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Date: Fri, 24 Dec 1999 22:35:45 -0500

Subject: Islam and Gays

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Assalumu Alaikum,

Until I encountered your web site, I was not even aware of the fact that there exists gay Muslims. I am a Muslim, and I read your confession letter. I am sympathetic towards your situation and I would not reject you or your Islam if I saw you. Please allow me to present to you my humble interpretations, ideas which you may or may not have previously contemplated. Actually, they're not really my ideas, but I agree with them. First off, the following Quranic verse clearly implies that men should not have sexual relations with other men.

Lot said to his people, "How could you commit such an abomination, publicly, while you see? "You practice sex with the men, lustfully, instead of the women. Indeed, you are ignorant people." [27:54 - 27:55]

Now, this verse (or any other, to my knowledge) DOES NOT say that it is a sin to actually BE gay. It implies that practicing sex with men is wrong however. The logical choice for a gay Muslim should be to ABSTAIN from sexual relations with someone of the same gender according to this verse. The Quran speaks for itself and as long as you practice abstinence then there can't be any sin on you if you truly believe that it is God who made you the way you are. Keep in mind that being a Muslim means being able to constantly practice self-restraint in matters decreed by God to be unlawful, whether it involves certain acts of sex, types of food, societal actions, etc. A Muslim MUST abstain from alcohol, though he might desire it. He MUST abstain from premarital sex, though he might desire it. Similarly with pork, gambling, interest, impatience, laziness, etc.

In the end, it is really the effort that one puts into it that matters, and God knows best.

As far as the notion that Prophet Muhammad said gays should be killed, I must dismiss this notion because it does not appear in the Holy Quran. There are a group of Muslims, me included, who regard the Hadith as satanic innovation and largely lies that have been attributed to the Prophet and have nothing to do with Islam. There are many signs and Quranic verses that support this notion, and none that reject it. If you're interested at all, you can visit "".


From: "Kalambay Mukendi" <>
Organization: Fac Admin - Univ Ottawa
Date: Thu, 23 Dec 1999 05:21:51 -0500
Subject: The real Jihad

Bismilla ar Rohmon ar Raheem_If you practise the 5 pillars and 6 articles of faith then assalam alaikum, Ramadan Mubarak. If you believe in Mohammed Ibn Abdulla (sws) as the slave and Messenger of Allah lord of the worlds, and that the Qu'ran is Allah's words then you know you must obey Allah's commands. Allah has ordered us to obey Mohammed(sws) in his Qu'ran. The Prophet when asked what to do with men who have sex with each other, replied that they should be thrown off the edge of a cliff, there are many other proofs against this abomination in the Qu'ran and its tafseer Please refer yourself to the Interpretation of the Meaning of the Noble Qu'ran by Dr. Muhsin Khan available at the Saudi Embassy for free. We cannot just twist the Ayaats of Allah to suit our desires we have to refer to the interpretions of the Salaf and the scholars who follow them. Whatever you choose to call it what you are doing is a sin and this is one of the sins that shakes the throne of Allah.(check this out too). You as a muslim should hide your own sins and not try to innovate in the deen of Islam, that which is not from this religion, IF YOU ARE MAKING A BIDAH AND THIS IS WORST THAN THE MAJOR SINS, like adultery, drinking ect. YOUR INNOVATING IN THIS RELIGION WILL PUT YOU FARTHER INTO HELL THEN HAVING SEX WITH YOUR MOTHER & FATHER AND ALL YOUR GAY FRIENDS. Every Bidah is astray &every strays is in the hellfire, Hide your sins brother fear a day when you will meet Allah certainly you will be asked about your sins and ONE OF THE GREATEST IS NEWLY INVENTED MATTERS IN THIS DEEN. Taquawla & may Allah guide me and you. Anything good I wrote is from Allah & anything wrong is from myself. Hide your sins and take this page of the Net before you get it hacked by the true Mujahideen..............Allahu Akbar. -- Kalambay Mukendi

From: "Matt Mohabbat" <>
Subject: Repent
Date: Wed, 22 Dec 1999 21:34:47 -0800

I am giving you a chance to steer back to the path of Islam, and stop disgracing your god and Iman, while you still have a chance. The time will come when non-believers and enemies of Islam like yourselves will fall, pray to Allah for forgiveness.

Date: Wed, 22 Dec 1999 14:31:25 -0800
From: Mark Ketter <>
Organization: @HomeNetwork
Subject: Greetings In Peace

Dear Sulayman X

I am not Muslim, so forgive me is some of my terminology is incorrect. I am however gay. After having read your biography and then some of the comments (I could only stomach a few) I thought it only proper to thank you for your courage and wisdom. I myself am Christian and have felt the pains of rejection from a faith tradition that I love dearly. I have also come to the same conclusions as yourself. We are all beloved children of God/Allah and we are all worthy of love and acceptance. I most enjoyed in your biography the discussion and resolution of asking and praying to be changed and that change never coming about. I too did the same thing. I simply cannot and will not believe that when a person asks humbly, with all sincerity that God/Allah do something for them, (that according to the religious leaders of the day, should be the proper request) and when that request is repeatedly dismissed, the only logical conclusion can be that the request is not in accord with the will of God/Allah. I came to that conclusion when in my mid twenties and have never looked back. I have instead found a wonderful and growing fellowship with other like-minded believers within the Christian faith, many of whom are not gay. It is my prayer for you and for all Gay and Lesbian Muslims that you will very soon enjoy that same warmth of fellowship and community that is developing in Christianity in North America and Europe.

May God's Light Shine Upon You We are all children of God

Mark Ketter


Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 21:04:18 -0800 (PST)
From: hijrah salem <>
Subject: concerns...

Aoozoo billah, Aoozoo billah, Aoozoo are all a bunch of sorry and sick individuals who claim to be "muslims". Don't attach this beautiful religion of Islam with your backwards and corrupt ways of thinking and actions that are only going to land you in the HELLFIRE forever. Your a bunch of hypocrites and devils. No matter what you say,what you do, what you've convinced yourselves, what you believe, what you think, no matter WHAT-you will all roast in the Hell fire because you are all SICK. You are all just too depressed and too stupid to accept the truth that Islam, the straight path, the most beautiful religion, doesn't want you and it has no place for evil mental cases like you.SO, you go and associate evil practices with this religion because you have no place in the world. You have no place in the world so you just make up evil assumptions and corrupt everything around you. You've already corrupted your ownselves but NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, that's not enough, you have to go and corrupt other people and try to pollute this beautiful religon with your SICK and DISGUSTING and VULGAR ways. Your only place is in the Fire OF HELL-where YOU WILL BE SOON ENOUGH. ALLah doesn't love you. HE hates you. He said so. No matter how much you think your a Muslim your nothing more than an evil & disgraceful disbeliever and hypocrite. You don't know Islam and soon enough you won't know anything but what being in an eternal fire, drinking blood and pus, having your brain boil, and being bitten by snakes feels like. May ALlah protect all the real believers from evil devils like yourselves.

From: "M Sheikh" <>
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 1999 18:41:39 -0000

right you poofs! You should be (insha-allah) will be taken 2 the highest building and pushed off accourding 2 the sharah but if ever see one u sick poofs batty boys i'll shoot u. u fagerts if cant get woman then yes u have magger problem but i cant see how shagging a man ass is gonna save your own asses.does your father think off your sickness or is he suffering from same problem. hell cis garented 4 u sick Os may the curse of allah be upon u and may allah bring it 2 u soon insha-allah. if u which i doubt u know anythink about islam rembber the people of lout (as) may allah send his wrath upon all of u dogs. YOUR NOT MUSLIMS STOP CLAIMING 2 BE U POOFS! IF U WEAR IN ISLAMIC STATE U NOW WERE U'LL BE AND INSHA-ALLAH WILL BE SOON IN YOUR GRAVES!


From: "Andrew
Date: Sun, 19 Dec 1999 01:59:09 -0000

If you do use this comment, I would greatly appreciate it if you didn't post my email address.

Quite frankly, some of the people who read this page seem frightening. Their twisted minds seem quite capable of doing anything. I just happened to stumble upon your comments page. Some of the comments are shocking but of course not unexpected. I am naturally given the impression that many muslims are homophobic, and believe they can use their faith to justify this. Firstly I don't understand why some of the people are making such a big fuss about it, i.e. they feel its their duty to cut throats etc. Surely if gay people are going against the word of Allah, then he will deal with them himself. Indeed for someone else to do the job without giving Allah a chance to judge himself must be sinners themselves. Why can't people look after their own lives and let Allah do the punishing if he feels it is fitting. I also notice that some of the people who have posted messages may be regarded as foreigners in the country in which they are now living. Surely they must feel that racism is a bad thing, and discrimination against people on the basis of how they were made is bad. Society has no place for such things. As far as I am concerned, homophobia is no different to racism. It is discrimination against people who are different but do no harm to others. It is just prejudice. It is sad that so many muslims seem to feel that intolerance is a good thing. As far as I am concerned it only leads to wars and hate.

Spirituality and religion, I don't feel, do go hand in hand. The latter is normally filled with dogma. This is a human creation. After all, can someone tell me why Allah should care if some people are gay. Are you accusing him of being narrow minded and lacking understanding of the world? He understands much better than any of us do! Of course, he knows everything and thus knows what its like to be gay. After all, he created people that way. Homosexuality is even found amongst animals such as horses. Homophobia is a creation of man, whilse homosexuality is a creation of god. It does anger me that some people in the world are so naive and ignorant. Freedom of speech is a good thing, its just a shame that some people abuse it with their idiotic ideas. This causes friction in society and stops the group functioning. It breeds anger, hate and naturally evil. Allah will deal with these people, I am sure, in his own way.

Date: Sat, 18 Dec 1999 15:41:46 EST
Subject: No Subject

salam i wanted to post my thoughts and feelings when takes his or her shahada it is because one has be moved by the message of the prophet {peace be upon him}and the faith the tenants speak to my soul 1 there is no god but allah 2muhamad is hie messenger 3belief in the angels 4zakat[charity] 5obligitory prayers to be a muslim on submits himself to the will of allah and the will of allah exist in all things nature being the most powerful and if ones nature is to love another surely allalh doesnot turn away despite the rules written by man for man living in a specific time


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Date: Thu, 16 Dec 1999 21:00:25 -0800 (PST)
From: Yitzchak Adam <>
Subject: Queer Jihad--Comments

A-salaam-aleikem, Sulayman X!

I recently became acquainted with an African-American, Muslim, [closeted, but sexually active] homosexual man, and it was in the process of searching for resources for homosexual Muslims for him that I came across your website.

My, my, my, I do declare! Interesting site.

I should tell you that I share some of your experience. I am an African-American man from a South Carolina Baptist family and was fed the party line about homosexuality. When, at 19 years of age and after many years of struggle, I could no longer deny my sexuality, I came frighteningly close to committing suicide. I eventually rejected Christianity--and all religion--but I am today a happy, well-adjusted, homosexual, Jew-by-choice. Like you, I remain intractably and unabashedly unapologetic about who I am. Unlike you, however, I have been fortunate enough to find a spiritual community where, as a gay man, I am welcomed with open arms.

I don't know much about Islam, and though I harbor bizarre views about organized religion (even about my beloved Judaism)--but that's another story--you say that it makes you happy, and that's what matters. In that case, I encourage you to continue the struggle. Please, please, please don't be discouraged by the vile hatred displayed towards you by the hypocrites who, had they not been aware of your sexuality, would claim to love you as their Muslim brother.

Please know that I am thinking my very best thoughts for you and for all gay Muslims.

Be well, Sulayman X.

Yours in salaam/shalom...

...Yitzchak Adam


Subject: My opinion
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 1999 13:58:07 -0800

Dear Sulayman X,

I am also non-arab(white)and I'm lesbian.I became interested in Islam and Arabs because I have a straight(married)female friend at my job who is from Jordan.She is very nice and accepts me for who I am(I told her).I realized how I had been misled by grade school teachers about Arab people,and that I was prejudiced to believe certain things...

On the subject of homosexuality and Islam,let me say this:EVERY religion that I know of condems homosexuality,so what difference does it really make which one we choose to be rejected by?The point,rather,is for each gay man and lesbian to figure out for themselves which doctrines they want to follow.I gave up on Christianity because too much of it is based on fables(or so it appears),and because of the immaturity of those who preach and follow it.So I hope that Islam can offer a more intelligent way for me.In closing,I bid you"Ramadan kareem"(hope I spelled it right!).

Sincerely,Dolores Fitzhugh, Denver,CO


Date: Mon, 13 Dec 1999 15:40:18 EST
Subject: (no subject)

well your using quran out of contexts 1st of all

and change your name from sulayman to some thing eals becuse sulayman was a prophet and your a faget


From: "Haroon Khan" <>
Organization: University Of East London
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 1999 11:08:41 GMT0BST
Subject: logic

islam prohibits the free mixing of men and women..correct? the reason for this as i am sure u r aware is to prevent fornication. therefore logic tells us that there is absolutely no way that homosexuality could be permissable in islam as this would mean that u can mix with nobody but your mahram and your partners in marriage! tell me something ...when u go to mosque do u pray in the sisters section? one last thing...u disgust me.


From: "Bint"
Subject: Lowering of the gaze..please post my message in comments :)
Date: Sun, 12 Dec 1999 12:32:35 PST

"I see, one more Muslim who doesn't know the difference between homosexuality and sexual activity." Sulayman X

Asalamu alaikum,

You seem to emphasise homosexuality and homosexual activity Doesnt

Islam teach us to lower our gaze? Men must be separated from women in all places including and especially in the mosque, to reduce sexual attraction; that is also one of the purposes of the hijab. The only time men are to look at the women is in the time they are looking for a spouse, and even then he must only look at the face. We all know of the hadith that says the most successful of you is not the one that looks for a women by her wealth, or her beauty, it is the one who judges her by the faith of her deen. Now I am wondering, since you have a sexual attraction to the same sex, when in the mosque do you have to sit with the women or are you allowed to sit with the men. And how in Gods name are the gay mosques (what an oxymoron) situated? Does everyone have their own separate stall??? ? ~~~~May Allah (SWT) guide us all unto the straight path. Ameen~~~~ Asalamu Alaikum, Bint-al-Shaikha

PS. Please to not post my e-mail address in the postingJizakallah khair inshaallah


From: "Madkour"
To: <>
Date: Sun, 12 Dec 1999 18:10:36 +0300

i don't even know if i should say ''assalamu alaikum'' because obviously you appear not to be practising islam - wa Allahu alam... homosexuality is forbidden in islam.. you quote from the quran on your web-site, but have you conveniently forgotten prophet lut? his people were homosexuals, and as punishment, they were destroyed... you are giving islam a bad name by doing what you're doing...


Date: Sat, 11 Dec 1999 18:01:45 EST
Subject: (no subject)

 this is horrifyingly disgusting and misrepresentation of the "muslim" society..those who are gay or lesbians are not muslims.and your homepage is an insult to muslims..!!!!!!!


From: "Mahmoud Abdelkader" <>  To: <>
Subject: website info
Date: Sat, 11 Dec 1999 14:30:18 -0500

you're a fag, you have no dignity, you have approximately 3 weeks to take down this site before I hack it. Let Allah read this, but there are no such things as queer or gay muslims.


From: "Jamal warsame" <>
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1999 22:57:56 -0800

My Muslim brother:

I have stumbled on your website while searching for some other information on Islam. I was shocked to find a gay Muslim site. When I read your story tears came to my eyes. You are a very eloquent, intelligent person and I admire your relationship with Allah. I as a Muslim Female who was born into this beautiful religion could not have describe it better. You seem to understand the religion much more than many other Muslims, who no doubt will judge you for your sexuality. I will not judge you my brother. I did not study the religion as much as you have and I admire you for that. I accept people no matter what their beliefs are.

Your story moved me and inspired me to study our religion more. I think you should continue your journey and the truth will present itself because Allah is great and he will protect you and show you the right path.

You can email me at

Aslamu Alykum


Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1999 16:35:51 EST
Subject: issues

Assalamu Alaikum,

I stumbled onto your website quite by accident. I am a Muslim woman, by birth, and I have to say I was apalled to find this on the 'net. But I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Your story is very touching, your sincerity comes through. Let me say I disagree with many of your points but I am entitled to my opinion as you are to yours. Here is my take on the issue of homosexuality in Islam, or anywhere:

I believe that we are all tested in some way, and the only way we can pass that test is with patience, perseverence, and continued faith in Allah. Some of us may be compelled to steal, murder, cheat, abuse, etc.. whatever the case may be. It is clear that some things are easy for some to resist and harder for others. But we are each tested individually, and we are each individually responsible for our actions.

I believe homosexuality is another of those tests. It is clear some people feel they have no choice in their sexuality, they can't help being attracted to the same sex. I cannot personally relate because I am not one of those people but I have my own "cross to bear". And this is where Islam comes in. Islam teaches us to control our desires and "inclinations". Islam teaches us self-control, not to be slaves to our whims and weaknesses. In the words of the famous philosopher Kant, "self-mastery" and "steadfastness of mind". The only way you can be your own master is by controlling your desires, no matter how strong they are.

There is no doubt in my mind that homosexuality is wrong... not being a homosexual but acting on it. This is Ramadan, the month of fasting, when one of the benefits is learning self-control. I commend you on choosing to be celibate rather than act on your desires. But you also said that if the right person comes along.. you feel it is not wrong to have a relationship with that person. Please let me caution you, as your sister in Islam, that many times we try to find loopholes to support what we really want to do. And I say want, not need. Islam is very clear on the issue of homosexuality. The Quran, the hadiths, the Sunnah of the Prophet (pbuh) is crystal clear. Pehaps you are choosing to ignore it or disregard it because it is hard for you to accept. But Islam is a divine religion, from Allah, and Allah wants what's best for mankind.

This is your greatest test in this life. May Allah guide you, and may He guide us all in the straight path. Ameen.



Date: Thu, 9 Dec 1999 16:09:03 EST
Subject: two questions about homosexuality

Q 1. I have two questions about homosexuality. What is the adab (Islamic manner) of talking about it amongst Muslims? Is it something we should feel comfortable discussing freely, or is it something we should avoid? Also what is the adab for dealing with homosexuals? Is the sin that grave, that we should disassociate ourselves from them? Or can we remain friends with them?

A 1. Homosexual behavior is sinful and shameful. In Islamic terminology it is called "al-fahsha'" (an atrocious and obscene act). Islam teaches that believers should neither do the obscene acts, nor in any way indulge in their propagation. Allah says, "Those who love (to see) obscenity published broadcast among the Believers will have a grievous Penalty in this life and in the Hereafter: Allah knows, and you know not. (al-Noor 24:19) Normally Muslims avoid such discussions in public discourse, because we know that sometimes evil is spread by its discussion also. When people hear a wrong and sinful act mentioned repeatedly, they get used to it and then slowly it looses its disgusting effect on their minds and souls.

But now a days this evil is every where. There are agencies and lobby groups that are working hard to propagate it and to make it as an acceptable and legitimate lifestyle. For this reason it is important that we should speak against it. We should warn our youth and children about the evil of this lifestyle. We should make it very clear that it is Haram and absolutely forbidden. It kindles the wrath and anger of Allah.

The word "homosexuality" is a neutral word. It does not convey its pejorative and sinful nature. This word is used now a days as if it were just another type of normal sexual behavior. In the Islamic literature, however, it is always referred to with its negative connotations. In modern Arabic literature it is called "Shudhudh" which means "abnormality". In our Fiqh literature it is referred to as the "Behavior of the People of Lut" ('amal qawmi Lut). This immediately reminds a person that this is something bad and it may bring the punishment of Allah. Once our minds get used to this idea then we develop a natural abhorrence towards this behavior. Furthermore when Muslims discuss this or similar Haram acts, they often say, "A'adhana Allah min dhalik" (May Allah protect us from this). This is the Adab that we should use when talk about it. We should call this behavior with its negative title and we should ask Allah's protection from it when we speak about it.

As far your second question about how should we deal with those who are homosexuals? We should deal with them in the same way as we deal with any people who are involved in sinful behavior. How do we deal with the alcoholics, gamblers or adulterers? We dislike their acts and we remind them and warn them. Those who insist on this lifestyle, consider it legitimate and feel "gay pride", we should not associate with them and should not take them as friends. We should certainly avoid those people. If we see a person who has committed this sin and wants to repent then we should help that person as much as we can to get out of this evil. We should not leave him/her to the temptations of Devil.


Date: Thu, 9 Dec 1999 15:37:53 EST
Subject: What does Islam say about homosexuality?

 What does Islam say about homosexuality?

------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --

 (Taken from the book titled 'Common Questions People Ask About Islam' by Shabir Ally.) Yahya Abdul Rahman

 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -- Islam teaches that homosexual acts are sinful and punishable by God. This teaching comes not from human beings, but from the Creator of all humans. God tells us in His own words how He punished the people of Lot for their homosexual behaviour. The story of prophet Lot, on whom be peace, finds mention in several Qur'anic passages, especially Chapter 26:160-175 which reads:

 "The people of Lut rejected the apostles. Behold, their brother Lut said to them: "Will ye not fear (God)? "I am to you an apostle worthy of all trust. "So fear God and obey me. "No reward do I ask of you for it: my reward is only from the lord of the Worlds. "Of all the creatures in the world, will ye approach males, "And leave those whom God has created for you to be your mates? Nay, ye are a people transgressing (all limits)!" They said: "If thou desist not, O Lut! thou wilt assuredly be cast out!" He said: "I do detest your doings." "O my Lord! deliver me and my family from such things as they do!" So We delivered him and his family,- all Except an old woman who lingered behind. But the rest We destroyed utterly. We rained down on them a shower (of brimstone): and evil was the shower on those who were admonished (but heeded not)! Verily in this is a Sign: but most of them do not believe. And verily thy Lord is He, the Exalted in Might Most Merciful."

 From these passages we learn that God saved Lot and the righteous ones of his family, and rained on the rest a shower of brimstone, so they were utterly destroyed. This is mentioned in the Qur'an not only for the sake of information, but mainly to serve as a warning to anyone who dares to repeat such acts.

Muslim believe that every human action leads to consequences. Good actions entail good results, and evil actions entail evil consequences. Some of these consequences may not become known for many years after a certain action. The consequences of some actions will become manifest only after death when one enters a new, everlasting life.... A common mistake among humans is that if they don't see any negative consequences for their actions they consider it harmless. Human experience has taught us that a source of superior knowledge can be of tremendous benefit to humans.... God, the source of all knowledge, warns us of His punishment if people perpetrate homosexual acts. Let us pay attention and learn the easy way.

Some will say that a person may be born with homosexual tendencies. We say that everyone is a free agent. God lays before us two paths and has given us knowledge of where these paths lead. One is the path to which the devil call us. We must avoid that. One is the path leading to paradise. We must stick to that one. Everyone experiences evil prompting from time to time. We must resist those with all our might. If one feels a tendency to do something that God prohibits, he or she should seek help from a community of loving, caring, believers who would understand his or her difficulty and help him or her overcome it.

A common ploy of the devil is to convince people that they cannot avoid sin. Then they do not even try. But God promises that the devil can have no lasting power over those who sincerely seek God (see Qur'an 15:42)

Finally, our bodies are given to us in trust from God. One should not use his or her body contrary to the user guide provided by its Maker. Consenting adults also need God's consent.


Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1999 00:08:06 +1100

what many ppl need to realise is being homosexual is not a choice.Allah created man.within that he also gaves us all a sex.By demeening gays all you are doing is demeening the work of allah.Being gay is not a choice.Our parents didnt ask god to make us gay and I as an individual didnt ask god to make me gay.BUT It was meant to be.Untill RELIGION CAN ACCEPT GAY PEOPLE, THEN THERE SHOULD BE NO GRIEVIENCE TOWARDS WHAT GOD HAS CREATED.


Date: Wed, 8 Dec 1999 07:03:16 EST
Subject: reply concerning your website

You are a sick man, I sent you an E-mail stating the facts and what is going to happen to you, and in reply you type up my message in the wrong contents, you spelt my name wrong, what is wrong with you didn't your parents teach you how to spell or I guess you were too busy shaging men. So I just want to let you know that accidents will occur, like the murdering of you, so dont think this is a joke, I want every reader to see this. You have crossed the limits,

Dr Rezaul S. Rana (try changing my name and watch!!)

Sorry, I only cut and paste here so if your name was spelt wrong, it's not my fault. - Sulayman X


From: "nolan" <>
Date: Wed, 08 Dec 1999 02:12:20 +0100

Assalamu Alaikum,

I am a 28 year old queer muslim in the SF bay area. I came to al-Islam at 16. At the time I thought it was the most sensible and beautiful thing I had ever never occured to me that being queer could be a problem for me in the community and it never was..I never gave it the chance. I left not too many months after stating Shahadah at a local mosque. There was nothing but love and respect from everyone in the community for this 16 year old white trash kid from the neighborhood and I wasnt prepared to be disappointed. I was just coming into my "teen political queer" self and wasn't prepared to grapple with the homophobia, sexism, etc. So I left. 13 years, a move across country, and many years spent as an initiate in the Yoruba tradition later I find myself back at Islam's door...more than a little freaked out. I have no issues around my sexuality, my life, any of that, I genuinely see myself as a child of God, open to all the beauty and wonder and peace that the universe and God have to offer me....but the people, the politics, the DRAMA.... such a pain. I had checked out your website months ago, thought it was cool and whatever. Filed it away, didn't really go there...until today and I just wanted to say that after reading you personal story and your prophets for peace site I am very moved and totally inspired...many blessings to you for showing me there was a way where I thought there couldnt possibly be one. I don't know what this is going to mean for the future but I'm more confident than ever that it will all work itself out.

Thank you for the gift, ALL praises to you for your work.



From: "Francis Moore" <>
Subject: Salaam !
Date: Tue, 07 Dec 1999 12:38:47 GMT

Salaam, Sulayman X !

I am a 18 year old man in England very interested in religion, and thinking of converting to Islam.

However, at present, I need to find out some things before I could allow myself to consider that.

First, I need to make sure I have fully researched and understood all main religions and philosophies in the world - it's a heavy task but I see it as my duty and I enjoy doing it very much. From an early age (12 or so) I began reading Eastern, and the Western (greek) Anceinet Philosophies. Then I researched Christianity and read large chunks of the bible. Researching

Christianity was quite easy as naturally England is a Christian country and my best friends are Christians very eager for me to join their ranks ! Then very late last year I began to look at Islam, primarily through reading the Qu'ran. After I have read the Qu'ran and a good few of the Hadiths, I will look at Hinduism, and the Rig Veda, and then onto Buddhism, Sikhism, Confucianism, Zoroastroism, etc. This will take a while, but I feel Allah calls me to seek him and be sure of him before accepting him. It is a journey I am looking forwards to completing.

Secondly, I have a good few problems with the idea of Creation! Evolution is to me an obvious truth, I'm not much in favour of the idea of just sprining into being when all evidence points to the evolution of mankind. Nevertheless, I personally am satisfied that the Qu'ran itself, whilst talking about creation, does not eliminate Evolution. I believe that surely, if Allah wished to tell people about evoltion he would have had a very rough time of it, he would have had to explain Genetics, Biology, Cellular Division, DNA, Genes... no-one would have understood. So instead, praise to him, he chose to tell us in a way we could understand. I am not very concerned with this idea.

The third idea, is that of Homosexuality, and naturally, that is the problem you can help me with! I can't beleive that such persecution could possibly be upheld in the beautiful religion of Islam. In this respect, I ask you : These things people keep quoting to you about Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) saying that all homosexuals should be killed, and chucked of high buildings, whatever... where actually are they? In the Qu'ran? The Hadith? The Sirat? Please can you give me the verses if they exist - I need to look at this for myself.

 Wasalaam, Alaykum

God Bless you and Thank You

--- Frankie


Date: Tue, 7 Dec 1999 00:45:36 -0800 (PST)
From: fruit shop <>
Subject: the devils advocate

As a devout Muslim, I was absolutely disgusted when coming across homosexual, lesbian and bisexual web page on an Islamic sight. Fornication, adultery, sodomy, homosexuality are all forms of major sins. All have been condemned by Allah {s.w.} and his prophet {p.b.u.h} Although committing an act of sin does not render a person a disbeliever, youre apparent admission has taken you to the realm of kuffar. The sad fact of your statement is you have justified homosexuality by reason of your own opinion. Islam is not based on ideas of individuals. The Quran is not open to interpretations or opinions. It is the word of Allah{s.w} in perfect form. In the opening ayats of surat Bakarah Allah states! This is the book where of there is no doubt, a guidance for those who are righteous and believe in the unseen. 1! 2,3 From the offset we are told by Allah, it is a guidance for those who believe in the unseen without any doubts. By your own submission you have questioned the Quranic version of events of the people of Hazrat Lut. Quote! The inhabitants could have been destroyed for being gay or for many other reasons. (Much more likely in my opinion). You have justified the following ayats by mere opinion because you claim! Quote ? how can I know ? I wasnt there. The Quran states And we sent Lut as a messenger: Remember what he said to his people, Have you become so shameless that you commit such indecent acts that none has committed before you in the world? You gratify your lust with men instead of women: Indeed you are people who transgress all limits. (7:80,81) The Quran further states! Will ye approach males, and leave those whom I have created as mates for you? Nay ye are people transgressing all limits! (26! 165,166) By your own confession you have placed doubt over the creation of mankind. Quote! Does Allah condemn homosexuals? If so then why create them. The logic ? if there is any ? escapes me. You may have read the Quran but unfortunately you have failed to understand the purpose behind the creation of mankind. Allah states! I have created the jinn and mankind only that they may worship me. (51:56) The logic behind Muslim belief is! We were created to worship Allah and live life in the manner he set out in the perfect example of his prophet, Mohammad (p.b.u.h). Follow this path and you have succeeded in this life and the eternal life of the hereafter. It is the duty of every Muslim to enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong. It was by the command of Allah that many brothers and sisters have spoken out. How you justify this genuine concern into anger and hatred escapes me. In essence, all they have done is point out the truth. They have tried to help the evil doers from the painful torment, which awaits them. Regarding this Allah has said! Help one another in righteousness and Godfear and help not in sin and transgression. Allah described the people of hazrat lut, as transgressors of all limits, because of their sadistic acts for self-gratification. In the light of Islamic teachings adultery, fornication, sodomy and homosexuality are all major sins. The doer of these crimes incurs the wrath of Allah in this world and the hereafter. Therefore it becomes incumbent upon all Muslims to stop the spread of sin and transgression, irrespective of which form it takes. Sex as you put it! Quote! A gift from Allah, to be enjoyed, that there was no sin in it, no reason for shame or guilt. You go further and say: sex is human. Nothing more nothing less. What you have failed to mention here is under what terms is sex a gift to be enjoyed? Sex, (short for sexual inter course) is the interaction between a man, because he has a penis and, a woman because, she has a vagina. Sex, (the word) is also used to class gender i.e., male, female. The interaction between animals is known as mating. The same act cannot exist between a male and a male, since both parties consist of same genitalia. The male has only one hole, the anus. If penetration was carried out, it would become sodomy, in itself a sin. Secondly, the terms under which sexual enjoyment is allowed are quite clear! Marriage. Even though you researched Islam and, was dually instructed, you made your shahada based on assumptions? Was that the sane act of an educated degree holder like you? No, the answer seems far more sinister. You blame your ignorance due to lack of Islamic literature available at the time of your shahada. Allah, the merciful, pardons sins committed in the days of ignorance. Nay, you are not ignorant. You are boastful and proud of your achievements, as a martyr for the spread of sin and transgression. Hating you serves no purpose nor is it part of Islamic teaching. This is the teaching of sheitan, who whispers in the hearts of men to disobey their lord and follow their animal instinct. Allah says! O Adam, verily this is an enemy to you and your wife. So let him not misguide you out of paradise. (20! 117) Then Sheitan whispered to him saying! O Adam, shall not lead you to the tree of eternity and the life that will never waste away! The purpose of your web sight is apparent. Like the snake that misguided Adam you have confused the minds of many. Under the banner of Islam, you have questioned the wisdom of Almighty Allah for making you what you are. All disbeliveers will argue the same point on the day of judgement, but it will be to no avail. To this Allah says! Verily, those who disbelieve, it is the same to them whether you warn them or not, for they believe not.(1! 6) It is obvious you do not seek the truth, in your own words, quote! To be honest, I no longer care. From what was, quote! Not much of an issue. It has now become, quote! Quite simple, and there is no need for endless talk. Any sane and rightly guided persons can draw their own conclusions on what and who you are. You have bought the sinful baggage of your past and made it the business of every god-fearing person. You have waged Jihad on the wrong people and the wrong religion. This is not the twisted and falsified Christianity of your upbringing. The more one reads your confessions the more apparent becomes the black robe of your priesthood. The time has come; to come out of you closet and, admit who you really are! The devil or his minister. May Allah guide us on the path of those who were rightly guided before us. Amin.


Date: Mon, 6 Dec 1999 06:46:44 -0800 (PST)
Subject: confused and hurt.

I read your struggle with life, religion and homosexuality. I am a 51 year old from los angeles. I met a wonderful 23 year old who is a Muslim. He is so in love with me and I adore him. Yet he insists that we can never ge long-term companionns. I repsect him very much but now I am alone again. How do I deal with him and myself. ?

terry fox


Date: Thu, 2 Dec 1999 21:59:08 EST
Subject: (no subject)

Dear friend:

I am crying as I write this. I have just read your letter on the Queer Jihad, which I found by accident as I looked over the internet. I found your site because I am living in the midwest, and am looking for a way to contact middle easterners. Your history is very moving, and you are blessed to have found your strength - I do not have the same, and am lost in a sea of hate and religious ostracism; your story gives me hope. I am looking for the way. I know you must be incredibly busy, but I would most appreciate any direction you might have on how I might look into the muslim faith. Thank you Clinton


From: "Tarik Ait maatallah"
Subject: "You do not guide(to faith) whomever you loved but God guides whomever He wills." Quran (my humble translation)
Date: Wed, 1 Dec 1999 00:27:10 -0800

Assalamou Alaikoum wa Rahmatou Allah.

Dear Soulayman,

I have read your confession and I find it quite interesting. I am certainly happy that Islam took you out of darkness into the Light of Allah. So has it attempted to save humanity for more than 1400 years.It succeeds with a lot of people and fails with a lot more. The verse I translated as a subject along with many other ones tell us that becoming a Moslem is not the destiny of everyone but only of those worthy of it. The main lesson of Islam is the Uniqueness of Allah. It is so important that He says in the Quran: "I have not created Man and Jinn but to worship me." This is why we are here. Lo! that in Islam, as you certainly know, words have divine meanings. Therefore the word worship points at more than just regular prayer known to most religions but at a whole line of life. Allah has shown in His book to us the way He wants us to live. In the Riwaya, history of Islam, it is said that some Jews made fun of Moslems and said:"Your prophet has taught you everything even the art of taking a dump." This moquery reveals though that others recognize that Allah through his prophet has drawn the path for us to follow. Everything we do to follow that path in a way that pleases God is worship in Islam, work, inquiring about family and friends, Zakat, Salat, fasting...are all different forms of worship. In this respect, following the life model of a Moslem as illustrated in the life of Mohammed PBUH is part of the worship. The goal is to build an exemplary society:" You were the best Umma driven to Mankind; you order the good and advise against the evil." Quran. Now the smallest prototype of society is family. A family is composed of a man and a woman, the parents, and their children ( from there derives other concepts such as brotherhood, sisterhood etc...) Allah has banned anything that might harm this atom of society in any way to be. Fornication, homosexuality, abuse, dishonesty are a few of the things that destroy family and thus society. Let's talk about homosexuality since it is the hard core of our discussion. Lot, Allah's prophet, rejected homosexuality and was ashamed of it. Was he wrong, Allah would have corrected him. He was not because Gay people though not harmful as individuals to their fellows embrace a behavior that if set free it will make family building look unimportant. Sex that you qualified as Allah's gift to be enjoyed is also the way to continuity of Mankind. If done by Moslems that follow the path of Allah and teach their kids Islam, it will increase or at least try to increase the number of people that worship God in the right way. Not worshipping Allah does not harm His Absoluteness, His Greatness, His Divinity in no way. It does not change anything to the fact that He is Allah, the one and only. It does not minimize the truth of his teachings. Denying Him or His teaching harms only he who denies. And both the believer and the denier will stand in front of Allah who will judge each one of us individually because Man has no way to escape that moment. Believer, denier or confused; each one will answer the questions asked to him or her. No one else will do it for each one of us but one's self. So Islam rejects homosexuality but does it reject homosexuals? Is refusing Islam a legitimate reaction to its rejection to homosexuals? NO. Islam is the only religion, because unchanged by Man, that tells us that Allah is not interested in weighing on us with guilt and sins. Allah, the Most Merciful, gives everyone of us a chance in this life and in the hereafter. One condition to enter the Game, make Shahada . After that your worldly chance is to repent and your judgement's day chance is to have a balance that ways more towards good than it does toward evil. In between the two chances you could try, honestly, to make yourself better according to the standards set by Quran and Hadiths*. Islam in Arabic means to give in one's self to Allah one's creator. Once you believe in that you only feel good about what you are when it makes Allah feel good about it ( there is a huge unexplainable difference between Man feeling good and Allah feeling good. please do not confuse). Therefore your view over things will go smoother as the "I" becomes less important than what it strives in pleasing Allah. As far as your questioning the Hadiths of Mohammed PBUH on killing gay people is concerned, I think what follows. First of all no one can question teachings from Quran or Hadith because it is not compatible to one's whim. There are tools and rules to do so. Anyway as much as I think the prophet had all chances to have said that Hadith, I also think it does not reach the privacy of Moslem individuals. The golden rule is everyone is fully responsible of one's act in front of Allah. Therefore, No one has the right to investigate people in no way or manner unless a third party is involved. in other words, a cop in Islam can investigate people who steals, if complaint be, who kills, who abuses etc... A cop cannot follow people to check out there sexual orientation, political belief...BUT let's not forget society as a very important concept in Islam. Protecting it is not less important than building it. So when the prophet said that Hadith, if he did, he did not urge anybody to question individuals about their homosexuality. He did not advise anybody to investigate people in this respect. What he tried to do, I think, is to protect society. This is true about fornication, adultery, robbery...etc. On should not go bragging about any vice one has. Mohammed also said (my translation): If(you are)challenged by a vice, hide it (from people). Why is it so? it is so simply because if we talk about sins and evil as human rights, we label it as normal and maybe good by the same means. Then confusion is created. Questions such as what is right and what it wrong start to be asked. Mohammed said: Al halal (the allowed) is clear and Al haram (the forbidden) is very clear. Between them there is Al moutashabih (the confusing). He who fall into the confusing has fallen into the forbidden (my translation). In other words, Quran and Hadith point out the allowed and the forbidden, while thinking beyond those two sources of teachings without accepting their judgement over human thought will more likely take us to confusion. The mistake is flagrant when instead of comparing our thought to Allah's teaching, we try to bring Quran and Hadith down to matching our whim. Allah is love. He sent his messengers as mercy to the worlds. He is the only One that owns absolute truth. We ask him good guidance to what he loves and strong protection from what he hates. We are, all Moslems, brothers and sister. We owe each other advise. We cannot force no one into our faith or our beliefs. But we shouldn't bother no one in his peace with Allah by confusion. Homosexuality is just another sin in Islam. Our task is to eliminate as many sins as we can from ourselves as long as we have the power to do so; not until we get close to death. In which case, repentance is not accepted from us. remember the true Jihad in Islam is the one performed against the soul. Allah says that the soul order much evil. fighting against our whim, because it is hard, is the way to Allah's love and to heaven. I pray Allah to give you, soulayman, and to me, Tarik, and to all Moslems and human beings the courage and power to straighten our souls into His obedience before it is too late. Amen, and the end of our prayer is: Al-hamdou li-Allah, Rabbi Al-alamin. (praise to Allah, the God of the Worlds.)