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Subject: please delete your site!
Date: Mon, 07 Dec 1998 06:33:28 -0600

please delete this site as it may encourage more muslims to become gays.

Subject: This is NOT hate mail!!!
Date: Mon, 07 Dec 1998 06:12:22 -0600

This is NOT a hate mail.
For Allah's sake please read it to the end and reply to me.
I mean no evil I mean only good.

oh u poor man:

u must have spent great deal of time writing your "masterpice".  i'm
really sorry for u and all your perverted beliefs.  i pray Allah that u
r only one of those infidels who r trying to bring division into the
Faith and passing themselves as muslims.

if u r a muslim, i can feel nothing but contempt and pity for u.

there's a Hadith which says: "before the judgement day there will be 73
muslim sects and only one of them will be the true muslims.  do u think
u belong to that very sect with these beliefs of yours???

there have been research going on which tells us that there's no such a
thing as inborn homosexuality and u can easily become heterosexual one
whenever u want to.

u become homosexual either from excessive sexual relations with women or
complete lack of such relations; i.e. when they can't get sex from women
u they get it from men.  yes there r probably people which say it's not
because of any of those reasons.  and they MAY be right.  that's because
they have given themselves to the worldly pleasures and can no control
themselves.  they THINK they are gays and they THINK they can't change
that while in fact they CAN very simply if their minds become just more
spiritual, if they can become strong enough to say the iblis (satan)
NO!!!  if they can realize how filthy it is to be a gay!!!

u can by no means by any quatation in Quran any Hadith prove that it is
acceptable to be a gay.  because it is NOT.  i'm not very good at
Hadiths or Quran but i'm sure islam has never accepted homosexual

u r either muslim or u r a gay.  u must have learnt that bullshit within
many christian churches where they actually encourage being a gay
christian.  well man, this is ISLAM, the last of the Truthful
religions!!!  do not associate anything christian with ISLAM!!!  the
time christianity was valid has long before gone!!!

muslims r not like any NATION on earth!!!  muslims r SPECIAL.  there's
no proof whatsoever that there r 60 million "muslims who r gay" simply
because there is no such a concept like "muslim gay"!!!  remember 73
sects!!!  do u think U can belong to that very sect with your beliefs???

i don't have the slightest wish to understand why it may be okay to be a

u r either muslim or gay!!!

how could u ever become so filthy?  r u a white american?  is it because
of your environment?  is it because USA is so morally inferior country?
have u lived in the USA very long?  i'm sure if u were given a little
bit of normal education u wouldn't be such an idiot, such ignorant of
the Truth.

i'm not trying to teach u anything.  what i only request from u fro
ALLAH's sake delete your "masterpiece" so that the people do not become
afraid of ISLAM thinking all muslims r gays like u..

let ALLAH bring u to the right path!!!

assalamu aleykum
Seyitguly Batyrov
email: <>

P.S. Please reply to me regardless of my (just) accusations.
do u really question PROPHET'S words???  u must be insane!!!  read more
ENGLISH books, kiddo!!!

i really wanna understand u but i can't!






It's just NOT NORMAL what u r doing man.

U say u love Allah then sacrifice my worldly wishes for him!!!  There r
many muslims who die as virgins!  So if to listen to u we can as well
easily accept ADULTERY as a normal thing to do!!!  we can't change our
desires so we should fuck WOMEN!!!  right???

i want to help u very much.

please answer my letter.

I don't think you want to help me so much as you want to talk to me, and the only reason I can think of for that is that you are probably gay and want someone to convince you it is okay. It is. - Sulayman X

Subject: Salam
Date: Mon, 7 Dec 1998 17:07:37 +0800 (MYT)
From: Zubedy <>

Dear Sulayman X,

I am a Muslim. I am not gay.

Eventhough i have not done enough study on Islam and Homosexuality, I do not
think God is against it. It is unlike Him to do that. In all his limitless
Glory, God has one limitation. He does not do stupid things. And condemming
homosexuals is plain stupid.

I have down loaded your book and some articles and will help in writing as
soon as i have something worth reading. For the time being, please do not
post my e-mail address and name(kindly use the initials).

Here are some God's word to keep you going...

                           "Surely, those who believe, those who are Jewish,
                           the Christians the  converts; ANYONE who
                           (1) believes in GOD and
                           (2) believes in the Hereafter, and
                           (3) leads a righteous life,
                           will receive their recompense from their Lord;
                           they have nothing to fear, nor will they grieve."

                           Quran 5:69 and 2:62

                           "So lose not heart,
                            nor fall into despair,
                            for ye must gain mastery
                            If ye are true in Faith."

                           Quran  3:139

Salam and happy fasting.

A. Z.

(Anas Zubedy)

Subject: Asalaam Alaikuum my ass
Date: Fri, 4 Dec 1998 21:10:37 -0500 (EST)

a true muslim or anyone adhering to any monotheistic faith should know that
homosexuality is forbidden.  I am not saying that I know all of the answers,
but good grief, read the Quran, what do you think that the "people of Lut"
were doing? do you think that they were weaving baskets or something, do you
think that's why God destroyed them.  Get a life.

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Subject: No place
Date: Fri, 4 Dec 1998 20:38:52 EST

Hello, ( and I say hello b/c you are not considered to be Muslim), I am very
sad to see that you people are connecting such an anti-Islamic issue with
great faith.  I suggest you read the Qur'an, and try to specifically notice
the part where Allah(S.W.A) has clearly told us that a man is for a woman
a woman is for a man.  It's not a joke!  What is wrong with you people; I
don't understand how you can consider yourselves Gay/Lesbian and Muslim at
same time, the two don't mix!
I, and many of my fellow Muslim Brothers and Sisters, find what you are
to be a great insult to Islam.  Think about it! if you really find
to be Muslims then you should realize that Gay/Lesbian's have  NO PLACE in
creations of ALLAH.

Subject: hi
Date: Fri, 04 Dec 1998 01:44:56 -0500

Assalamu alikum,
      i saw your site and just wanted to drop you a line.  I myself was
born in a Muslim  family and it has only been less than two years or so
that I have really taken an interest in Islam and started praying,
Alhamdu'Allah.  It is truly a blessing of God (SWT).  To be honest with
you I really don't know how I feel about Islam and Homosexuality.  But I
just wanted to say how happy i am for you for  embracing Islam and
converting despite all the terrible stereotype on the media.  I see your
conversion to Islam as blessing of Allah, just like mine, and Praise
belongs to only Allah (SWT) for us embracing Islam and not to us or
others.  We certainly do face many challenges in life, and I pray to
Allah (SWT) that he will help you make the right decsion on this matter.

may Allah (SWT) bless you, ped

Subject: food for thought
Date: Wed, 2 Dec 1998 07:45:34 -0800 (PST)
From: md ali saeran <>

It was heartening to have discovered your site,a forum to discuss the
difficult issue of homosexuality in Islam.I just want to share my very
own confusions growing up. I am now 30 years old, single, having
homosexual tendencies but nontheless not entirely gay.
I however admit to be more gay than straight.I am a muslim, an aspect
of myself that torments me because of the apparent rejection of our
religion to the gay lifestyle. I have tried in futility to reconcile
our religion to the nature that is present in myself and had in fact
been relatively religious a significant part of my life. I suppose
throughout those period, I had simply suppressed the part of myself
that is gay and chose to adopt the straighter part of me. It was
really confusing and depressing as I knew myself and simply could not
deny my true self ( this must sound familiar ). Anyway eventually I
stopped my religious practices because of this contradiction. I had
always seen it as contradicting when i conduct prayer but  had also
lusted over men ( and sometimes women ). This is something I find hard
to reconcile.I have waited my whole life for that part of me to
disappear and for me to be like the others but am simply wasting my
time. I have therefore accepted myself for what I am.

I have accepted for myself that having homosexual tendencies is not
wrong ( afterall you just feel it ), being homosexually inclined is
not wrong in Islam, falling and being in love with another person of
the same sex is still love unforced, as such it is a precious human

In my own limited understanding however, I believe that The Quran
detested homosexual acts, not homosexuals, surely it was God himself
who created humans with their many colours.To condemn people with
homosexual tendencies is to deny Gods' creation.
I believe therefore that homosexuality must only be taken as a test of
faith, if you have it then you have to control it and do good works. I
know I may sound hypocritical or contradictory ( it's hard or even
impossible to refrain from acting out your sexual desires ) but this
is the only satisfactory reconciliation for my own predicament, one
that I found complementing Islamic values.I know that this argument
favours the heterosexuals who apparently have no problems since they
could act out their desires, but this is the only answer I could find.
To put it bluntly, I have not encountered any surah or hadiths saying
that homosexual acts are allowed, in fact the contrary. Sometimes I
feel doomed because of the sheer impossibility of this task, which is
to control sexual desire ( deviant or otherwise ), it being the
essence of the human person.

I have threaded the path of sin, admitting that the homosexual acts I
committed are sinful in the eyes of Islam ( as is promiscous
heterosexual acts before and after marriage). I have adopted a guiding
principle for myself that the best person in the eyes of the loving
God are therefore those that control their baser desires, show love
and compassion to fellow human beings and do good works.

I could make homosexual acts be a right thing from a secular viewpoint
or intellectual argument, but I knew as all muslims do that one cannot
separate ones faith from ones life. Islam shall and always will impose
its tenets on its followers.

I believe that God would not punish me for having homosexual
tendencies ( I did not ask for it, it just is )just that it is
islamically not permitted to act on it.Being the ever erring humans
that we are,I nevertheless believe that God will be always be
forgiving to the repentent sinner for whatever sins he committed.

I hope that I do not sound very confused, this is a difficult issue
for me. I think that I am still trying to seek comfort for my
state,seeking others who share my dillema. I am not trying to be fully
straight, I am what I am, only hopeful for a more rational, clearer
and sympathetic understanding of the issues from an Islamic

I welcome a mature and intellectual exchange of opinions on this
issue.I salute sulaiman x and his team for their bravery and
conviction and hope that this site will be a source of information and
comfort to those needing it.

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Subject: You Queers
Date: Tue, 1 Dec 1998 21:56:43 -0500
From: Mohammed Halabi <>

I shall not even say Salam to you.  Someone who yet sayes they are a
muslim but yet puts down the word of Allah many times.  You are a
disgrace, and should stop affiliating yourself with such a charecter as
Malcom X.  He was a righteous man, but you, unless you queers don't change
yourselves, your punishment shall be waiting in the hereafter.  You might
laugh at this message, but i hope my message and all other muslim brothers
who have tried to persuade you will be brought aginst you one day.  Being
gay can be healed.  Have you ever heard of an Imam who heals by reading
from the Holy Text of The Qu'ran, nevertheless someone as your self, does
not have such belive in this and will laugh at this idea.  Your gene
theory could be right, however my friend God did create the molecule, and
he put the atom inside the molecule, and yet put the smallest particle
inside that atom.  And yet you queers are going to challenge the word of
god over chemistry.  That proves you are untrue muslims.  Go to a mosque
seek help, put this page down, and strive in pleasing God, not making your
punishment even worse.  This just proves a human's ignorance, selfeshness,
and jeleousy.  I say this because all you queers want every man or woman
to be gay or lesbian just because you want all to feel with you, is this
not true.  Put this page down, this is the smartest idea.


Date: Tue, 01 Dec 1998 05:41:19 PST
From: "the strangestrange" <>

Do you think you could reply to my last letter.

Do you think you could come up with something interesting to reply to instead the insipid drivel in your last post??? - Sulayman X

Subject: muslim lesbian
Date: Tue, 1 Dec 1998 01:51:47 EST

Hey, may name is Houda. I would like to know about queer jihad. Is this an
organisation of Muslim homosexuals? Where are you located and what are you
doing? In Amsterdam we are having a kind of big comunity of Arabic gays and
very few lesbians. In Berlin it´s mostly Turkish lesbians and gays. Most
activities are dancing and shows, but it starts to get political aswell.
Please respond. Houda

Subject: realize
Date: Mon, 30 Nov 1998 22:47:27 PST

Starting in the name of Allah the All Mighty God.

To Sulaiman

I just happen to visit your site and whant to educate you and pray that
if you are true then you come back to see the light. I won't make it
The wrong acts and doing of all kind including the one of yours is being
around ever since god have created the satan. When Allah created a man,
Adam, and ask all the angels to bow down to him. All but one refused and
he was expailded from the havens into the earth. Before living he ask
Allah to give him the power to mislead his creation in the earth and he
was granted his wish. So already you see hear that no power exceeds
Allah's. Long time later Allah send the final Prophet, Muhamed s.a.w.,
to perfect and finalized the his teaching to menkind mainly of how to be
saved from the satan which he created and do the righteuos things he
showed to earn paradized. Now it is to us human being to decide wheather
to follow satan or to earn paradize. A person have a right to follow
what ever is desired, but he/she should do it realizing the
consequinces. A nation have laws to protect innocense people from being
heart in any ways by other wrong doers. Islam is that nation which
protects people in their right minds from the ones who simply does not
realize their fault. Sometimes punishments have been made hard, even to
dead, just to stop the wrong doers from spreading all the bad things
such as deseases, killings, tortures to both the environment and public.

I personaly have been saved from lot of wrong doing to me or to others
simply because of Islam. It's teaching of all the right things made me a
better person in this world and also next world to come. It's teaching
of strong punishments kept me away from being a bad person. Lot of times
some of the teachings didn't make sence
then but with little patient I realized what a mistake it would have

Please realize that all living creators growing in this earth are due to
mating male and female together. Because of your mom and dad getting
together you were born. Two dads or two moms Would not have made it
possible. Same things goes for the animals, threes, mammals. Even Satans
have moms and pops to make more of them.

May Allah make you realize the right doing and enable you to spend your
times sharing them with others. Please do not say things you do not
understand or realize them for you may regrat later when it's to late.

Do not reply me back at this address. I will not receive it. I'll inform
you later of my own address. You may share this with others without the

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Subject: Homo.
Date: Mon, 30 Nov 1998 13:44:54 -0500
From: Wayne Lewis <>

I am interested in Muslim religion, but in any religion its wrong to
negative to  negative
I would like your out look on this.


Subject: Read Quran
Date: Sun, 29 Nov 1998 17:05:30 -0600
From: "Faisal Nayeem" <>
To: <>

I just have one question for you.  Do you honestly feel in your heart that
you are a TRUE Muslim?

Do you honestly feel in your heart that anyone is a TRUE Muslim except people like you? - Sulayman X

Subject: May Allah guide you
Date: Sun, 29 Nov 1998 02:38:42 EST

I don't think you are a muslim at all because if you were you wouldn't be
promoting all this nonsense about Islam.  You are probably a christian
disguised as a muslim to deceive others who are not very strong in their
belief.  If you are truly a muslim you wouldn't be quoting from the bible -
the Holy Quran should be sufficient. Our religion is not to be compromised
the whims and desires of men!

Date: Fri, 27 Nov 1998 14:39:10 +0100
From: Anouar TRABELSI <>

salut sulayman,
I'm student in france, i preapere phd about arabic bisexuality and
homosexuality on internet, i ask for your complicity (bibliofraphy,
I'am tunisian, and you ??

Subject: confused
Date: Thu, 26 Nov 1998 12:35:20 -0800
From: Balzanova Adriana <>
Organization: JFL UK

This is really an absurd site.You people are speculating verses in the
Qur'an to justify your behaviour.I have nothing personal against
homosexuals.Thanks to Allah I've never had any contact with any.But
please don't disgrace the name of Islam by opening this site.It's so
pathetically ironic that you talk about rights in Islam and on the other
hand you put in articles such as 'never mind about God'.Let me tell you
something.I'm the worst muslim you 'd ever find.I do not take good care
of my prayer timings and reading the HOLY QUR'AN{I hope you know that it
is holy}but atleast I try not to disgrace the name of Islam.You changed
your name from such a beautiful one such as MUHAMMED to
X.Astagferallah.By the way,do you know of even one prophet who was
homosexual?Start speculationg on this brother..........

Subject: May Allah guide you out of the darkness and into the light
Date: Thu, 26 Nov 1998 09:59:51 PST
From: "amina mohammed" <>

Assalaamu Alaikum Brother Sulayman.

I have to say that after reading your articles about Muslims who have
unfortunately fallen into Shaitan's trap and given in to their
homosexuality, I don't feel so much anger at you, but rather I feel
Please brother, look into your heart and realize that you are putting
your desires ahead of your duty to your Lord and Creator, Allah! You
posted an article which argues that the Qur'an does not specifically
forbid homosexuality, but within that article (written by a kuffar),
there are arguments against the Qur'an itself.  Do you realize that by
saying that the Qur'an has contradictions and that the Prophet Muhammad
(saw)'s message was based on previous revelations and not the divine
revelation of Allah, this article is a clearly denying that Islam is the
Truth and the final message of Allah.
If you support this, you are engaging in SHIRK, and you are
participating in an act of KUFR.  Please, for your own sake, if you will
not agree that homosexulaity is a sin, at least remove this article
which attempts to disprove that Islam is the truth.  (I won't go into
the arguments of why this personb's interpretations of the Qur'an are
wrong, but briefly, he did not follow the method prescribed for
interpreting in which was laid oput by the Prophet Muhammad (saw)).
Insha-Allah, I pray that Allah guides you back to the STRAIGHT path,
insha-Allah.  Look into your heart and I am sure you will realize that
what ytou are doing in wrong, and this web site only adds to your sin.
Allah does not punish us for our thoughts, but he does punish us for our
sinful actions.  May Allah have mercy on you and guide you.  Wa-Salaamu
Alaikum, Tahera.

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Subject: General
Date: Thu, 26 Nov 1998 10:14:09 GMT
From: Umran <>

        Under Shar'iah law you would be persecuted, I know this isnt a very
good way to begin but you really need to understand the fact that any muslim
that believes he is gay has nullified his shahadh, which is the first pillar
of Islam.
        I was breifly reading through your web site and realised within a
few seconds the disjointed arguments and indiviualistic view points of many
believers and non believers. You need to understand the fact that ration and
personal opinion only exist for a human being, until the moment he
assertains the fact that Allah (SWT) does exist and the Qur'an is definitely
from something unlimited and not man made. Once this has been established
your personal views and opinions are invalid. Relating to this if you call
yourtself muslims (one who submitts to God) then you must have read the
story of a past prophet and his people Lut, and the story which relates to
it about a nation of people which drove their sexual desires on man instead
of females. Then the prophet and his family, not including his wife left the
town and a rainstorm of stones came and destroyed them all. This Allah has
depicted and described to man that he would understand various aspects of
nature. Relating to this Allah(SWT) has mentioned in the Qyr'an that when
this type of behavoiur occurs and similar types of openly expressed
fornication. He will send desise upon desise that even your fathers and
forefathers hadn't heard of. Also you will never be able to cure it (ring a
bell, AIDS). Just remember that certain things are ordained/ Predestiny
which only Allah knows i.e life, death, our rizzukh and the final day. The
other type of destiny is our one which we lead on a day to day basis and
make desisve desisions upon. We have the choice of enjoing what has been
commanded as good(ma'rouf) and to forbid what is evil(munkar), the
prohibited. Only mankind(us) and the jinn have this free will to derive from
and make desisions.
        There is no way that you can justify the fact that homosexuality is
prescribed in Islam from our creater unless it is being fabricated buy the
non belivers or even corrupt muslims who wish to follow thier vain desires.
Unfortunantly you seem to have a defeated mentality. Just remember what
Allah says in the Qur'an about the Kuffar and how they will not be pleased
with you until you revert from your ways and become like them. Also a final
point that you should be aware of is the fact that when the dijjal is here
his followers will be obviously the jews and the homosexuals. Think deeply
and ponder of what Allah has revealed to us, and understand the fact that
the Kuffar cannot destroy us blatently by means of open persecution but
instead by defeating and destroying our understanding of the dean(the
undiluted path to success).

Date: Wed, 25 Nov 1998 12:31:06 PST
From: "bint al-Islaam" <>

Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem

 Did you know that being gay is haraam? I just wantes to let you know
that you are far from the strait path and you need to change your ways
fast or you will be in big trouble with Allaah on the Day of Judgement.
You need to stop calling yourself Muslim, because you aren't, and you
need to take your revolting webpage off of the net. You are propagating
false things about islaam. You can have your little gay page, but you
can't call yourself muslim, because by Allaah, I swear you aren't
because you are denying the word of Allah. What you are doing is
revolting and in the eyes of Allah far worse. Allah made man and woman
to get married and have children. You can't have children if you have
intercourse with your brother! I seek refuge in Allah! I pray that
Allaah Subhaanu wa ta'aala guides you to islaam.

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Subject: questions for lesbian Muslims
Date: Wed, 25 Nov 1998 13:39:39 EST

  Hello.  My name is Mary Al-Rajabi.  I'm a Unitarian woman married to a
Muslim man.  I am working on a paper for college on Women in Islam.  I'd
to include some information on lesbians in Islam.  If there are any women
could send me a brief message about how their lives as Muslims have been
affected by being lesbian, I'd really appreciate it.  How did your families
react when they learned that you were lesbian?  Do you still pray in the
mosque?  Are there any verses in the Quran that you find either helpful or
hurtful?  What were your experiences in Islamic countries?  Do you wear
Islamic dress?  Why stay a Muslim and not convert?
  This next question is for Sulayman.  Why did you convert to Islam?  I mean
no disrespect, but it seems strange to me that you would join a faith that
subjugates you.
  Thank you for your time.
              Mary Al-Rajabi

Subject: Hello
Date: Wed, 25 Nov 1998 09:58:17 PST
From: "kibla khan" <>

When I came across this article I was shocked.  Is this how low the
Ummah has fallen.  Once Muslims ruled and dominated the world - the
world humbled before the might of the Islamic state.  Today muslims are
being butchered, raped, starved, expelled from our lands in Bosnia,
Kosovo, Kashmir, Chechnia, Somalia, Palestine, Iraq ....the list goes
on. Our lands are the richest in resources yet we are the poorest, most
mis-managed countries in the world, economically and politically
inferior.  So what has chaged.  Simple we have abaonded Islam - our way
of life, our values, ideologies, what we difine as being good and bad,
no longer eminate from the Quran and the Sunna, but from the desires of
man.  The systems that govern are man-made.

I do not blame the muslims for their ignorance - simply because at
present Islam does not exist to guide, educate and protect the dignity
and honour of the muslims. Since the demise of the Islamic state in 1924
- the capitalist and communist way of life have domintaed the world.
Their ideas and values have permeated into the minds of the muslims.  We
believe in such concepts as freedom and democracy.  Freedom does not
exist anywhere - simply because in every country laws and legislation
exist to kerb the actions of people - remember freedom is an absolute
term - so how can you be free when laws restrict you and definity you
need laws to keep society, sociable.  The preaching of this concept has
turned the US into a society full of criminals.  It is estimated that by
the year 2030 there will be more people in prison than out of prison in
the US. On one hand you tell people you are free and on the other hand
you tell you can't steal, can't rape, can't do this, can't do that.

Democracy is shirk.  People have no right to make laws - this right
belongs to Allah alone - even the intellectuals at the time democracy
was fabricated (2000 years ago) like Plato and Socrates have criticised
it.  "How can a sheperd know about the affairs of the state" - Socrates.
Humans are limited in their knowledge, any system or law they create
will be limited, influenced by their own bias.  Allah in unlimited, when
he decrees a law it is objective and correct
        "There might be something which you like, but it is bad for
        you.  There might be something which you hate, but it is
        good for, you know not only Allah knows" - Quran
Human beings follow their whims and desires and do not view the impact
of their actions objectively, their opinions can change overtime.  For
example in the UK homosexuals where viewed with disgust 20 years now
they accepted.  What will happen in another 20 years - men having sex
with boys and girls - peadophiles use the same arguments as the gays -
that they cannot help themselves.  Humans should not be allowed to
define law, that applies to sexuality.  What happens to the man who
defines his sexuality as having it off with a three year old girl.
Freedom isn't it.  Child is abuse is rife in the US.  That's why it
occurs in the US and Capitalist world - which at the moment is the
entire world.

In the  west, in particular the US, the sickness of their ideology can
be seen - in the high crime rate, breakdown of the family, poverty,
racism etc.  To guise the corruption of their ideology they fool the
people with such slogans as freedom, they let you enjoy yourselves
through sex and drugs, so you are blind to the corruption of the system.
Richest country in the world where outside the whitehouse people sleep
rough, where you judged on the colour of your skin - where the native
american are denied their land (most Red Indians where muslim before
they were massicured by the settlers (see   The only reason the US is
dominating the world is because it is a bloodsucking tyrant.  Forcing
the world to adopt its ideology - see Indonesia and Malaysia for what
this tyrant has done (See
for articles on the capitalist economic shambles in these countries)

This is most evident in their pursecution of the muslims of Iraq.  First
they imposed this tyrant baathist Saddam on the Iraqi, then they order
him to invade kuwait, then they destroy the countries infrastructure,
killing 2 million muslims in the process.  Despite this Saddam is still
there, thier little puppet.  And when Muslims from Hizb-ut-Tahrir (see tried to overthrow him, the US intelligence informed
him and killed 2000 members in 1991 a further 4000 members from the army
in 1994 and since then has been hounding them mercilessly.

I should not be surprised that you are the way you are under this vile
system in this vile country. In a country where your sexual instincts
are constantly being aggitated - through advertising, media, school -
its no wonder that it produces a sexual perverted society - fornication,
adultery, homosexuality - there are even groups pushing to get
peadophilia made legal - is there no ends to the corruption of this
country and ideology.

Since 1924 muslims have been humiliated, pissed on from a great height.
It should really come as no surprise that it has fallen so low and that
people calling themselves muslims are joining in.  Long ago the west
gave up trying to destroy Islam by fighting the muslims, they gave up
trying to convert them - so they have resorted to diverting them - to
make them ignorant of Islam.  And is this where the muslims have been in
the last 80 years - lost in the wilderness of ignorance.

But there is hope, all over the world muslims are awakening to Islam.
In Saudi, muslims are fighting to expel the US from the holy lands (and
the despote Sauds).  But the US is not our problem - the US is nothing -
the real problem is our leaders like Saddam, King Fahd, Qadaffi, fact all 57 of them.  And we see all over the world muslims
are working to overthrow these agents of the west, to re-unite the
muslims under one leader, one state - the Islamic state.  It has been 76
years since the Khilafa was destroyed by the British and the French.
But now everyone is expecting its return, quote "when the new caliphate
returns it will automatically attain superpower status" "It is only a
matter of time before the Muslims control Africa, Asia and Eastern
Europe."  "As in the time of the prophet it (Islam) is spreading like
fire, especially among the young." Economist Magazine 1993 December
Issue UK.  And we see this in Algeria, Iraq, Jordan, Nigeria, Sudan,
Somalia, Albania, Caucasia, Russia, Pakistan, Egypt, Syria, Lybia,
Khazakstan, China, Europe even in the US(although the movements are not
as strong as in Europe) Islamic groups are active, calling muslims to
return to Islam and muslims are responding.

When the Khilafa returns, Islam will return with it, the way of life
that dominated the world for 1302 years from 622 CE to 3rd March 1924
CE.  It will restore dignity to the muslims, unite us and eraditcate
corruption.  It will stadle three continents, govern 3 billion muslims,
cristians, jews, hindus - all citizens of the state, it will have an
army 40 million plus strong.  We will go to war with the US and not
cower like the agent Saddam and destroy the system that created you.
The prophet himself prophesied this.

"...Khilafa shall remain as long as Allah wills, then he will replace
with monarchy and it shall last as long as Allah wills, then he will
replace it with biting oppression and after that Khilafa shall return
based on prophethood..." - Sahih Muslim

He also prophesised the conquest of Rome and the annialation of the Jews
and Isreal.

"...The city of Constantinople will be conquered fisrt then Rome..."
Sahih Bukhari

"The Jews will be imposed on you and you will fight them and they will
hide behide trees and rocks, and the trees and rocks will shout ya
Abdullah ya muslim there is a jew behind me kill him"..."The day of
judgement will not come until you fight the Jews and kill them..."
Sahih Bukhari

The prophet also prophesied the great wars that will be fought between
the west/world and the muslims and that the muslims will be victorious
over all dis-beleivers whether black, white, jew, christian or hindu.

You are the product of the Capitalist ideology - basis of which is
secularism and freedom - Islam will destroy this ideology and liberate
you as it has detroyed other civilisations and liberated others from the
midst of darkness.  You should be ashamed of calling yourselves Muslim.
The prophet said "Nearer the day of judgement muslims will follow the
jews and cristians to the extent that if they went into a lizard hole
the muslim will follow them" Sahih Muslims.

The basis of the muslim society is the family and Islam will protect it
vigourusly.  The punishments for sexual deviation is very grave in
Islam, becuase it is danger to the fabric of society.  Fear Allah and
work to destroy the system that created you.

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Subject: Salaam
Date: Tue, 24 Nov 1998 17:34:55 -0800
From: "R Naim" <>
To: <>

How are you?

My name is Rian i live in Canada ,i am FTM ,i live here as Refugee since
94, my finel hearing on Dec18,

Please i am looking for info on Gay.Lez,TG,Ts, Muslim or from the Middle
east any article news story personal exprience on how they treat us , if
there any info you have or know somebody please help me out.

Me and my lawyer trying to gather info  as much as we can ,you can post my
letter in any group , and anyone have info feel free to E-Mail it directly
to me, or if there anyone can send letter explaining and addrese it to the
Immigration and refugee board in Ontario-Canada it'll be helpfull for me.

thank you


Date: Tue, 24 Nov 1998 12:59:02 -0000
From: "Paul Cope" <>
To: <>

I am a revert brother and a practising one. You must understand a few basic
principles of islam. Regardless of whether you struggle for acceptance and
fight to change rules unlike christianity people cannot change islam the
only one who can is allah. Please understand that islam knows that people
have certain desires and it accepts that but as we have free will its what
we act upon that we will be judged on in the hereafter. I.e there was a
christian man who became muslim and then he became an imaam of a mosque he
was gay but he stopped practising his gay acts for the love of allah and the
fear of allah. If you say that homosexuality is allowed in islam then you
must understand that this is not a valid opinion and this will take you out
of the fold of islaam. If you practise homosexual acts then you are
responsible for those actions on the day of judgement regardless of how many
people feel sorry for you. In an  islamic state you would be put to death
for this but those acts that led to the death penalty would be wiped from
your bad deeds. Islam has no place for homosexuality accept it or face the

Subject: Gays & Islam
Date: Mon, 23 Nov 1998 23:11:07 -0500
To: <>

After reading the comments sent by some of your readers, I am reminded that
religion often serves as a mask for people's prejudices. In this case,
people use Islam to mask their own bigotry toward gays.  I am not a Muslim,
I found your site as I was searching the web for information for a trip I
was planning to Egypt.

I am an American who has traveled many times to the Middle East.  I say from
my own experiences, in the Islamic cultures which I have visited, they are
just as diverse as the rest of the world.  Homosexuality may not be as open
as it is in the West, but it is there.

Your web page lets Muslims know that their is no inherent contradiction in
Islam in being gay and being spiritual.


David from New York City
Please do not post my e-mail address

Date: Wed, 18 Mar 1998 19:21:41 -0800
From: Lancelot carryl <>

Assalamu Alaikum ye Muslimins
I would like this to be posted to comments Insha Allah on your web page
of Homosexual Muslims.

It should be aknowledged that yes being gay is Haram. It says so in the
Qu'ran and what Allah has said or commanded as Muslims we believe in.
Islam is a religion which is perfect and Allah has preserved it for us.
Alhamdulillah. But yes Muslims are only humans and will fall prey to
many things. Such as alcohol, sex outside of marriage, drugs, etc. It
happens and it is not something to be shocked about any more. As it has
been happening for many many years to come. We as Muslims should now
treat this illness. Help and bond close to all Muslims whatever sins
they may be committing. If we bash them and are rude we ourselves are
also at fault. Being rude is a sign of hypocrisy. Commitying homosexual
acst is punshishable the same as zina (fornication/adultery). So do you
go around bashing other Muslims who commit zina or any other sins. No
not normaly. You will try to help them. I just wanna say stop the
bashing and hating it does nothing could to help the Ummah. Yes Allah
destroyed the city of Lot and that was an example for us to show us
Allah's wrath against Homosexuality and its great sin. You have said "So
what? that was then and this is now". Well Islam applies for all times
and all places. That is the beauty of Islam. Alhamdulillah. And there is
no compromise in Islam. If you cannot accept the Shariah in Islam then
why chose to be Muslim? May Allah guide is to the right path and make it
easy for us Ameen
Thank you for allowing to comment
Your sister in Islam

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