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Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2000 09:26:23 EST

Subject: Re: Fwd: Help! Need a reader!

Assalaamun Alakum:

Homosexualiy is forbidden in Islaam. A homosexual should be thrown down from a cliff so that he can be killed.


Allah Haafiz

Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2000 14:16:06 -0500 (EST)

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Subject: Help! Need a reader!

You all should be ashamed of yourselves. Taking the beautiful religion that Allah SWT gave us and adding your perverse Harram desires. If you took the time out to read the Quran you would see that what your doing is Strictly Forbidden. Or let me guess Allah forgot to include you, or did Allah SWT do it on purpose. Actually our creator is incapeable of making mistakes so I think you have some thinking to do. The fact that your claiming that Allah messed up is something that carries some serious consequences. I hope and I pray that in time you all will see how serious the fire your playing with is. I challenge any one of you to come up with any type of proof that states what your doing is Halaal. Also how come Allah has not permitted marriage between the same sex Halaal. Oh

Let me guess he forgot!!

A concerned Brother

Dont follow the ignorant to the hell fire

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Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2000 22:13:10 EST

Subject: Help! Need a reader!

Dear Friends,

I need a reader, who reads English obviously, to read my romance novel about two men, including one Muslim from Morocco, who fall in love. I want to make sure my references to Islam are correct and no obvious ' wrongs' are committed. I also want people's feelings about the story.

Here is a quick synopsis: Tomas, a Spanish architect from New York who thinks he is heterosexual, meets Hassad from Morocco, who is bi-sexual with a leaning towards men and is very attracted, despite himself. They have a brief sexual encounter at his apartment. Hassad leaves for Morocco and then Barcelona. Tomas finally convinces himself to follow Hassad, and they have a brief, but very passionate love in Barcelona. Something drastic happens to split them up; will Hassad return to the U.S. and will Tomas accept him back.

Tomas' life changes tremendously: obviously he realizes he is really gay, and he gets the confidence to do his own architectural style and lead his own independant life. Some sex scenes, hot and sizzling. Interesting architectural notes. Tomas is a funny guy. I think you'll enjoy it.

I need comments and suggestions. Help!


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Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2000 03:40:04 EST

Subject: hi

May Allah Guide you

Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2000 17:28:27 -0800 (PST)

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Your a sitting target. get it sitting target.



From: "heather d enos" <>

Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2000 06:25:06 -0800

As-salaamu alayna man tabia al-huddah

The first thing i must say is that i am an american born muslim. Unfortunately i am not surprised by my findings. You see i grew up here learned from here and being an american growing up deeply inbeded in this culture i see things a little different i believe. You people remind me of military brats, if you are unfamiliar with that term let me explain. You are spoiled rotted and have free choice to do and go as you please. Your parents are probably well taken care of and do the same for you. Now with that said lets get on to your issue. First Islam forbids your action. Secondly we can easily find more that one proof for the condemnation of your actions. To me it is very apparent that living in this sick perverted society has not only influenced you tremendously, but now has put you in a state that may have a "no turning back" stamp on it. The brother was right about throwing your kind off the highest building that is no hadith that the satan brought in, the only thing the satan brought or sent was his shayateen that have either entered into your bodies or have entered your hearts or ive so close to you that you can no longer distinguish right from wrong. These is proved in the last sura of the Quran, Allah tells us to seek refuge from those who whisper in the hearts of man. The shaytan has the unique ability to talk to our hearts and i seek refuge in Allah from that , and then he can retreat into his hinding. Then you get all this new age physcological babble that is masked in christianity and gay black jews, whatever that means, and it becomes appealing because of there sympathy towards each other. This society is so overwhelmingly detrimental to individuals and the shaytan is so strong, just stop right now and think about this... We are having discusions over the internet about gay muslims or calling themselves muslim, whether it is right or wrong, there masjids which i hope was either a type o or a lie, and al of this' place in our society. probably 90 percent of you are university students studying something to give you a higher place in the dunya anyway. You probably do not know two lengthly suras from the book of Allah azza wa jal. The imegrants that come here and first see this abomination of humanity, I reluctantly tell them, that it is just way that this society is. period . It is so strong that there is nothing there is that we can do. We only ask Allah subhanahu wa t'ala, to get us out of the lands of disbelief, or to correct these people , that claim to follow Islam, like He did with the people of Lut, with swift and merciless punishment. To the people who claim to be muslim and practice homosexuality, repent and get on with yourlives, seek refuge in Allah from all forms of perversity that the shaytan tries to influence us with. And more importantly, do not takethe opinions of these kufar with any weight, remember they are the enimy and or the friends of the enimy. May Allah forgive me of my mistakes i make in life and know that everything here that I have written was strictly for the sake of Allah azza wa jal. As-salaamu Alaykum wa Rahmatu Allahi wa Barakatu ....


Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2000 14:36:38 +0000

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Organization: University of London (QMW)

Subject: FIRE OF HELL!!!








Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2000 14:50:11 +0000

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Organization: University of London (QMW)

Subject: Hello

Quite frankly i think you're crazy.

I have a view, catch this.

You have a misunderstood Islam by such an extent that it'll shock you completely when the real truth is put to you. Queer Jihad is set up by Americans and Americans despise Islam. Along with the Salaam sent to surfers of this page i send you back a prayer of guidance. Sodomy is a sin. I wonder how your children feel about dad shagging another man through his anus. I hope to god your children, if you have any, see what you do. In which key stage textbook do you find anatomical illustration of two man performing anal intercourse? . I shall remind you that maybe you have misunderstood your sexuality because it has been supressed in some time of your life. Just get a nikkah done, make love to your as it has been prescribed by Allah. Maybe you are scared of women. Or do you have a bad sexual experience concerning sex&women? Whatever it is Allah is the forgiving and Merciful. Don't do this to yourself. Such net pages are for the pure destruction of the truth. Human's are not as powerful

as god, so if one day god shows you, at least i know i tried to warn you.

In my e-mail, i make no accusations and want to cause no offence, just think about it.


Subject: Yahoo! Clubs Queer Jihad


Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2000

Asalama Alaykum!


I truly think you're doing a good thing. Ignore the paranoid Muslims who can't stand anything *different*. Truly, I don't know what homosexuality stands in Islam--I never questioned it. However, since I came to this club...I had to think about it.

Since I believe hadith is corrupted to the core, I can't rule anything based on it(except if it agrees with the Qur`an)! I always found to be harsh and non-islamic what the prophet was attributed to in the hadiths---all of the immorality and tyranny. IF the Prophet was compasionate to unbelievers, surely, he was compasionate to gays, as well, that is if HOMOSExUALITY is sin(even though i don't know what to rule it, at the moment!)

All and all, thank you for your considerate sincerity to the suffering sisters/brothers who are not only rejected by the wicked/corrupted societies, but also themselves due to the guilt-trips they've heard all their lives.

I hope you're happy now that you're not afraid to be who you're. Just don't forget God because of wicked people's sayings and attributes to him and his messengers! You're probably to strong for that by now, eh? :)

I'm proud of you, Brother!

Peace, Ahmad!


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Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2000 06:14:08 -0500

Sulayman X,

I read your was moving!!! I myself am a conservative muslim who believes in the Qur'an and the Hadith of the Prophet (pbuh), Alhamdulillah. I tell you somthing straight from the heart; I do sympathize with you and understand your pain and suffering. This letter is only my humble opinion which could be wrong. My dear brother, please understand that Islam is a "practical" religion. it came with its legal system. it is not ALL about love,sweetness, kindness, warmth, caring, compassion etc. When God's commandments are violated, He makes it

crystal clear on how to deal with the violators. Yes, the Qur'an is clear on what to do with the robbers and thieves. Yes, the Qur'an is clear on how to deal with fornicators. Yes, the Qur'an is clear on how to deal with those that cause mischeif in the land. Its do the crime, you will pay for it, unless you repent. Furthermore I could not understand your line of reasoning. you said you could not reconcile the punishment prescribed by the Prophet (pbuh) to the homosexuals because you believe a person of his nature could never have said that. Why, then, would you believe in a "cruel" God of Islam which clearly prescribes floggings, banishments and amputations for violating His laws???? (Yes, its all in the Qur'an that you hold and Prophet did carry them out in his lifetime). If the Prophet can thought of as a 'tyrant', wouldnt God become a bigger one?? think about it bro, ....Dont you think you are 'choosing' to believe what you wish to be true in your heart???

If, in all sincerity, you do realize that, then I suggest that not try to alter what is there in Islam or create what is not. Muslims are sensitive in this matter. In any case, one CAN be spiritual without adhering to any religion. Secondly, where is there credible scientific evidence that gays are born not made?? I have yet to come across it. I promise you, you bring me concrete undisputable scientific evidence leadingto the fact that gays are born that way and I will support you til the day I die. Thirdly, I am thoroghly dissappointed by the 'Muslims' who wrote letters fully displaying thier ignorance, short-sightedness and fanaticism. The verbal abuses, cruel satire and death threats only serve to mar Islam further. if only that had known better!! Know that among Muslims there are those who accept and understand human frailties.... I pray to Allah to guide you to the Truth and to help you utilize your noteworthy literary skills to defend Islam. I pray the same for myself and others.

Take care.


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Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2000 11:21:27 EST

Subject: Queer Jihad

Reading the postings on this site, I am disturbed by the large number of correspondents who fail to recognize the essecne of Islam, which is the UNQUALIFIED WILL OF ALLAH. As the Quran says: "Allah selects for his

mercy whom he will" (3:74), "Allah forgives whom he will and punishes whom he will." (3:129), "Allah guides whom he will" (2:142), and "Allah sends whom he will astray." (13:27).

This being the case it is not our place as Muslims to predict who will be saved and who will be damned. To condemn others due to their sexual orientation is as wrong as drawing distinctions based on race or nationality. We DO NOT KNOW who Allah will forgive and who will be condemned. The Quran only gives us a small peek at the operation of Allah's divine will. Allah's plans are beyond the comprehension of any of us - even the Prophet himself (pbuh) only received the most shorthand summary through revelation of the Quran.

To claim as human beings to KNOW who is saved and who is damned is shirk - because it is to demean Allah's unqualified sovereignty and to worship the opinions of human teachers above the unqualified will of Allah.

I have no doubt that, in Jannah, we will be very surprised at who will "make it" and who will NOT.


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To: <>

Subject: gay and muslim

Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2000 13:34:29 +0800

Dear Sulayman X,

I am a born Muslim man from Malaysia. In my country Islam is the official religion though other religious beliefs are allowed to practised. I read some of the comments of your plight. Some are aggressive and show lack of Islamic knowledge. Some are sound advice.

God created humans unequally to dwell on this planet . Some are smart, others are not. Some are born rich while others are not. There are normal human ,mentally and physically handicapped ,gay , lesbian ,deseased etc. Some were still born. There black, white, not so black , yellow , grey , brown , short , tall etc . No verse in the Quraan which says black is superior to white or brown or gay or handicapped etc. All are equal in the eyes of God AS FAR AS THE PHYSICAL MAKE UP OF AN INDIVIDUAL irrespective of colour , creed or origin. To be a good Muslim one must understand and accept this basic concept.

Next , God says that the one who is closest to Him is the one who Taqwa ( totally , without any doubt whatsoever, believe in Him and his messenger s.a.w) God teaches human via Jibrail ( Christians worship Jibrail and regard him as Holy Ghost) and over to the prophets - Adam , Noh(Noah) , Ibrahim (Abraham), Yaakub(Jacob) Ismail (Eshmael), Musa (Moses ) ,Isa (Jesus) others and lastly Muhammad s.a.w. Not one messenger but many and the last one is Muhammad. All these messengers preach that there is no God but Allah and during Muhammad's time one last message is added AND MUHAMMAD IS HIS MESSENGER.

One must not worship Muhammad , neither Jibrail nor Isa because they are all messengers of Allah. I am a teacher who teaches the words of Allah and if someone worship me because of that ,it is a great fallacy , don't you think? And I cannot bless you because I am only teaching the words of Allah. So can a priest or a Pope for that matter bless some one and take his sins away no matter how pious one is. All these people preach the words of Allah obtained from Muhammad , Moses or Isa.

Gay and lesbian , in the eyes of human being, are handicapped people. But they are equal in the eyes of God because created them such. You should accept such conditions and at peace with your self. If you hate yourself because of that , then what about the poor people , the lame , the mentally and other physically handicapped people? And Remeber there is another life , an eternal one to live after your earthly death . All Muslims and Christians strive to go to heaven to be peaceful eternally . But how do you to heaven if you reject God and words of god . How will God accept you if you create a statue and worship it . You equate a statue or a piece of rock to God who created this universe and all its contents? How will God accept you when you worship God's messenger instead of god Himself . And you create Son of God , Wife of God , daughter of God as if God is like a human. What a farce! If God has a son , that means someone else more powerful than God is the God .

Sulayman . Be Sulayman . accept that you are Sulayman . Follow the 5 tenets of Islam faithfully , be a good Muslim and I pray that God will accept you as a true Muslim.

Yours sincerely

Haji ismail


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Subject: thank you for your site

Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2000 04:07:40 +0100

Sulayman -- I am a doctoral student in American religions working on Islam, lesbian in a committed partnership, and Christian (raised Catholic, but seriously thinking of switching to Episcopalianism because that denomination, as you may know, is more welcoming to queers and women).

I thought your story was beautiful and addresses so many issues we gay people must deal with. Like you, I often (still, after ten years of being "out"), often ask God, "Is this really all right? Are you sure you don't hate me,

like the fundamentalists say?" And the answer is always love and acceptance. I say, "It will be hard, but I will change if that is what you want from me." And the answer is always, no, you are mine as you are. I am

glad that you have had the same experience.

So many of us have been so deeply alienated from our spiritual life, and it is courageous of you to try to help your Islamic brothers and sisters. Salaam wassalaikum! Keep fighting!

Love, Jennifer Snow



From: "Sheila Rooswitha Putri" <>

Subject: concerning queer muslim

Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2000 09:55:19 +0700


dear Sulayman,

my name is Sheila, I am a university student in Jakarta, Indonesia.

I stumbled accross this page, and I have read all your confessions. It impressed me so much. I myself born as a muslim, and I was astonished to know that you are a convert.Because you seemed to have known Islam more than other muslims do. Islam is very vast. And I disagree with comments which harshly accussed you as a real sinner, an insult, or even an unabashedly and a vile human whose hell is your only descent place to. Don't let those notions discouraged you. Of course I as a muslim never justified the g ays, transexuals things, whatsoever. As far as I have known, Islam obviously prohibits it. But you must remember this, we muslims are seeker. We seek for ourselves, our existences in Islam, and for the divine realm of Allah SWA. It is very trancendent though, but it all depends on yourself, on your contemplation, on your sincerity in iman. Only Allah SWA who can condemn us for what we have done. I commend your steadfastness to struggle for acceptance. Don't ever think that you are living in limbo. The Almighty has created you as well as He created all the people in this world. Let your conscience be your guide. Insha Allah, you will rewarded for your effort. Ameen.

Peace and Love, wassallam



Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2000 11:19:41 +0100

From: Eva Gundermann <>


Subject: Link to Queer Links website

Hi, I just surfed into your nice website that I will list under Queer Links at internet ressources. Queer Links is a metalinkcollection of lesbian, gay and transgender human rights organizations, complete with a country and subject listing of these organizations by a German amnesty international group.

We would welcome a link back at!


From: "James Riyadh" <>

To: <>


Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2000 03:28:48 -0800



Date: Tue, 05 Jan 1999 19:29:21 +1100

From: John Sunol <>


Subject: Anti gay hate mail campaigner

Dear Sir/Madame:

My name is John Sunol and I have a large amount of information on the gay campaigns in Australia. I am disseminating this to all non gays in the fundamental churches so they we can create as much disharmony as possible against the homosexual lobby in Australia as run by Paul Canning and others in this same gay lobby groups.

I will give you the index url and you can look into the networking that I have done from in their. I am also spreading my pages by search engines and a little later on I will be paying for it to be put into places which the homosexual lobby groups will not like.

Well then, tough luck for the homosexual lobby groups as I am deliberately out to create as much opposition to your gay hate groups as possible.

Yours sincerely

John .C.Sunol

my index page is as you will find a way into all of the networked pages from here. I have deliberately set it up this way.

I doubt you will succeed in your endavours and I suggest you find something more worthwhile to occupy yourself with. Sulayman X


Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 08:17:56 -0800 (PST)

From: Gulabii <> | Block address

Subject: As Salamualaikum


As Salams

I was browsing the internet in search of web sites dedicated to Islam, when I saw yours. I was very disturbed and hurt by reading your web site. Firstly, Allah created for each us, male and female , the OPPOSITE gender only so we could satisfy our needs, emotionally and physically. He carefully thought of what He was doing and for you to choose your own path and disregard what He created for you, is wrong. Allah has permitted you to marry women and to procreate and continue the survival of the species. He created women for men so they would not get tempted to sin and to take part in retarded sexual behavior. Homosexuality is not permitted in Islam. No where in the Quran does it state that Homosexuality is okay. To try to twist our deen and make it seem like we should accept this abnormal behavior is wrong. It is the western culture who chooses to accept this type of behavior because they do not know what the right path is. But you were given a tool, the Quran, by which you should live. I do hope you think about what you are trying to spread. May Allah help you and guide you towards the right path. And one more thing, if Allah would've have allowed homosexuality, He would have created in the beginning Adam and Steve and Eve....

As Salamualaikum May Allah's blessings be upon you.


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Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 01:17:46 EST

Subject: You know what this is about.


Atrocious misguidance is what you are publicly posting, and all over the INTERNET nonetheless. I hope that Allah (swt) may ever forgive you for your LIES and for the fact that you are doing this for no other reason than to bring down the Muslims in the eyes of the non-believers. You sicken me to hell. I hope you read the last sentence. And I will make you read it once more: You sicken me to hell. I don't want a response from you. Rather an action taken, and that you GET RID of your filthy site. Homosexuality is an enormous sin and punishable by HELL FIRE. I am young in my years, but I know for a solid fact that it states in the Holy Qur'an that homosexuality is a SIN and unacceptable in Islam. I think that you need to learn your own religion and what it is all about. Allah never ever said, nor his proghets (pbu) ever preached, talked about, let alone ENCOURAGE gays or homosesxuality. So do not do it yourself. If this is some sick joke that you get a kick out of, I hope you get! over it soon, and DO NOT call yourself a Muslim and make the entirety of a nation degraded by your falsehood. If you think you are a true Muslim, then I pray for your guidance back unto the Path of Light, and to redeem yourself in the eyes of our Lord, our Creator Allah. I truly hope you change in your ways, and to ADMIT that you have wronged brothers and sisters of Islam all over the world, myself, and not to mention, yourself also. Allah's fires are not merciful to the ones who stray. And you are straying and you are sinning, and you are doing a GREAT injustice, and you are giving yourself a passport into the fiery wraths of Hell, and when the Day of Judgement comes, you will NOT be able to redeem yourself, nor will your cries be heard when you burn your very own soul in their hungry black flames. Take this matter to your blackened heart, and FIX IT.

-Ferdaus Serhal-



Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2000 18:36:55 EST

Subject: (no subject)


do not post my e-mail address please... thankyou

YOu know what??? this has got to be the most funniest website i have seen in my life. first of all, no such thing as a queer muslim...... that is just gay. you know what?? i hope you havent spent more than 1 minute making this stupid site. really, honestly... what are you trying to do??? give Muslims a bad reputation by saying that we are gay?? yeah... im muslim and i am proud and yes, we do condemn gay people because thats what we're supposed to do and i hope that you truly find your way back to the real Islam. i feel really sorry for you.... oh and one more thing... gays are not born gay like they say they are... its just their excuse because they are too embarassed to say that they thought some guy had some nice abs or they just fell in love with them. they lie, cause i know they are not born like that.


Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2000 03:46:47 -0800 (PST)

From: top secret <> | Block address

Subject: Assalamu alaikum


assalamu alaikum,

why most people have to act like this when it comes to homosexuality. why do you guys have to say bad words and hate sulayman. even Prophet Muhammad ask us not to hurt those kafirs (non-muslim) and hurting those kafirs means hurting him.

now there's a muslim brother who has just found Islam and which we have been told to guide him. instead of giving him the right answer or probably a solution, most of you are only throwing all the mistakes on him and all the bad words. even some of you claiming that he's not a muslim, then what makes you think yourself a muslim by acting like that?

do give solutions

wassalam wr. wb.


From: "Valteron Nem"


Subject: comments for your website

Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2000 16:14:42 EST

By all means leave my return address off my message. Frankly, I do not want some fanatic trying to gun me down like Salmon Rushdie or the translators of his book!

I have just one thing to say to someone who calls himself a gay Muslim. It is exactly the same thing I said to gay Catholics on another chat line. Are you out of your f____ing mind?

By the way, what is the penalty for a Muslim who renounces Islam? Death, is it not? This is the religion you support? In the 21st century?

There is a joke that says that a cult is a small, unpopular religion that has no political clout. When we hear about new cults that threaten to murder people who change their mind and want to leave, we investigate them and consider them dangerous. But if you do it as part of an established religion, nobody says a word to you, apparently.

After reading the horrible, homophobic comments that have rained down on this site from Muslims, I cannot believe you could still cling to this religion. Have they not made it abundantly clear that your religion and your co-religionists abhor you and what you are? What is this masochism, this denial, this illogical stupidity that keeps gay Muslims, gay Catholics and all of these others clinging to the religion that shits on their heads and puts them down?

Maybe this does not apply to you, Sulayman X, because you are a convert????!!!! But my guess is that gay Muslims, like gay Catholics and gay Christians generally, are simply too frightened and insecure to walk out and slam the door on the religion that dumps on them. They were brought up in this religion, and their mind was formed around it before they reached puberty and became aware that you were gay. Now, the only course open to them is a sort of neurotic denial. They are like the old black people in the 1950s who could not bring themselves to revolt against segregation, and kept saying "It ain't so bad, the black and the white folks can live separate and equal!"

Take a look at those lovely comments on your gay Muslim website. Indeed, only in a non-muslim country like America could you even contemplate such a thing.

Do you honestly believe you will change an iota of the homophobia across the Muslim world?

I was going to say that you are sleeping with the enemy, but as a gay Muslim, you are sleeping with our side but supporting the enemy. When Muslim leaders in America go before legislators to oppose gay rights, part of their clout comes from the fact that YOU, yes YOU, are part of their religion.

I slammed the door on my religion decades ago and I have never regretted it. Today, I am gay and proud and fighting back. I am working with a movement to strike back at the Catholic Church for their anti-gay activities like their support for the Knight initiative in California.

When I say strike back, I mean NOTHING ILLEGAL, mind you. What we are contemplating is a campaign of outing their gay priests. We would approach gay priests with photos or other evidence, and tell them they have two weeks to out themselves or be outed. What about Muslim leaders who are gay (or for that matter who perform hetro adultery on the side? Maybe we could go after them too! Believe me, I have met more than one blond fag who has told me that in travelling in the Middle East, they could not believe the number of men who would NEVER admit they were not 100% straight but who wanted to do their but.

Make up your mind, people. You are gay or you are Muslim. You are gay or you are Catholic. If you enjoy oppression stay in your religions. If not, get off the pot!


Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2000 10:59:02 -0800 (PST)

From: Sherif Elantil <> | Block address

Subject: About You and Islam



I saw your web site and read your "biography". I would like to tell you a few words regarding our faith "Islam". * You did well when you remained in Islam (I hope you still are a muslim). * There are a number of opinions from honorable Imams about Homosexuality that ranges from total rejection (death penalty) to stating it is a sin that needs repentance. So to take the moderate view, you might conclude it is either a sin or at least a way of life that one must strive to change. And you shouldn't encourage people to remain in the comfort of their current homosexual behaviour. They must realize it is not welcomed and they must try to change themselves.

* BUT, and this is imporatnt: even if you try (you must try!) and fail to change your sexual behavior, you MUST remain a muslim, becuase of these 3 simple reasons: 1- Allah said in the Qura'an that He forgives ALL sins for whom He wishes EXCEPT associating other gods with Him. 2- In an authentic hadith narrated of the Prophet (peace be upon him), that Allah said that He will forgive all those who said the Shahada (even if he/she committed sins), and those who said it will be released from Hell and permitted into Heaven with Allah mercy. 3- Another Hadith that Allah said that one of his servants committed a sin and repented so Allah forgave him, then he committed the sin a second time and he asked for forgiveness so Allah forgave him, then the third time and the fourth time also, then Allah said: my servant recognized that there is a god who is mighthy (capable of punishment) and merciful, for that I forgive him forever so let him do whatevere he wishes.

So in conclusion, as muslims we all recognize that we won't go to heaven by our deeds but with Allah mercy only. But to earn Allah mercy we must strive to follow His commands and rules, and change ourselves to be better. And since Islam has no priesthood, then nobody can tell if you or me or any muslim will earn God's mercy or not, all we can do is advise each other and Allah will provide the guidance.




From: "Sabby" <>


Subject: ASAK! Your Website...

Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2000 22:10:24 -0600

ASAK, Brother.

As a sister of Islam, your website was of great inspiration to me.

Many Muslims are extremely homophobic, this is true. Alhadulillah, some of us have been blessed by Allah with the guidance and undertanding to accept others for who they are and how Allah has made them.

I have many homosexual friends, non of which are Muslim, and I have never met a homosexual Muslim. I'm sure you've recieved plenty of hate-mail, I am interested, as a writer, in hearing more about you're experiences. I am writing a play about a group of "mis-fit" Muslims (myself being one of them). I would love to hear about your experience, and do not worry, I will not use your name or anything to associate you with what you tell me.

Asslamu Alaikum.


Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2000 20:15:26 -0800 (PST)

From: Farzan

Subject: From A Muslim from Portland, OR


Dear Sulayman,

Assalamu Alaykum,

Greetings from Portland, OR. My name is Farzan. I am a Muslim studying in Portland, OR. I read and was deeply impressed by the letter you posted on the web titled "Confessions of SulaymanX". May Allah te'ala grant you a good reward for your sincerity and honesty.

I am a gay Muslim and have struggled with many of the same questions you have struggled with for many years, albeit secretly and within myself. It is heartening to me that Gay Muslims are creating a forum for themselves and discussing issues.

Keep up the good work,

With Salaams



Date: Sat, 8 Jan 2000 12:57:28 +0000



Subject: please repent

In The Name of Allaah The Most Merciful The Most Mercy-Giving All Praise is Forever Due Allaah Lord, Cherisher and Sustainer of all The Worlds Peace and Blessings be upon His Messenger And His Messenger's family And All of His Messenger's Companions,

To: Sulayman

From: Robin

Dear Sulayman,

Uss salaamualaikum,

There is no doubt that Allaah has prohibited acts of homosexuality, bestiality, fornication and adultery - this is too overwhelmingly clear in the message brought to mankind by Allaah's final messenger (Peace be upon Him) to us .

If you are caught in the act of homosexual penetration in an Islamic State - then you would certainly be eligible for the death penalty. You could also volunteer for the death penalty as an act of repentance in an Islamic state - as some have done for adultery.

Anyhow, there is no death penalty outside an Islamic state whatsoever in these cases. But what remains is for you to ask Allaah to remove these evil cravings from you and to repent to Him sincerely. Repentance involves hating the crime, abstaining from the crime, no intention of repeating the crime and deep hearted repentance to Allaah.

I am aware of other homosexual brothers - insha'Allaah , this disease of the heart will be removed from them also.

I must affirm, however, that to lie about Allaah is the worst lie. If your heart is ill than admit it and work to remedy it. But to try to look for justification or allowance in Islaam is an even greater evil.

This is the domain of hypocrites, and great evil doers. It is also following the way of the jews and christians before us - which has been prophesised and clearly prohibited.

If you are not sure how to purify your heart and leave behind this abominable state of affairs, then my advice is as follows:

1) Make sure that your five pillars of Islaam are intact 2) Increase in reciting the Qur'aan and doing good deeds ? particularly good deeds to your family and neighbours. 3) Keep away from bad influence company 4) Keep away from bad environments 5) Keep away from all pornographic videos, magazines and literature - and destroy any that you may have. 6) Always ask Allaah to guide you upon the Truth and to save you from going astray. 7) Ask Allaah for Paradise and seek refuge in Him from the Hellfire 8) Beg Allaah for forgiveness when in prostration and in the last third of the night 9) Seek the company of righteous muslims The above were some spontaneous advice from myself - and you should know that evil deeds lead to further evil deeds and good deeds lead to further good deeds so you will be moving one way or another at any point in time.

May Allaah guide us aright and forgive us ameen



Date: Fri, 7 Jan 2000 00:03:23 -0800 (PST)

From: MO <> | Block address

Subject: fundamentalist religion = ignorance


When your faith condemns you for something that comes so naturally to you, and goes against your conscience, you know right then and there that God cannot possibly put such contradictory thoughts in your head and at the same time burn you in hell for thinking that way.

The Allah most Muslims are raised knowing is a figment of other people's imaginations. He doesn't love you, he doesn't hate you, he does not condemn you, and he's not a master puppeteer controlling you with concepts of predestination. In fact, he is not even a "he".

Congratulations for having reached a high level of reasoning, where your conscience determines your outlook.

As for those who have had plenty of swear words in reserve for you. They know full well, it wasn't anger that prompted them to condemn you, it was their own ignorance, lack of faith, and denial of their true feelings. The smarter thing for them to do would have been to ignore something that bothers them instead of visiting a homepage by a gay Muslim and spending useless minutes writing filth. They know they contribute nothing to religious discourse or human history, they end up being the burnt pages. I wonder what attracted them to this site in the first place, do you not wonder?


From: name withheld

To: <>

Subject: homosexuality

Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2000 15:56:22 -0800

Peace brothers and sisters,

The greatest shame I see in the world today is that Muslims are not united. We all believe the Quran to be the direct word of God. So we must be following something other than the word of God if we are so divided. I personally reject any Islamic teaching other than the word of God: the Quran.

The words of the Quran are the most enlightened, yet we fail to take heed. Having to read English translations, I myself witness the grand nature of God's words. No two translations convey the same exact meaning on some points. Every person interprets the Quran differently, only because it is God who guides us towards our understandings. Furthermore, let that be a testament to the way God revealed the Quran: many parts are left blurred for individual interpretation. Such as Sura 24:31. Some believe that means that women must wear a veil over their hair, others believe only over their bosoms. And if that is SUCH AN IMPORTANT issue, why did God leave the definition so blurred? The blur is of course intentional... and what the that intention promote, but freedom?? The Quran preaches a religion of individuality, but also of community. We ought to be a community of believers, but not a community conforming to one person's interpretation. That is why there is no compulsion in religion. God is our judge, not some mullah (and where did God order us to have mullahs?). We are all responsible only for what we do personally, and God is the greatest judge, he knows what's in our hearts.

And as for the issue of homosexuality, no where does the Quran say being gay is a sin. Gay sex is the sin. But even then, that commandment is not black and white either, for that principle comes from the words of Lot and not from God's personal words. Now, I've known Muslims who drank, gambled, practiced compulsion... in short, we all break some prinicple. And the extreme emphasis on homosexuality is in some ways unfair, not that I'm saying the behavior should be any more acceptable than drinking, adultery, etc. No one can guide us to be a better adherant to the Quran but God. That is why we pray so often, asking God for his guidance to the righteous path. So why don't we tolerate fellow believers like we are ordered to tolerate the disbelievers? Toleration means to put up with something, even if you don't like it.

So on a final note: I will always tolerate homosexuality. But never will I accept sinful behavior...accepting something means that you think it's okay. And saying that a sin is OK is rejecting God's revelations. Similarly, I'll tolerate people who believe in Wicca (an idolatrous neo-pagan religion) but never will I accept their behavior. Gay sex is only one of MANY vices, and it has to be tolerated, but not accepted.

(please don't list my e-mail address)


From: "Haroon Khan"


Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2000 14:55:32 GMT0BST

Subject: satanic innovation?

hello, i just thought i would reply to some of the comments made by someone on the 24th of december 1999 regarding the so callled "satanic innovations" of the narrations of the noble prophet muhammad (saaw). if you have read the quran thoroughly you no doubt have come across many ayahs telling the beliver to "obey Allah and obey his messenger". how can you claim to be a muslim and fear your lord when you do not accept the sayings of his final messenger. i must ask the question... do you pray? is so how do you pray? for you not find a verse in the quran which will tell you the number of rakahs to pray when exactly to pray etc etc. this in fornmatoion can only be found in the authentic narrations. if waht you are implying is that you doubt the authenticity of these hadith then that is why we have a chain of narration. no other religion can claim to have this intricrate system of classification with regards to thier teachings. the companions of the prophet (saaw) are referd to in the quran being pleased with Allah and that Allah is pleased with with them. in this case the trustworthyness of these people is unquestionable. of cousre their are some lies which have been attributed to the hadith but these have been routed out by the scholars of islam such as Imam Abu Hanifah and Imam Shafi'i. "and who ever apposes the messneger after the right path has been shown clearly to him and follows a path other then that of the believers, W e shall keep him on the path he has chosen and land him in Hell, what an evil destination!" surah An Nisa verse 115.


From: "Haroon Khan" <>

Organization: University Of East London


Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2000 13:48:36 GMT0BST


if all you people want is acceptance of whatever makes you happy then what if i say ( hypothetically speaking!) i enjoy sleepping with donkeys? is this still acceptable? and dont give me any crap about the donkey not being a willing participant! when will this madness stop? ill tell you when! when Allah's punishment decsends upon your candy queer ass, just as it did to the people of sodom and gomorah, as it happened to the people of pompeii who were also partial to a lttle ass now and then and it will happen to you inshallah!


From: "Ralph Cannon" <>

To: <>

Subject: as salaamu aliakum

Date: Wed, 5 Jan 2000 20:27:42 -0600

brother you have a lot of nerve gall,to have a website page dealing with the devine truth.concerning Allah's creation in which he created man and woman in the best of molds. yet man chooses,to be ungrateful,displeased with his natural origin.Allah created man and woman to do one thing . to be obdient and be a slave to him may your bed be in the hellfire .the deepest depth of the hell fire and burn forever


Date: Wed, 05 Jan 2000 20:15:15 -0500



Subject: stop

Gay people do not belong in the religion of Islam. Through the stories of the prophets Gay people have historically been persecuted by God. This thing you are doing is disgusting to me and fellow Muslims around the world. You make our religion look very bad by doing this. There is no place for you here. You are just becoming a large hypocrite and your jihad is far from valid. Please for the sake of your own soul stop this stupidity.


From: | Block address

Date: Wed, 5 Jan 2000 11:28:32 EST

Subject: (no subject)


seek refuge in Allah against shaitan the accursed devil before you burn in hell for eternity. shaitan has possessed your soul with a firm grip. You are of a reprobated mind, may Allah make you and your gay companions fuel for the fire, may He cause you and your companions great suffering in this life and definitely in the next.


Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2000 14:15:38 -0500 (EST)

From: <>

To: Sulayman X <>

Subject: Re: [queer-jihad] Queer Jihad Project

YOU WILL NEVER BE EXCEPTED!!! I REALLY HOPE THAT YOUR EYES ARE OPEN BEFORE THE DAY OF JUDGEMENT. It is obvious that you are not reading the Quran. Return to your roots explore REAL ISLAM. How can you call yourself Muslim and not read the Quran.


From: | Block address

Date: Sun, 2 Jan 2000 23:22:17 EST

Subject: (no subject)


As salaamualaikum, Sulayman though you are gay I do not hate you the qur'an does condemn homosexual acts which means that two men shall not lie together. However, muslims are encouraged to keep their sins to themselves. Only ALlah knows why gay individuals have been created perhaps it is a greater test on them to see if they will succomb to their own passions and desires or if their faith in him is stronger than anything else. ALlahu ALam. I honestly do not know but all I can say is to follow the qur'an and Islams teaching and do not act out in a sexual manner for that is a great sin. Pray each day as you do and

remember that for every sacrifice that you make in this life you will be rewarded so much more so in the next. Once again I tell you I do not hate you and accept that yes you are a muslim at heart and hence, I tell you to keep up your faith for in the end it is upto Allah to decide what is to become of your soul but as long as you live the life of a muslim and do not fornicate outside of marriage, gamble, speak untruths, drink alcohol, eat pork etc. you will remain a muslim and will be rewarded as such. Perhaps your reward will be much greater for your sacrifices and great pains. Think of that and perhaps your present life shall be happier.


Abdul Latif


Best of luck and remember to tamper with the word of God is a great sin. Anyone who does will burn eternally. The word is as it is and we must accept it as such for it has never been changed. We must look to it for solutions and answers. Allah tests those whom he knows can handle it and he does not give a person a greater burden than they can bear. You must be a strong individual as must be many others who feel as you do but do not act out their desires but instead choose to embrace their deen even more. Yes it is true that the prophet said that homosexuals must be killed by being thrown off a high peak but also remember he spoke of the people who gave in to their desires and acted upon them. FOr it was men who had slept with other men and exposed their sins to the world that were killed. Ramadhan Mubarak akhee.


From: "ahmed hud" <>

To: <>


Date: Mon, 3 Jan 2000 02:15:24 -0000

I feel I have commited a sin by just accessing and reading your comments. I as a muslim am begging you not to further spread your propoganda aimed at destroying a religion which is a gift for all mankind. I do not believe a muslim actually wrote this site rather it is the efforts of an infidel out to disillusion our educated muslim youth. Education and advancement of civilisation does not require tolerance of those things which we in our heart know to be wrong. I have done my best to refrain from ranting and raving, however, this propoganda is a direct threat to Islam and as such cannot be taken as just a passing phase. Dear fellow citizen of the world all I can say is that come judgement day you will be in for a shock. Allah is full of mercy but when one sets out to encourage others to do and tolerate sin I am sure our Lord will not be as forgiving. May you find the true path and true peace, I shall pray for you.


From: "anon anon" <> | Block address

Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 13:44:34 +0000



Mr Kaffir

U have no right to call yourself a muslim. To say on your site that islam accepts homosexuality is extremely wrong.

I know that u r a convert so let me give u a little lesson about the qu'ran. It is clearly mentioned in the qu'ran that DO NOT TAKE THE QU'RAN AT FACE VALUE. To everything in the qu'ran there is an underlying message.

Only the one with islam in his heart can interpret the qu'ran and its messages. Obviously i can tell from your site that u r muslim just by name but not by nature.

If allah had accepted homosexuality then what was the need to create Adam & Eve?????

So my suggestion is that u remove every trace of mentions to the qu'ran on your site. Clearly u r totally misguided.



From: | Block address

Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2000 14:22:23 EST

Subject: Greetings


Greetings my brothers,

I was checking out your fine website's page that included other religious groups. Having assumed that your intention was/is to point the viewer to Gay friendly religious organizations, it surprised me to find a link in your page to Baha'i World. The reason that I am surprised is because the Baha'i Faith is not welcoming of active, or out Gay people and has been known to censure, discipline and even expel closeted Gay people when they are discovered or when they come out. On the other hand, there is the pro-Gay Baha 'is Under the Provisions of the Covenant, which is another 'sect' of the Baha'i religion (there are three active Baha'i sects at this moment), and you may want to consider them for inclusion in your website; though I recommend reading it first! Although, I myself am not a Baha'i and much less a member of the BUPC (they are a little too apocalyptically inclined for my taste) mentioned above, I think that it would be a better choice for your website than the heterosexist and sometimes homophobic mainstream Baha'i World Faith. Of course, I am assuming that you do not already know this and simply have chosen to ignore the sometimes wacky Baha'is Under the Provisions of the Covenant website; I could be wrong. Anyway, I just thought that I would send this note your way, just in case. If you wish to write back to me, I can be reached at this e-mail address, <<FthInChrst>>. God Bless You!

Sincerely, Ernesto Borges Torres Secure in the embrace of a loving and just God.

From: "Hyder Raza" <>


Date: Wed, 29 Dec 1999 09:59:24 EST Reply-

Waalakuems Salaam:

No offense, but I would rather request you to belong to the normal category of people, the way God intended people to be, and try to avoid His Anger. I hope more from you especially that you are a Muslim. You also know that scientific findings have found gay relationships to be more harmful/disease causing. Allah forbade that centuries ago what scientists are finding out today. Please educate yourself, read Quraan where it is stated that a whole group of people belonging to Hazrat Loot Aleh Salaam were destroyed because they were gays.

I hope you understand and sorry if you found it offensive where it is not.




Date: Tue, 28 Dec 1999 15:20:00 +1100

From: Michael Barnett <>


Subject: Explanation


I don't really want to subscribe to your group, but want to pass a request on. Below is a message I just posted to thegay-arab-list that I also want to post to your group.


Hello. My name is Michael and I am involved in a Jewish gay social/support group in Melbourne, Australia. I have received a call a little while ago from a married gay/bi Palestinian guy who is living in Melbourne. He wanted to make contact with other people in his situation but didn't know who to contact. I wasn't able to help him either.

Do you know of gay arab/palestinian guys in Australia I could put him in touch with? I don't have an email address for him but I think he does have net access. Please reply directly to me if possible.

Thank you, Michael.


Date: Thu, 30 Dec 1999 23:06:10 -0800 (PST)

From: appi jaan <> | Block address



dear brotther sulayman, may allah guide you to the right path.

before we go into any discussions, let your sister know about one thing; HAVE YOU ACCEPTED ISLAM WHICH MEANS SUBMISSION TO ALLAH'S WILL OR DO YOU WANT ISLAM accept you as it's god. DO YOU WAKE UP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT AND WEEP TO ALLAH TO GUIDE YOU TO THE STRAIGHT PATH NO MATTER HOW strongly YOUR WISHES DISLIKE IT? DO YOU KNOW THAT SUFISM LEADS TO NEGATION TO NAFS YET ENJOYING THE VERY BEST OF THIS WORLD TOO. HAVE LOOKED INTO YOURSELF THAT BEFORE YOU COULD SUBMIT YOUR WHOLE SELF TO ALLAH YOU ARE DEPENDENT ON OTHER PEOPLE HAVING TRAITS LIKE U'S TO GIVE YOURSELF A MEANING TO LIVE. believe me brother,allah is all embracing and forgiving,yet he wants to see sincerety in hearts to guide. u need islam and not muslims like you and then u'll find true muslims too. i pray for youand hope that you ask the questions to yourself which i asked you, everynight when allah is near you and you really mean to need to submit to HIM. U'r SISTER APPI.


From: | Block address

Date: Thu, 30 Dec 1999 23:46:58 EST

Subject: (no subject)


Assalaamaliekum. Thank you for your "confessions" I am not a Muslim but am becoming a Sufi. I have learned much about Islam and will continue to improve my relationship with Allah. While I have been overjoyed with my conversion, I have felt a lot of confusion about Islam's view of gays. I am sure I will have lots of opportunities to continue to live this tension. Your thoughts have given me a lot to consider. The only conclusion I have come upon myself so far is that if I am going to be humble enough to submit to the will of Allah and Allah has made me gay, then I must except that. I hope you are having a good Ramadan. This is my first attempt of celebrating it. It has been good. Thanks again for your work and if I can be of comfort and support to you, do not hesitate to ask.


Date: Thu, 30 Dec 1999 12:15:48 -0800 (PST)

From: Naomi Kahn <> | Block address

Subject: YOUR SITE


Having read but just a few of the comments on the comments page I must say that I was saddened, deeply saddened. I dont know who you really are mr. sulayman x (please get a more original name-don't disgrace the respected malcolm x), but I know one thing-you can definitlely NOT be a PRACTISING homosexual MUSLIM. Such a term does not exist, and by your insisting so, all true mulsims (believers) should know that this is an innovation on your part, and so Allah (swt) will deal with you I am sure when your time comes. This can also be seen if the readers notice that mr.sulayman is the leader of a new group called 'the prophets' who combine the teachings of islam, christianity and so on into forming their own 10 commandments.

If you want to create your own religion, then do so...BUT PLEASE do not disgrace any other existing religion, especially Islam, which will never change-and is a way of life for true practising muslims even in this day and century. AGAIN, Islam will NEVER recognise, be aware, or accept the fact that some of 'you' have homosexual identities.

You seem to enjoy ridiculing the true islam with your own perverse ideas and way of living. Its sad to see you interpreting verses in the Glorius Quran to make it 'possibly' fit your way of life. Homosexuality (sexual preference and sexual activity with the same sex) is A SIN. IT is CLEARLY mentioned in the Quran. Man and woman were made for each other, mainly (but not solely) to pro-create. This is a FACT, the true word from Allah (swt). Denying this is rejecting islam, because being a muslim is submitting to God's will.

Futhermore, I am so sick and tired of hearing how Allah would never create something to destroy it etc...Why were we put on this earth? This part of our life is transient compared to the afterlife. Our being on earth is only a mere test, part of Allah's (swt) Design and Plan, of which only He knows in its entirety. He sent us (by His Grace) guidelines and a way of living to be succcessful in this world and thus for the next world (afterlife). We are not supposed to change anything for our comfort or liking etc. Instead we should go to all extents to please Allah (swt) as outlined in the Quran and Sunnah.

YOU, on the other hand, seem to be doing the contrary. It seems like you're letting your 'desires' cloud up your thinking and mentality. All I can say to the fellow true muslim brothers and sisters coming to this site is-leave this guy alone. He seems to like getting attention and seems to be stuck on being gay and thinking he is a muslim. Only in NAME mr. sulaymanx, only in NAME. Us true muslims have tried helping people like you-but its no use-you are set in your let it be-and let Allah (swt) deal with this kafir.

To reiterate sulayman, I think a surah in the Quran pretty much sums up how I feel about you and your kind:

Say (O Muhammad (Peace be upon him)to these Mushrik?n and K?fir?n): "O Al-K?fir?n (disbelievers in All?h, in His Oneness, in His Angels, in His Books, in His Messengers, in the Day of Resurrection, and in Al-Qadar, etc.)! I worship not that which you worship, Nor will you worship that which I worship. And I shall not worship that which you are worshipping. Nor will you worship that which I worship. To you be your religion, and to me my religion (Isl?mic Monotheism)." (Surah 109. Al-K?fir?n)

Wa salaam to all my true muslim brothers and sisters.

P.s sulayman x-dont come back with a reply as being not knowing the difference between homosexuality and sexual activity...(as is a common reply to some of the comments)-the truth is IN I mentioned before, both homosexuality and sexual activity with the same sex is A SIN!!!!


From: "draishalove" <>

To: <>

Subject: ramadan mubarak

Date: Thu, 30 Dec 1999 08:38:06 -0500

as salaam alaikum, i do not believe that everybody who responds to you regarding this issue is against you personally, but some bring facts of the Qu'ran to represent whether or not homosexuality activity is allowed in Islam, i do not understand your comment on the difference between homosexuality and homosexual activity, if what you mean is that you are inclined towards the same sex, but due to the belief in the islamic faith and the restriction of sex within the marital confines therefore you do not practice homosexual activity then i think that in sha allah you will be rewarded with your perserverence in your test, but if this is the case, is there not then a place in your own thinking that proves to yourself without the help of other's that homosexual activity is wrong because of sexual restrictions of no sex outside of marriage, i have heard other's say that homosexual's cannot be gay, this i refute, because while reading the Qu'ran with my limited understanding i have only seen one thing that Allah himself says he does not forgive and that is committing shirk or associating partners with Allah, may Allah guide us all, forgive us and envelope us in His Mercy, Ramadan Mubarak to all my brothers and sisters , ma salaama dr. aisha love