A Broad Brush: The Sierria Club's Policy on Waterfront Development

Toni Loveland is Chair of the Northern Alameda County Group of the San Francisco Bay Chapter of the Sierra Club.

Toni's letter of March 29, 1999 is addressed to the Mayor and City Council Members, and carbon copied to the Berkeley Waterfront Commission, the Parks and Recreation Commission, the Director of the Parks and Waterfront Department, the Planning Commission, and the City Manager.

She has asked that it not be posted on this web site.

The letter essentially opposes commercial development on the grounds that it increases traffic and pollution, is inappropriate in an area poorly served by public transportation, and that open space and park expansion should take precedence over economic viability.

The letter specifically cites additional hotel and restaurant development as inappropriate, along with a proposed private equestrian center. A ferry terminal is proposed as an alternative, although no economic comparison is suggested.

Toni has indicated that a more detailed document is forthcoming. Meanwhile, here is my response to her letter:

Letter from Toni Loveland

My response to Toni Loveland's letter