fields

06-01-30       Water Trail Steering Committee


Birds and other wildlife


01-09-10       Great egret on boat docks

01-11-12       Great egret at creek outflow

01-12-24       SSB, ducks

02-02-18       Great blue heron

02-04-22       Northern Harrier in flight

02-06-24       Black Oystercatchers

03-01-06       Bufflehead in Marina

03-02-17       Feral Cat behind race track

03-05-05       Harbor seal with fish

03-05-12       Raft of cormorants in Marina channel

03-05-26       Egrets under Cal Sailing Club gangway

03-06-23       Surf scoter counts

04-01-12       Black Oystercatcher demonstrates mussel opening

04-02-02       American Avocets

04-04-05       Marbled godwits

04-12-13       Dense flock of sandpipers

05-01-17       Brown pelican at Brooks Island

05-03-21       Great Northern Diver in marina

05-04-18       Immature black-crowned night heron in marina

05-06-27       Dolphin by Laura Watt

05-12-05       Surf Scoter at entrance to South Sailing Basin

06-02-13       Great blue heron

06-08-21       Cormorants on the breakwater

06-09-04       Harbor seal in marina

06-10-02       Brown pelican


Dragon Boats and Outriggers


01-12-17       Dragons, Council meeting

02-02-04       Marina east-west axis

02-07-08       Dragon boat, on launch ramp

02-09-09       Berkeley Dragons boat and crew portrait

02-12-23       Dragon boat along NSB

03-01-20       Dragon boat, approaching Bulb lagoon

03-04-28       Outriggers on Shorebird Beach

03-06-16       Dragon boat practice

04-01-05       Dragon boat in outrigger and kayak race

04-04-26       Cal Dragons dragon boat team

04-08-09       Maxine paddling dragon boat

05-04-25       Father-daughter in 2-person outrigger

05-05-09       Outriggers on Shorebird Beach

05-08-29       Treasure Island dragon boat festival

05-10-10       Dragon boat approaching Red Oak Victory for breakfast

06-09-25       Treasure Island dragon boat festival

06-12-04       Dragon boat on Albany Beach

07-01-01       Dragon boat practice


On-Shore Recreation


01-06-11       Cooling off on park bench

01-07-16       BMX biker

01-11-05       Wetlands boardwalk, Martinez

02-03-11       Wheelchair and gulls

02-11-18       Hang gliding at CCP

03-01-27       Adventure playground tire swing

03-04-07       Kites over Cesar Chavez Park

03-06-30       Swimmer off Shorebird Beach

03-09-22       Swimming at Ashby Beach

03-11-10       Hang gliding in Cesar Chavez Park

04-08-30       Boat down slide at Adventure Playground

04-09-06       Beach scene at Shorebird Park

05-08-08       Percussion and dance troupe Sambasia at Shorebird Beach

06-12-25       Santa arrives for the Berkeley Yacht Club holiday party


Big Boat Sailing


01-08-13       Ranger 33, BYC starting line

02-05-27       Trial Run on BYC starting line

02-07-29       City Lights, BYC finish line

02-10-21       BYC spinnakers

03-01-13       BYC crowded starting line

03-06-09       "Jeanette" at start of Friday night race

03-12-01       "Starkite" in BYC Woman Skipper Race

04-03-15       BYC Chowder Race light air start

04-09-13       Large powerboat at BYC

04-10-18       OCSC fleet in berths

04-11-08       BYC Chowder race start

04-12-20       Crush at leeward mark in BYC Midwinter race

05-03-07       Twilight Zone on the cover of Latitude 38

05-03-28       Frers 40 "Jeanette" sailing into the marina

05-09-26       Cal 40 surfing to finish line off Diamond Head

05-11-28       BYC Chowder Race start

06-01-09       Kite view of entrance channel and Berkeley Yacht Club

06-01-16       Santana 22 careened on ramp for bottom cleaning

06-05-22       Catalina 27 "Latin Lass" approaching the finish line

06-10-16       Kayak as race committee boat

06-11-27       BYC Chowder Race, no wind at mark

06-12-18       C&C 36 "Shenanigan" at the start of a BYC Chowder Race


Infrastructure and Land Use Issues


01-06-04       I-80 overcrossing graphic

01-08-06       Motor homes along frontage

01-08-27       I-80 overcrossing under construction

01-10-01       Trashed and tagged in Albany

02-01-21       CSC, 1974 construction

02-05-20       Marina bathroom model

02-08-19       Straw bale building under construction

02-09-16       Brickyard moonscape

02-12-30       Lordships roof leaks

03-02-24       Marina Blvd.

03-04-14       Solar Calendar model

03-06-02       Open water inside docks A-E

03-09-15       Aquatic Park boathouse facilities

03-12-15       Model of new Cal Sailing Club clubhouse

04-02-23       Tipped-up outboards

04-05-03       Temporary earth berm along North Basin Strip

04-05-17       Berkeley Pier after deck removal

04-08-16       Plan for rebuilding docks A-E

04-08-23       Work begins on Meadow restoration

04-10-11       Meadow after grading

05-01-03       Area W dry storage after relocation

05-01-10       Meadow with new ponds full of water

05-02-28       Saltwater fire-fighting system

05-05-16       Non-navigable boat towed out of marina

05-08-22       Houseboat reconstruction

05-12-12       Final configuration for the rebuild of F-dock and G-dock

05-12-19       Houseboat sinks and damages docks during winter storm

05-12-26       Swamped boat on inside tie of G-dock after heavy rain

06-07-31       Repairs to the middle gangway in the South Sailing Basin




01-06-18       Albany beach, wet toes

01-07-02       Albany lagoon, photo contest

01-07-30       Mouth of Codornices Creek

01-09-03       NSB, SW corner looking N

01-10-22       Plateau

01-11-26       Brickyard cove, low tide

01-12-10       NBS, view from 30 ft. up

01-12-31       NSB, SW corner, storm surge

02-01-07       Meadow, seasonal pond

02-02-11       NBS shoreline, low tide

02-02-25       1883 chart

02-03-25       NSB, SW corner

02-12-02       Albany Beach South

02-12-16       SSB at low tide, night

03-08-18       Foot of Gilman Street

03-10-06       1939 aerial photo with modern overlay

03-12-22       High tide on North Basin Strip

04-02-09       Fleming Point over kayak bow

04-07-05       Child at water's edge, Shorebird Park

05-05-23       Eelgrass remediation project in North Basin

05-06-06       Blackberries on the Albany Bulb

06-01-23       Albany Falls

06-02-06       Northwest corner of Cesar Chavez Park

06-08-28       Bay Trail bridge over the Point Isabel canal

06-09-11       Message in a bottle

06-11-20       Lower Strawberry Creek at low tide


Fishing and Charter Boats


02-05-13       Fishing fleet

02-09-23       Hornblower houseboat

02-11-04       Ge Ge and Seabreeze co-owner

03-08-04       Fishing off Lordships Point

03-10-27       Cordell Explorer

04-01-19       "Endurance" at night

05-07-11       Kids showing off fish on K-dock

05-07-25       Live bait tanks on K-dock

06-09-18       Fish boat saving money on fuel

06-11-06       Shark caught at marina entrance




02-09-30       Dog Park, straw bale boundary

02-10-28       Dog in waves at Albany beach

03-03-31       Dogs socialize at Pt. Isabel

04-03-08       Kids and dogs sharing Albany Beach

04-05-24       Leash law signs being installed

04-11-01       Off-leash hiking on Albany Bulb

05-03-14       Dog walker in Cesar Chavez Park

05-11-14       Off-leash exercise on Albany Beach




02-01-28       Albany bulb, foam contemplation

02-05-06       Fennel hut on Albany Bulb

02-07-01       Solar Calendar

02-08-26       Mad Mark's castle, Albany Bulb

02-10-14       Do Not Climb sculpture

03-03-03       "The Guardian" Chinese dog warrior

04-01-26       Path on Albany Bulb

04-06-14       Erotic art on Albany Bulb

04-12-06       Brower memorial as designed

05-09-05       Eastshore State Park entry art

05-10-31       Alternate location for the Brower memorial

06-02-27       Driftwood sculpture on Albany Bulb

06-05-29       The Tempest performed on the Albany Bulb

06-11-13       Bay Trail art




01-08-20       Windsurfer over rocks at Pt. Isabel

01-10-08       Tidal steps, Richmond

01-12-03       Windsurfer, winter storm

02-04-29       Windsurfer portage at BYC

02-10-07       Windsurfers launching at Hs. Lordships

03-08-11       Windsurfer getting air

03-12-08       Windsurfer with no wind and no water

03-12-29       High speed windsurfing in South Sailing Basin

04-06-07       Windsurfers in South Sailing Basin

04-07-19       Kitesurfing off Albany Beach

04-09-27       Windsurfers diving off CSC dock

05-04-11       Windsurfer getting air




03-03-24       Kayak Fishing, Marina channel

03-09-01       Kayaks in channel off BYC guest dock

03-09-29       Kayak polo practice

03-10-13       Kayaks on the 2003 Water Trail sojourn

03-10-20       Kayak fishing north of Albany Bulb

04-03-22       Kayak with sun on water

05-02-14       Sailing Kayak, north Berkeley waterfront

05-07-18       Cal Adventures kayak class


Pier and Sunsets


02-01-14       Pier, winter sunset

02-09-02       Pier, bright sun backlight

03-11-03       Mid-span sunset

04-11-22       Couple on bench in Chavez Park watching sunset

04-11-29       End of pier on calm day

05-01-24       Rainbow over Marina

05-11-07       Green flash

06-02-20       Inferior mirage at sunset




02-08-12       Ferry, future photo

04-09-20       Ferry demo ride loading at old ferry pier

04-11-15       Passenger deck of the 1898 ferry Berkeley

05-08-15       Potential site for ferry terminal behind Doubletree Hotel

05-09-19       Aerial view of marina showing possible ferry terminal


Public Service


01-06-25       Kayak class at Cal Adventures

01-07-09       BYA kids in CSC Ensign

02-04-02       Berkeley Boosters on BYC boat

02-08-05       BYA, four kids on CSC boat

04-04-12       Shorebird Nature Center class on BYC guest dock

04-04-19       Bay Festival, BRCC dragon boat and CSC sailboat rides

04-07-12       BYA kids on Cal Sailing Club keelboat

04-10-25       51 ft ketch Pegasus under sail

05-02-07       EBAYC dragon boat team on first practice

05-05-02       King Middle School students in BYC sailing program

05-07-04       Free dragon boat rides during July 4 festival

06-05-15       Berkeley Tech students in a BRCC dragon boat

06-07-10       Free dragon boat rides during July 4 festival

06-08-07       Canoes from the Shorebird Nature Center


Events and Milestones


01-09-17       Beach cleanup day

02-03-04       Shirley Dean, I-80 overcrossing

02-04-08       Police cars on U. Ave.

02-06-10       Fire at Fleming Point

03-07-07       The last run of the 51M

03-07-21       Tom Bates, Bay Trail ribbon cutting

03-09-06       Survey work for dock replacement

03-11-17       Dedicating KRE building to Cal. Radio Historical Society

04-06-21       Straw Bale Building ribbon cutting

04-08-02       Kite Festival 2004

05-06-13       New bathrooms for docks A-E under construction

05-08-01       Volunteer with nail gun finishing new CSC clubhouse

05-10-17       Water Trail bill passes, as reported by San Jose Mercury News

06-07-17       New bathrooms for docks A-E completed

06-10-09       Ribbon cutting for the Eastshore State Park

06-10-30       Sea Scout Ship "Farallon"




01-10-15       Marine Center, Kings Cruiser

01-10-29       Pumpkin patch, down slide

02-06-03       Seabreeze, carrot juicer

04-07-26       Picket line at the Cavalia horse show

04-12-27       Albany Target as seen from North Sailing Basin

06-03-17       Salmon troller "Miss Annie" at Berkeley Marine Center

06-06-05       Beneteau 57 "Vanessa" at Berkeley Marine Center

06-07-24       Hana Japan Steak House opens

06-10-23       New boatbuilding activity at the Berkeley Marine Center


April 1


02-04-01       Disney's California Adventure

03-04-01       Cruise ship in North Sailing Basin