Waiting List Policy: Should a berth assignment transfer with the sale of a boat, or should the new owner apply for a berth and start at the end of the waiting list?

Advantages of various options:

Option 1: current policy - berth cannot be transferred with sale of the boat

Option 2: old policy - berth can be transferred with sale of boat

Option 3: Berths are transferable with change of boat ownership on payment of a transfer Fee

Transfer of Live-Aboard Status

The transfer of live-aboard status from the boat seller to the boat buyer is a separate issue, and there is probably consensus that this is not a good idea. Although, it's not unusual to see ads that list "live-aboard berth" as a major selling point, and this part of a boat's value would be lost.

There's a perceived problem with derelict or non-navigable boats being used as low cost housing. The new marina ordinance addresses this issue with clear navigability requirements for legal live-aboards. The proposed key card system, along with other measures, will make it much easier for staff to take action against illegal live-aboards.

Creating a waiting list rollover for each boat sale is not likely to be an effective way to address this particular problem. Some ownership transfers (or "sublets") will simply not be reported to the marina. Other transfers, especially in larger sizes, might find a vacancy on the waiting list anyway. "Problem" live-aboards should be dealt with directly.