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Date: Sat, 19 Dec 1998 04:23:04 PST
From: "d tun" <>

I dare you to post this one,

Assalaamu Ailakum,
Dear Brothers & Sisters of Islam. Do not be deceived by this clown
posing as a Muslim. He is nothing but a "FAGGOT" (Western: Term for Gay)
who is using this site in order to seduce weak Muslims into his haram
life style. Some of us need to watch our language and manners in our
responses. I know you are angry about this persons attempt to slander
Islam but Don't sweat it. He and rest of THEM will get theirs in the
end. Remember: Any of you who are really Muslims, and find the gay
lifestyle alluring need to be reminded that the Allah told his messenger
to kill any man caught "laying" with another man (this goes for women
Lastly, Mr. sulyman, The Qur'an says that only satan can make man say
something untrue about Allah or Islam, Or Mohammed (pbuh). Your day will will never be ready for it....repent and change your ways
before it's too late!!!!!!!!!!!!

I dare you to start thinking for yourself. - Sulayman X

Subject: [please do not publish my email address. Thanks]
Date: Fri, 18 Dec 1998 19:17:08 -0500
To: <>

Dear Sulayman:

Thank you for being so courageous to post the different comments on your
site, both negative and positive. I have spent a great deal of time reading
many readers' letters (not all), and I must tell you and the readers that I
am really appalled by the level of bigotry some readers (unfortunately,
those who think they are the only authentic Muslims) have descended to. I am
troubled by the street-level language some so-called authentic Muslims use
in attacking gay people, men and women. This is not an Islamic way of
behavior, to say the least. The Holy Qur'an is very explicit about taking
the side of debate in the best way possible and not in an offensive or
deragotary way. I think that we Muslims, and I am a Muslim without being a
gay, must follow the true ethic of Islam in speaking with all sorts of
people, even if we are a hundred percent certain that they are on the wrong
path or they are going to hell.

Some of the letters I have read explicate beyond any shadow of doubt the low
level that 'contemporary Muslim culture', and some Muslims, have reached. It
is high time that we become civilized regardless of our differences.

Second, it is only Allah (SWT) who decides whether somebody is a kafir or
not. It is not for us. The issue of kufr has become such an emotionally
volatie issue used by a weak person to destroy his/her opponent. If a gay
person says he or she is a Muslim, then it is up to God to decide and not up
to you or me. On the whole, gay people have been the most sensitive and the
most passionate about other human beings. The question is not just about
somebody's sexual preference or orientation, but also about their  human
sensitivity and passion for the emotional and psychological health of

What is more appalling is one of the letters in which the author says that
he is a member of ISNA and the American Muslim Council in the USA and that
he is going to hire a private team to investigate Sulayman, the director of
this site. Who is this person to put himself above the law of both man and
God? I think that we should thank Sulayman and others like him for having
the courage to begin this long-awaited debate about homosexuality and Islam
and homosexuality and the Muslim people. I do not agree with a number of
points raised by Sulayman about certain interpretations in the Qur'an and
the Hadith and Islamic history. But that does not give me the right at all
to condemn him or to say he is a Kafir. Sulayman has raised his voice in a
democratic way and there are many like him in the Muslim world, who are
oppressed and who cannot voice out their concerns. We must thank him for
being so courageous to liberate most of us from this stigma of
authoritarianism, and believe me many Muslims nowadays (and not Islam) are
dictatorial in both thought and action. We must respect our differences and
give the chance to all gay people in the Muslim world to express themselves
freely, without any retaliation and fear from the outside. Authoritarianism
has not prevented the gays in the Muslim world throughout history to exist
in our midst. They have existed all these centuries and they have not
overtaken the place of the so-called straight people.

It is time for us to be polite and to be careful before we accuse this or
that of being a Kafir. This is not up to you and me. It is up to God alone.

Finally, I wish we could start a dialogue about the substantial issues
relating to homosexuality and Islam. I do request the accusers to be more
serious, thought-wise, and to advance their arguments in a measured way. I
am sure that Sulayman and others would be all ears and would welcome this
fruitful dialogue. May God have mercy on all of us.

Subject: haraam
Date: Mon, 4 Jan 1999 02:14:04 EST

read the quran and find what you're doing is haraam.

Subject: haraam
Date: Mon, 4 Jan 1999 02:12:34 EST

Allah knows homosexuality is unislamic and haraam. it is in the quran and
quite unnatural in human physiology as well as mentally. you gay people rant
and rave about how everyones a "hatemonger" and all of that nonsence. well
maybe so because Allah said its haraam....and Allah know BETTER than you.
site is propaganda probably sent by jewish groups.

Subject: Stop sounding like Nazis
Date: Sun, 03 Jan 1999 15:58:46 PST
From: "aimhigh christ007" <>

To all those who are sending hate messages and claim to be Muslims are
giving Ialam and yourself a bad reputaion. I still need to read a
reasonable intellectual, and an intelligent argument or debate about how
to deal with homosexuals who are Muslims. it sounds like most of the
peeople who are writing are very insecure, emotional, and uneducated
people. You know gays exist in all cultures and religions like it or
not. And the argument that some of you are making that you can't be
Muslim and gay at the same time is soo juvenile, primitive and
meaningless. If what you are saying is true than you can't be a gossiper
and be a muslim, can't be a liar and be a muslim or you can't be a
heterosexual and be a muslim. If you consider homosexuality to be a sin,
well we all sin and just becasue you are doing a sin or having these
feelings doesn't stop you from having a faith in GOd and in his Prophet.
What all Muslims are without or should be without sin.

Plus, you people need to differentiate between homosexual oreintation
and the act of homosexuality. Cause they are two different things. The
oreintation you have no control on, cause you can't control your
feelings. Can you stop from liking the opposite sex? I dont think so,
but you can control not have commit fornication. Another thing is that,
I think most of you are freaking out becasue you associate sodomy (anal,
and oral sex) with homosexuality. That is anothe myth not all gay people
involve in such acts. In fact this behavior is also very common or
perhaps as common beteen heterosexual people too. Now how come no one
wants to kill straight people to practice sodomy. Anus is Anus whether
is is the woman's or the man's it does the same job. So, if the
punishment of sodomy is death, then why not kill straight people who do
this too??? I am sorry to get to such a level of description, I just
hope that this will give you a perspective on how irrational your
argument is force you to use your brains which many of you sound so
afraid to use when it comes to this topic.

Finally to those don't care about logic and common sense and are soo
insecure with their faith that they think that if they use their brain
God will send them to hell. So, they tend to look into hadith and quran
and interput them so it will fit their biases. To those who are soo
eager to quote the few hadithes that prophet (PBUH) said about people of
Lutt and what we should do with people who are caught in the act... SOme
hadith said to kill both of them. WEll this hadith and others you forget
to mention that they are considered weak. As you know many times we
don't take with weak hadiths all the time, so how come in this case you
are so hung up on it. One more thing, eventhough it says in the Quran
about what God did to people of Lutt, the Quran is silent on what WE
should do about it. However, the Quran does tell us that we should kill
by stoning those who commit adultry, lash fornicators..... Those who
thought to kill gays by throughing them rom a high place, burn them or
whatever way to replay what happened to Lutt city are following their
own interpritation and not orders from God like they pretend and claim
to do.

Enough for now, THINK before you respond.


Subject: Gay Muslims
Date: 3 Jan 99 11:47:37 PST
From: tony al-amin <>


I have briefly read some of the information contained at your site,
some of the
comments.  I am very surprised to find that there are people who are gay and
Muslim.  I am not sure how you have become deluded from your true self, but
you have.
The gay lifestyle is sinful and not acceptable in Islam.  You will find very
few to disagree
with this point.  It may be helpful for you to re-think you position on this
subject.  The
Quran (thus ALLAH) does not in any away permit the gay lifestyle.  The

passages you gave in support of your gayness in fact are opposed to your
gayness.  I
don't want to be long so let it suffice to say that the Quran is a book of
truth, many does it
cause to go right, but many does it cause to go astray, but none does it
to go astray
except those whose hearts are perverse.

I welcome your comments and responses and look forward to corresponding with

Ma Salaam,

Tony Al-Amin

Subject: it is not worth it
Date: Sat, 2 Jan 1999 20:57:54 -0800 (PST)
From: mohamed theneyan <>

This is an open letter to all who visit the queer Muslim site, I am a
practicing Muslim and very thankful to Allah that Iím straight
(alhamdulillah) first of all I would like to say there is no way to
justify homosexuality, it is in the eyes of the lord just plain wrong,
but then it is a fact that homosexuality does exist what I cant
understand is,  why hurt religion for your beliefs?
 As with David Sanders who says and I quote
î Why do you come here if you only want to punish us with your
words?  Do you think you are better than Allah in deciding these
things?  We
will all receive just compensation in the next life.  So as for this
please do not hurt us in our own home.  If you are welcome here then
try to
be nice. ěDate: Fri, 11 Dec 1998 00:45:58 -0500
I think thatís very selfish, the mere fact that u publish this site
hurts all true Muslims so you hurt us first and we are just responding
.to my dear brothers and sisters who so vigorously pour their emotions
here ,a little advice I heard some time back NEVER ARGUE WITH FOOLS
implying anything to the queer crowd, Sanders was right the best thing
to do is just boycott the site. It is amazing at a time like this when
we should be working to preserve the good name of such a glorious
religion. We  not the Christians, Buddhists, Hindus etc the Muslims
are dragging our religion the one thing we hold dear right through the
mud. The Islamic religion is right now going side by side with
terrorism thanks to our fundamentalists who blow up buildings, kill
and rape innocent women and children all in the name of god. It pains
me to sit here and squabble over homosexuality. My advice to my
And to the authors of this site why not just drop the MUSLIM part. Be
the queer boys or use your nationality or something innovative, I know
we are all free to do as we please and you can tell me to go to hell.
Well thatís about it from me I hope that at least we resolved
something today or heading there never the less

Subject: Hate in the name of God?!?!
Date: Fri, 01 Jan 1999 14:33:55 PST
From: "freak child" <>


thank you for this wonderful site!  I would just like to comment on all
the negative response you have recieved.  These ignorant people, write
in and tell you they hate you and call you all sorts of horrible things.
Which really defeats the whole meaning of Islam, which is basically love
and respect everyone.  This is the problem with Muslims today, they hate
and use religion to justify their hatred...Hate in the name of God?!
How can that be?  The simple fact is, it can't...God promotes love, it
is a MAJOR sin for one to hate God's creation. Okay, let me just say,
that Islam isn't about the small stuff, whether you're are a man who
likes men, or a woman who likes women or whatever doesn't matter...but
Islam says no casual sex (gay or straight) because it causes disease
etc. (gay or straight).  This is the same as God saying alcohol is
forbidden...but for a teenager to experiment with alcohol is just part
of growing up, which is just small details, in the bigger picture if you
are a good person who leads a good life, God will reward you
accordingly. I would really appreciate a reply, or just a little
response under my letter.  Much respect to the webmaster of this

Thanks for your email. Don't sweat the small stuff, and everything is small stuff. - Sulayman X

Subject: Gay Muslims yield most utility
Date: Thu, 31 Dec 1998 12:02:49 PST
From: "Brian Sharp" <>

Assalamu alaykum to all Muslims, a very warm welcome to guests.

I believe gay Muslims can yield the most utility in society.  Gay
Muslims can take the most risks:
1.  Go to do dawah abroad-since most will not have a spouse or
children to be responsible for.
2.  Do dawah is unsafe areas.
3.  Stay up later in the nights and sacrifice more of themselves in
    managing masjids and teaching kid's Sunday schools.
>4. Fight in places like Bosnia and coordinate international
activities like BIF(Benevolence International Foundation)

I just wish most straight Muslims would HATE less and take the time to
listen to the circumstances of being gay and then work together towards
a path most pleasing to Allah.  Inshallah my wish will come true some

If you are a gay Muslim(especially young people) and are having any
difficulties with this trait, please get in touch with me.  I 100%
believe we(gay Muslims) can abide by the laws of Allah and the examples
of the prophets, yet have this orientation.  I am here for you as a
Muslim brother, NEVER take the easy way out by leaving Islam.  The
prophets/messangers sacrificed too much of themselves for us(straight
and gay Muslims) not to learn the ABSOLUTE PERFECTION of Islam.

Most sincerely,
Michael Chukan

Subject: salaam
Date: Thu, 31 Dec 1998 14:16:26 EST


Subject: la howla walla kowata ela bilah!
Date: Wed, 30 Dec 1998 19:08:30 PST
From: "eman melligi" <>

firstly, I'm astonished to find such a site amongst the other muslim
sites on the web. I cried with disbelief at your lack of understanding
and knowledge of what Islam , Muslim, Allah(swt),and the prophet(sws)
have all been consistent (as thay always are!)upon. Not even amongst
scholars and imams you will find even a slight inconsistency regarding
the stance on Homosexuality( because the qoran and the sunnah are so
extremely clear about it!!!). You not only promote, encourage and
attempt to validate homosexuality but you even go so far as to speak for
on the behalf of the prophet(sws) and even Allah(swt) when you basically
say "Allah never said this, or the prophet never said that!!!" that is
such grave and immense sin and you do not realise its intensity!.Who the
hell are you to say its bad to murder ,its bad to steal but its ISNT bad
to commit a homosexual act b/c YOU don't think it should be!!To deny one
aya of the qoran is a disbelief and youve not only ignored much of the
proofs  that have been forwarded to you but you even have the gaul to
fight back and commit heresy by disputing Allahs word and the prophets.
This website will be a sign and witness against you on the day of
judgement. so think about what you write b4 you go speaking about that
which you dont know about. Allah tells us HE ALONE is the highest and
absolute in might power and KNOWLEDGE!! And a true muslim doesnot speak
about some regrding the deen which he has no knowledge!I, as well as
many other muslims  am disgusted at your level of arrogance and hard
headed nature especially regarding a matter which Allah SWt is clear and
strict about!
 it is not for any muslim when Allah and his messenger have decreed a
matter that you have any dispute there after.we are also told that if we
truly believe (which you are claiming to do) we must " hear and obey".
so if you really believe , listen to Allah , obey him , follow his
commandments ,and seek knowledge about Islam (reading authentic sources
such as hadith and the qoran, not just hear say!!)as this is more of a
shield from the shaytan.
All i can say is , is that the rise of homosexuality and open sexual
intercourse is a sign of the coming of the day of judgement !! So i hope
you feel special that you are aliving example. What you can lastly take
from this is that time is running out , and that you should repent ( as
well as all muslims!) B4 its too late. Shirk is the only sin Allah swt
doesnt not forgive , so get to it and repent from your heart.If you
continue to sin with this major sin you will truly pay with a grevious
punishment. This will not involve a bunch of angry muslims this will be
Allah's punishment(hwere there is nothing comparable. I think your first
step is to erase the website completely. I pray Allah can guide us all
and eliminate this mass publicised sin from our ummah . Think about it!!
salam to any MUSLIM who is reading .

Subject: Read the Quran- read about Lut and how God describes men who go to men when they have women around them- and how Allah destroyed them!
Date: Wed, 30 Dec 1998 23:41:31 +0000

Read the Quran- read about Lut and how God describes men who go to men
when they have women around them- and how Allah destroyed them!

Subject: Disgust
Date: Tue, 29 Dec 1998 16:32:14 PST
From: "Mak Dragon" <>


Since when was the disgusting practice of homosexuality allowed in

Subject: salam..
Date: Tue, 29 Dec 1998 09:40:03 PST
From: "aDaM aPpLe"


to think oneself is a muslim, then so be it but to think oneself a
homosexual muslim, i must object.

i am a 16 year old teen, confused(a little) and think both you and some
of the commenters wrong. you (suleyman) creating this websites which can
be opened by others like me who are weak faiths, making us more confuse
and maybe even be astry from the true teaching. your words and jihad
clashes with our understanding of the teachings of islam. we were told
over and over and over again, that homosexuality is wrong, and yet here
you are stating that this dilema (muslim homosexuality) is nothing but
acceptable to islam. how can this be?? i might not be a learned one nor
am i a hafiz,and yet i can rule down which is right and which is wrong.
why can't you? is it maybe you were in contact with homosexuality while
you were growing up, that made you become like this? i know, when
witnessing homsexuality during such a young age it can effects our mind.
(ive been through it).

you (the commenters) i must object you, people the kind of words used to
persuade one is wrong. the way i read some of the comments you are not
such good muslims either. using harsh language and threats is not the
way to voice out your opinion. even if you have failed to turn his
(suleyman) mind back straight, try and try again in a polite manner.
take the example of prophet muhammad saw (pbuh) he preached (with
patience) again and again and again when the quraishy people didnt want
to listen to him.

i think i have said enough, lastly i beg your forgiveness to those who i
have offended.

adam apple.

I understand what you are saying because I was in your shoes once, a long time ago. After many years, I gave up trying to conform to what other people wanted from me and decided I had to be true to myself and honest about who and what I was. Someday I hope you can find the strength to do the same. For my part, all I can say is that I am closer to Allah these days than I ever was before. - Sulayman X

Subject: A new web page in response to your 'queer Jihad'
Date: Tue, 29 Dec 1998 02:42:06 -0500 (EST)
From: Siraj Berhan <>

Please provide a link from your web page at

to my response titled [What does Islam say about homosexuality? (Response
to 'The Queer Jihad')] at



Subject: Salam
Date: Tue, 29 Dec 1998 15:28:12 +0800 (MYT)
From: Zubedy <>

On At 10:32 12/28/98 PST,  this chap wrote me this comments which i assume
being a reaction to my note to Sulayman X on the subject earlier. They are
derogatory remarks in crude language for Malaysian.

>BArua cilaka lu..pondan gay ....
>Haram jadah ....
>PAndai-pandai keluar fatwa...
>Setan Babi
>Kelab AntiGay SeMalaysia
>Vice President...



        I am not gay, pondan, etc and very much a lover of the Quran. My
sexual inclination is 100% heterosexual. I belief in Allah, the Last Day and
Taqwa. I read the Quran or Islamic writings almost everyday of my life. I
think your note is very UnIslamic. Do not do that. Remember that our Prophet
was even kind to his greatest enemies. So was Prophet Isa and all our past

        If you want to help the Gays you hate so much, you must first learn
to understand and care for them. That is what I am trying to do. But first
we must have enough knowledge. For example, being Gay does not mean you must
be a pondan. Pondans are transvestites or those such as who are born with a
male body but want to be a female. By saying someone is a male gay, it is
usually implying that he is a man who finds another man attractive. He will
not for example find a transvestite attractive. Similarly to a female gay,
she will find another female attractive and perhaps even a transvestite.
Furthermore, there are also those who were born with two sex organs. So ,
this subject is larger than we might think. What about heterosexual men who
also get a kick at looking at transvestites?

        If you are a Vice-President of the club, humbly I suggest you expand
your knowledge on the subject. I hope you are aware that in history, Islamic
Civilizations  are the most tolerant to gays or 'khunsa' as compared to
other civilizations. If you are serious about the subject and really want to
make Islam relevant to our and the future generation, write back to me like
a Muslim should with proper salutations of salam and I will help you
understand things better. If you prefer to just take the simple route of
throwing insults without really striving and working hard, than go ahead but
nothing much will grow out of your work.As the Quran stressed ' Do you think
that you would enter Jannah while yet God knoweth not those of you who
really strive, not knoweth those(of you)who are steadfast '(Quran 3:142).

        Say you are right. That Islam is against homosexuality as you see
it. What than is God trying to tell us in Quran 52:24-28 about Paradise? For
your benefit I will provide you all the translations below in Bahasa

Quran 52:24-28
'Dan mereka dilayani oleh anak-anak muda lelaki yang sentiasa beredar di
sekitar mereka, (yang cantik parasnya) seolah-olah anak-anak muda itu
mutiara yang tersimpan dengan sebaik-baiknya.Dan (dengan berada dalam ni'mat
itu) mereka berhadap-hadapan satu sama lain sambil bertanya-tanya.Mereka
berkata: "Sesungguhnya kamu dahulu, semasa berada dalam kalangan keluarga
kami selalu merasa cemas takut (daripada berlaku derhaka kepada Allah),"Maka
Allah mengurniakan kami (rahmat dan taufiqNya), serta memelihara kami dari
azab neraka.'"Sesungguhnya kami dahulu tetap menyembahNya (dan memohon
pertolonganNya). Kerana sesungguhnya Dialah sahaja yang sentiasa melimpahkan
ihsanNya, lagi Yang Maha Mengasihani"

        In my entire reading about our Prophet's call for Islam even to
those who tried to kill him, those who humiliated Muslims and Islam, torture
good Muslims etc. etc. never once I found the Prohet using the arabic
equivalent to the words you used like 'haram jadah,pundek,celaka, setan

For example " His own treatment with his bitterest enemies is the noblest
example for his followers. At the conquest of Mecca, he stood at the zenith
of his power. The city which had refused to listen to his mission, which had
tortured him and his followers, which had driven him and his people into
exile and which had unrelentingly persecuted and boycotted him even when he
had taken refuge in a place more than 200 miles away, that city now lay at
his feet. By the laws of war he could have justly avenged all the cruelties
inflicted on him and his people. But what treatment did he accord to them?
Mohammad's heart flowed with affection and he declared, "This day, there is
no REPROOF against you and you are all free." "This day" he proclaimed, "I
trample under my feet all distinctions between man and man, all hatred
between man and man." ("Islam and Modern age", Hydrabad, March 1978-By Prof.
K. S. Ramakrishna Rao)

Surely you must have learned those words from outside the Islamic
traditions. Do choose your teachers carefully.

                " Are those who know equal with those who know not?
                But only men of understanding will pay heed"
                                                               Quran 39:9

If you have yet to understand my message, what I am suggesting is simple.
Even if you are right about Islam's position with regards to Gays, your
behavior is totally not Islamic.


Anas Zubedy

Date: Mon, 28 Dec 1998 20:38:29 EST


Subject: recommended link; humanistic islam
Date: Mon, 28 Dec 1998 17:03:17 EST

International Society for Islamic Secularization (ISIS) - promotes the
complete separation of mosque and state and human rights;

Subject: Hi...
Date: Mon, 28 Dec 1998 10:20:09 PST
From: "flowcontrol PDF" <>

I'm a good looking satan with a big dick...
I want to fuck you one by one until you can't walk straight in helll!!!

A very warm fucking regard to all of your dumb friends and may God burn
you in hell slowly....

I hate gay ....
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Fuck You BArua Cilaka!!!!

I'd say you've made one too many Fruedian Slips - saying what's really on your mind (or in your desires). Come out, come out, wherever you are, and stop hating yourself. - Sulayman X

Subject: Hypocrites...
Date: Sun, 27 Dec 1998 23:10:32 -0000
From: "gamuk" <>
To: <>

I have just sent you a small text of great wisdom for you and and you people
of your cities. Read it carefully and sick guidance and forgiveness from
Allah. Stop your evil thoughts and acts, otherwise you don't deserve being
neither Muslims as you called pretend you are, or human or even animals.

From: Sherif Maleyni Hydara
 c/o Mikep98@

Date: Sun, 27 Dec 1998 22:49:49 -0000
From: "gamuk" <>
To: <>


May Allah, by His Mercy guide all of us upon to the right path; lead us out
of the nasty hands of Satan and his gang. I personally feel very sad and
very sorry, when I bompt onto your website. Sadness, fear, nearly knocked me

Perharps, you, your gang and readers will be surprised why, I just start my
letter by...X..., as you finally decided to call you self.
I am afraid that is the only way I can call you, would I call you satan, you
do not deserve that name, neither the current name of yours too ( Sulayman).

You see X, Evil can not be mixed with good; as hard as Satan and evil
people, will try. I am not surprised that you rebell against the name of the
Holy Messenger of Islam Muhammed. If you have had good guidance into your
believes and a wisdom from Allah, then straight away you should be alarmed
that, you are being dragged away from the right path, which I believe, were
your intentions when you decided, I don't how to become obeydiant, submitant
to Allah and the laws His has set in His Mercy for His infenite creatures.
In another words a Muslim.

So thank you very much, ...X..., for taking off your person the name
Muhammad. further more, I would like to advice you to take off, the name
Suleyman too, since, this name is from a Holy prophets of Allah, who would
not dear to rebel against Allah's Laws. I am sure, if you carry for your
entier life, the name ...X...,
people will notice your rebellion agianst yourself.

You said, you have rebelled by putting an X, as a sign of protest. I don't
think the X was really necessary, being what you claim to be (homo, puff,
minced...) is enough to be rebel. Now there is something you should
understand. Your rebellion is not against anyone, not against Muslims, not
Christians, not Jews, not Atheist, not against Satan, not against Allah Lord
of the lords, King of the kings, Master of the worlds, but dearest, you have
rebel against nature... your own self.

You are, of course free, to be what ever you want to be; good or bad. We,
the human beings, are given a freedom of joice during  our short passage in
this world. With reason, will power,  wisdom, and feelings...etc, we are
free to choose between the right path and the wrong path, as you are free to
become homosexual, or heterosexual, or what ever next is there.

There are so many evil things in the world nowadays, which have been accept
into our society, used as our ethics as long as, it suite us. People needs
to be told the truth, there is an epidemic spreading into our society, our
eyes cannot see, our ears cannot hear, our heart is sealed. O' Allah, the
Most Merciful, the Most Beneficient, hear our prayers, have mercy on us;
open our heart eyes and ears to right guidance, to the right path, the path
you lead Your beloved people. Amen.

X..., there is an hypocrysie in you. I don't believe that you have been
converted  into Islam; if really you have been, but why ?. Don't you not
know,what being a Muslim means, what is the meaning of Islam. Don't you not
know why people become Muslims?. Don't you read Qu'ran ?

If your answer to all these questions are yes. Then, I must advice In the
Holy Name of Allah, to go and ask forgiveness, otherwise, you are the Devil
in person. In case, your statement is no, then read Qu'ran again and again,
seek wisdom, seek guidance, for your eyes, ears, and heart to be opened.
If definatly, you are a Muslim not a hypocrite, please, please stop this
evil duty, you have engaged yourself, blinded by Satan. For sure it will do
damage to yourself and people of your kind.

I suppose, you are trying to become a muslim, in that case, toyou and
everyone who will read your website, agreed or disagreed, there you are to
see for yourself, Allah subhaana huwata aala has conveyed to human kind
through His Messenger Muhammad.
  Muhammad himself was not allow to force anyone into submission, even his
beloved ones. Islam is the likeness of oxygen, to live, one has to breath in
it, otherwise, death will be his companion forever...

No other muslim,should force an other person to practise Islam withput his
consentments. Muslims should advice, behave, practise, good manners in
public and in private in other to save themselves from the breinstones of
the Mighty Hell.

I have taken few of the beautiful verses from the Latest statement of our
Lord Allah, seatting in His Throne, aware of everything.

...X..., & Co.

Jugdement is on his way to you. Read!!!

7: 80. We also sent Lut. He said to his people:
"do you commit lewdness such as no people, in creation ever committed before
7:81. " For you practise your lusts on men in preference to women: you are
indeed a people transgressing beyong bounds".
7:84.And we rained down on them a shower of brinstones. Then see what was
the end of those indulged in sin and crime.
11:78. and his people came rushing towards him and they had been long in the
habit of practising abomination: He said
 O my people! here are my daughters they are purer for you ( if you marry
them). Now fear Allah, and cover me not with disgrace... is there not
amongst you a single minded man?
11:79. They said " well don't you know, we have no need of your daughters,
indeed you knew quite well, what we want.
11:82. When our degree issued, we turned the cities upside down. and rained
down on them brinstones. Here as baked clay, spread layer on layer.
15:58. They said " we have been sent to a people deep in sin.
21:74. And to Lut too.
We gave judgement and knowledge and save him from the town which practised
abominations: truly they were a people given to Evil, a rebellious people.
26: 165. Of all the creatures in the world, will you approach males?.
26: 166. " And leave those whom Allah has created for you to be your mates?.
Nay!, you are a people transgressing all limits.
            Sadakk Allahul Ajim...
... X ... & Co., Al- Qu'ran, is a mirror, whenever, we opened it we see
ourself in it. We should always remind ourselves that, we are simple
subjects, here, we are, with our high technology era, we still are learning
about ourself. So we really don't know ourselves.
X..., please, read Qu'ran with your gang and make an end to your passion,
which will only doom you all .
X..., Remember, history always repeats itself, we are being watched.
Finally, ...X... & Co., there is no place for you and any other person who
share your idealogy, in Islam, like the wife of Lut, Hell will be your
dwelling place. You are insaine, you are transgressors, you are violating
the rules of nature. You do not deserve being called Muslims, not human
beings, unless you put an end to your thoughts and practises. Even animals
do not trespass laws, please behave yourselves and come to your sens ane
reason. Seek a curer to your illness, that is killing you.

Release this onto your website if you want, it does not matter to me. Just
remember, I am simply giving advice, as I will do for any other person, who
is in the hands of satan without knowing it.
You cannot deceive Muslims, but of course, all hypocrites will fall into you
nets. You are a danger to society and to yourself.
2:9. Fain, would they deceive Allah and who believe but they only deceive
themselves and realize not.
2:10. In their hearts is a disease and Allah has increased their diseasse
and grievious is the chastiment they encur, because they lie to themselves.
2:11. When it is said to them
 " Make not mischief on the earth". They say: " We are only ones that put
things rights".
                        (Sadaaka Allahul - Ajim)
Well, ...X ... & Co., You are convienced that your jihad is for a good
course. Go ahead, you will pay the price, all of you and those hidden behind
the curtains, give you their support. May be we can not see them , but The
Most High is the One Who over sees everything, nothing can escape from His
Sight. Allahu Akbarr.

P.s. Please would not better to put your e-mail address as such:
 remember the cities were turned upside down, washed by layer and layer
brinstones fron hell.

Evil'seat is placed into your hearts.

I don't suppose the word "fascist" means much to you, does it? - Sulayman X

Subject: RE: Mr X
Date: Fri, 25 Dec 1998 01:48:53 -0000
From: "T. Tufail C9804905" <>
To: "'''" <'>

Mr X

There is something very familiar in your tareekah. Yes i recognise who you
are. I dont want to give the game away yet. Let the game continue for a bit.
You know what i mean. And you'll probably  recognise me when the time comes.
Other peoples thinking, its been carefully planned. I and you know it takes
more than two to tango. We both know the hidden agenda. Many muslims/non
muslims  have drawn to it just as planned. Their minds have been manupilated
and their ideas, thoughts are been used against them. Its working.

Yes, and don't forget to take your medicine. - Sulayman X

Subject: Mr X
Date: Fri, 25 Dec 1998 01:33:00 -0000
From: "T. Tufail C9804905" <>
To: "''" <>

I'm unaware of your full back ground History or Herstory which ever you
prefer. Could you share that with me. Naturally you did'nt  mind sharing
sexuality with around 58109 > visitors  regarding your gender. But if that
question makes you feel uncomfortable then refrain. The ball is in your
court pardon the expression.

Subject: BASTARDS!!!!!!
Date: Thu, 24 Dec 1998 12:50:57 EST

You guys are a disgrace to all god-fearing muslims on this Earth.
If you are gay don't consider yourself muslim. This is an outrage to even
a cite on the internet like this one. Shame on all of you!!!!!!

Subject: Why you be like that?
Date: Wed, 23 Dec 1998 15:27:44 PST
From: "adam fag" <>

Hadakamulah(may Allah give you guidence)

I searched on Islam and came across your site. I thought to myself:
What do gays and lesbo's have to do with islam?
So i decided to check it out. Man, what i saw was hella sick.
I read some of your readers comments and most of them are a lot of
obcene comments. I think they are right, but i aint like that.
I just want to know why you put up your site. You should refer to four
things when in doubt.
                      2)Sunah and Hadith
                      3)Big scholars
                      4)The majority of muslims

First of all in the Quran it says that there was a gay tribe (the people
of Lut)that was punished by Allah, even though their prophet warned them
to stop their gay ways.(that's why I'm warning you)

Secondly in Hadith it says that towards the day of ressurection there
will be many men that like men and women that like women. If you want to
know about sunnah (the ways of the prophet) then let me tell you this:
ONE WIFE. HE HAD 9 OR 11 (I don't exactly remember)

Thirdly, you can ask any big scholar and he'll tell you off.

Finnaly, the majority of muslims ARE NOT GAY

I ask to check theses four references and then reconsider.
If you still can't stop your gay ways then controll yourself.
If you can't do that then CLOSE YOUR SITE, it makes no sense and it
degrades Muslims.

Re: mail me

May Allah guide you to the STRAIGHT path.

Subject: queers and bandits
Date: Tue, 22 Dec 1998 16:13:43 +0000
From: Tim Jennings <>

i find you all somehow offensive to the human race, and in light of the
present troubles in iraq lately i feel that all muslims should, suck my

Subject: some words from me an ex-gay female
Date: Sun, 20 Dec 1998 18:30:17 PST
From: "attaubah Nasuha" <>

To Brother Sulayman and all of you who considered yourself as gay. I
have no intention to hurt anyone, please leave now if you think that you
can never accept advice from a Muslim. But remember, if you close your
heart from seeing the truth, there is no way you will be able to see the

I haven't read all the articles on your site. However, I am interested
to write to you today because I have been thinking about writing like
this for months.

I am a Muslim, who was involved with a human being of the same sex. That
means I was gay female, and she (my partner) was a gay female too. I had
never involved in any gay sexual activities before that, and I became
gay only after she seduced me into it. I never intended to love a female
sexually. Now, please understand the different types of love. Not all
love is the same, some love grows out of sexual desires, and that is
obviously different from Allah's definition of love.

>From my experience, homosexuality is not a feeling given by Allah when
you were born. All babies are born as Muslims. They change after they
become adult, depending on the environment they have been in, also
depending on individuals around them including family and friends. I
used to condenm homosexuality from the very early age when I started to
know what 'sex' means. I always rejected the idea of having too close
relationship within my female friends. Until one day it happened to me,
and I was unable to refrain myself from Shaitan. I was lost in sinful
acts for years. I was drown in seas of desires and love, which I felt at
that time as so wonderful, kind of you guys are thinking right now. I
also thought it was okay to love human sexually, regardless of their
sex. At that time I already knew about Islam condemnation of

Homosexuality can never be right guys! It was wrong, it is wrong, and it
will always be wrong. When I was a gay (or lesbian) I never felt close
to Allah. I had the Muslim name just for the outside. I never felt as
being a total Muslim. Why? Because gay and Muslim can never be in the
same body and soul. You might be gay and Muslim physically, but your
soul can never be gay and Muslim at the same time. Don't lie to
yourself. I know it. I have been through it. Now I have stopped all
those useless sexual acts, and I have started my new life as a devoted
Muslimah. I am concentrating on my Islam, and I plan to have a family. A
normal family, with a husband and children. Not a gay family!

Look at what is happening now, AIDS is spreading like mushroom. What
does that tell us? It's the sign of Allah's rejection against
homosexuality. We might say AIDS is not only affected by those who are
gay, but also by those who are clean, and sinless like babies. Why are
they suffering from AIDS? It's because gays love themselves, their own
unlimited sexual urges, so they are willing to sacrifice all others who
are not gays to suffer like they do. Because gays are too emotional
people, they think they are the only creatures who understand love. So
Allah lets many innocent human beings suffer (from AIDS) together with
you so that you can learn some lessons that your definition of love is
wrong, and it takes a lot of other lives as a sacrifice to your love.

All I can suggest to you now is "Taubah an Nasuha". Quit that life
style. It's not hard if you really use your brain. Fight against it.
People can fight cancer, why can't we fight homosexuality? It's within
you and yourself. By being gay, you are losing all the world of 'nikmat'
(good things in life). By being gay, you are putting yourself into a
very scary position in the Hereafter. Perhaps you will never accept the
fact that Allah doesn't allow you to have sex with someone of the same
sex, however you will always in doubt that Allah allows you to have it
with someone of the same sex. I have no doubt that Allah never allows
man to have sex with man, it's there in the Quran.

Think now, do you love Islam, or homosexuality? I am not asking you to
get out of Islam, or convert to some other religion. NO!!!! I am hoping
that you would stay being a Muslim until the end of your life. I pray
all Muslims remain Muslims until the end of our lives. However, what I
am asking you to do is SACRIFICE for the sake of Islam, for Allah. This
is the biggest test for you, and only people who are lucky enough are
given the tough tests. If you succeed in fighting your own NAFS, it will
be a great blessing for you, and you will become a pure Muslim, and only
you will know the differrence from what you are feeling now. If you keep
struggling to JIHAD for people to accept you as both GAY and MUSLIMS,
please forget it. You want people to accept you, but you already knew
Allah didn't accept the people of Lut. Use common sense. If you want to
fight (JIHAD), do it in the right way. JIHAD for your Islam, struggle to
be a normal (heterosexual) Muslim. If that's what you want to do (to be
a heterosexual Muslim) all our prayer (du'a) is with your. Just imagine,
how many Muslims, billions of them, who read your problem, and they see
you want to change and be a good Muslim, they will pray for you. I
believe you can if you really want to.

For those who have some homosexual experience, and regret it, please
submit some words of encouragement. We are obligated to help them

Finally, Brother Sulayman and all gays, please forgive me if I said
anything that might hurt your feelings. I am sorry, I really wish you
understand my point. It's not too late to ask for Allah's forgiveness.
Taubah AnNasuha!!!!

I understand your point all too clearly, and all I will say is that you don't have to choose between reality and Islam. That's a false battle and will come to no good. If homosexuality is your reality, you are better off dealing with it openly and honestly. I wish you the best. - Sulayman X

Subject: hi sir
Date: Sun, 20 Dec 1998 14:16:54 EST

just because you suck your own cock doesnt make you special in the eyes of
or the rest of the NORMAL people
when will your islamic semen conquer  the world?
will we see islamic nambla soon?
will ass fucking little muslim boys solve the Y2K problem

Subject: sealed minds
Date: Sun, 20 Dec 1998 10:14:46 PST

Hi Suleyman,

I read the latest comments on your website and I was disgusted by the
violence of many of the remarks.
You are very brave to stand up for what you believe in and for what is
God's true religion is one of love and acceptance of who and what we are and
realisation that we all are equally part of God's purpose and creation.
The final interpreter of his Word is God himself and some of these who want
to kill their fellow humans based on sex, gender or sexual orientation, are
going to have a very rude shock in store for them on that Last Day.
The Quran speaks about 'sealed minds' Sura 42
I pray to God that those minds can be opened.

please do not print the e-mail address

Subject: A pleasent comment
Date: Sat, 19 Dec 1998 05:14:56 -0800 (PST)

Assalamu Alaikum

Firstly, I condemn the filth that you receive on the comments page.  I
was disgusted to see Muslims giving their ruling regarding
homosexuality and then swearing at the same time.  Where in the Qur'an
nd Sunnah does it say that you preach by swearing and slandering
others??  There is a method of telling something to someone and I
would say that if you cannot write a sensible message then don't write
it at all!

Sulayman X, I am a Muslim studying in the field of Islam and very
recently got interested in the issue of homosexuality in Islam.  Islam
is very outright and detests homosexuality but what I wanted to know
was what is the solution to that person who feels they have homosexual
tendencies but wants to stay faithful to Allah and be a good Muslim.
OK, it's easy to say you can't be gay and a Muslim but what is the way
out.  A person cannot rid themselves of these feelings overnight can
they?  Restraint, ok, a person does not physically follow their
feelings.  What if the person feels they cannot marry because they
feel they will not be able to have a sexual relationship with their
wife?  Should they not marry at all?  What is the answer to these
problems?  I am currently looking into this matter with a great deal
of research but if anyone has any answers do let me know.

Sulayman X, I would like to have a good dialogue with you through
email so if you have a bit of time then do mail me.  I look forward to
hearing from you.

May Allah guide us all as we are all in NO position to judge anyone
and enter us all into paradise, Ameen.


Some of these questions have been answered in the Articles/Essays page, which see. Also see the Links page for information on gay Muslim mailing lists, the Queer Jihad Club, and so on. - Sulayman X

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